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Does Kim’s hiring by CBS portend a 'H5O' successor?

October 31st, 2013

CBS’s decision to hire Daniel Dae Kim, the current  co-star on the eye network’s “Hawaii Five-0” and the earlier ABC hit “Lost,” is clearly a business venture anchored with a bankable entity.

By virtue of being an Island resident for a decade or so, Kim is positioned to become an on-screen personality who will become an off-screen producer or mentor of future shows. Under the CBS deal, Kim and his 3AD production company, will be free and fertile to create new programs for CBS and cable TV as a byproduct of his on-screen presence of two Island shows.

He is the first of the current “Five-0” ensemble to leap out of the procedural formula to the producing ranks with the prospects of putting his name on programs yet to be announced. Kim’s company is seeking a development exec to begin a new journey.

Sudden thought: Is Kim’s hiring as a behind-the-scene deal-maker a premonition that a show that  he would develop would succeed as “Five-0” approaches is sunset show? The buzz is that  the current “Five-0” could go perhaps two, or three more years.

By then, Kim should have his ducks in a row and become the next kingpin producer of a Hawaiian series.

Continuity of sorts, but with lots of  ingenuity and originality.

And he could  learn from Jack Lord, the original Steve McGarrett, who became a producer and director of a Hawaii-themed show after “Five-0” folded. The lesson here is: proceed with caution; dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. Lord’s project,  called “Makai Range” or “M Station: Hawaii,” aired as a pilot in 1980, but was not picked up. Lord produced, directed and had a cameo in it, and the title referred to the research pier in Waimanalo, located a stone’s throw from Sea Life Park.

It probably failed because of a so-so plot that might have been a  “Five-0” episode, focused on the very site that appeared in “Five-0” many times. Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but this one had one shot, and failed. It wasn't deliberately created as a spin-off of "Five-0," but it didn't have the jolt or beauty of "Five-0."

Of course, Kim is an astute actor and surely would be a savvy exec behind the scenes, and hopefully, his allegiance to living and working here  in the past and present, would continue into the future.

"I'm excited to be expanding my relationship with David Stapf and CBS Television Studios,” Kim said in a studio release.  “Creating original content has been a longstanding goal and I look forward to our future collaborations as a producer with 3AD."

The announcement came a few days after Kim’s former on-screen wife in “Lost,” Yunjin Kim, announced she was exec-producing an adaptation of a Korean drama, “Nine:  Nine Time Travels,” for ABC.

We'll have to wait to see what the guy Kim will

33 Responses to “Does Kim’s hiring by CBS portend a 'H5O' successor?”

  1. AniMatsuri:

    Whatever he produces, if its based in Hawaii I'll bet it'll have more locals in staring roles than either of the 2 shows he was in.

  2. Belle:

    Great write-up Wayne, and that's an nteresting point Ani; I'll look forward to seeing what comes of this. I love DDK's and Alex's committment to Hawaii and wish them both continued success there! Both have been great ambassadors for 5-0, which CBS surely recognizes, so I'm pleased that DDK's collaboration is with CBS.

  3. Pammie:

    This is a big vote of confidence for DDK from CBS. Obviously this means CBS see DDK as a VIP for them, as an artist and a person.
    It has been clear for several years now CBS was falling in love with him. DDK was always the one chosen by CBS as an Ambassador in the Whitehouse Correspondents's Association Dinner.
    So it is not surprise he was the one offered this great deal. Clearly CBS wants to keep him when the show is over.
    DDK may be the next Tom Shelleck for CBS.

  4. hossana:

    Kim should produce a local series of life in one of Hawaii's public high schools with local episodes detailing several plots or stories within the life of a series of students attending a local high school. It should make for an interesting series detailing drugs, education, teacher-student relationships, love interests, should not be superficial but based on hard subjects like drugs, bullying, hijacking, sex, love, sucess or failure, etc....just a food for thought for Mr. Kim to produce a series which I think would go over very well nationally as it would definitely attract not only local but national appeal, also.

  5. Belle:

    He's "the one" with this deal, however it was initiated, because he's "the one" interested in a production deal. He and Alex have both worked their tails off for 5-0 and represent it to positively and professionally, so it's great this deal is happening. Maybe when 5-0 comes to a close in a few years from now, DDK and Alex can eventually work together again one day in some capacity on one of these projects. I sure hope he has better post 5-0 luck than Jack Lord did. Best to do something very different.

  6. AniMatsuri:

    A dream project I wish someone would do a is a series or movie at least loosely based on the history of Rainbow Wahine Volleyball.

    There have been a number of TV series and movies for every sport from the obvious ones like football to figure skating. Heck, a few years ago there was even a show featuring cheerleading. Why not Volleyball?

    I think a series or movie about a underdog(UH to this day has only faction of the budget other top 10 programs have) women's college volleyball team from Hawaii would go over well if done right. This could also be a nice starring role for DDK if he wanted to play the coach.

  7. Belle:

    Ani, that does sound like an interesting project (much more so than cheerleading or figure skating imo) and would be even better if DDK were in it.

  8. FansAreTooDefensive:

    This is about DDK and NO ONE ELSE. He is smart and he is a great representative of class to the first degree. He is intelligent and knows how to relate with others.

    I think CBS sees that he has never gotten into any problems or has ever caused them any grief. He never seems to get into any controversies on set or off.
    He is fulfilling his dream and I wish him the best of luck.

    If anyone can pull this off, he can.

  9. FansAreTooDefensive:


    I agree.

    This is a big vote of confidence for DDK from CBS. Obviously this means CBS see DDK as a VIP for them, as an artist and a person.
    It has been clear for several years now CBS was falling in love with him.

    Well said.

  10. Five-O Supporter:


    That's an interesting concept with volleyball, but I think it would be better served (no pun) by doing a documentary or more factual retelling of the history. Don't know if you watch ESPN, but they do many of those types of productions.

    It could work as a movie if it were based on their first or the early championships. It's always interesting and motivating to see a film of a team's struggle and rise to glory. Though I can't recall much of the early years and how they built the foundation of the current powerhouse program.

  11. Belle:


    If you don't want it uttered that Alex is ALSO an asset to and loved by CBS #FACT then stop your silly little not-so-subtle passive-aggressive slights and YOU talk about NO ONE ELSE. Mentioning that DDK and Alex both have good relationships with CBS doesn't take away from the topic. As if you really care anyway.

  12. Five-O Supporter:

    I like DDK and it just seems a natural fit. After all, even in H50, he's the one that shows the most care and connection to the local community and culture in Hawaii.

    A new pairing of with Alex O'loughlin would be nice.

  13. Belle:

    I agree Five-O Supporter, DDK and Alex do have good chemistry also. Both of the faithful H50 ambassadors will be doing a CBS international press day tomorrow. 🙂

  14. FansAreTooDefensive:

    It seems as though when Alex has something happen for him it is always and only about Alex. I never see Alex fans ever say, "Hey. It would be great to see DDK or Grace or Scott get together with Alex and do this or that charity (or whatever it is Alex is into.)"
    That doesn't bother them. But have DDK do something he earned ON HIS OWN and through his own hard work and talent and darned if it doesn't all go back to Alex for them.

    IMO this is DDK's success story. He did it on his own and without all the hoopla other stars get.He deserves to be praised for it by himself right now.

    He will decide who, if anyone else, he wants involved later. He knows many islanders and I am sure many he is very close to.There are many huge names in the entertainment business who have homes there he may want to involve.
    But for now, this is HIS moment and it would be really nice, IMO, to let him enjoy it without trying to make it all about someone else who was never even mentioned in the article here or anywhere.

    Congratulations, DDK!

  15. AniMatsuri:

    @Five-O Supporter:

    A documentary on ESPN would be a great off shoot if a TV series or movie were done featuring Hawaii women's volleyball where done else on some other network. e.i. Little House on the Prairie actually only based a few of its stories on the books but probably spurred sales of the book during and after the series completed its run. A documentary show would be a blip and forgotten a year after.

  16. FansAreTooDefensive:

    For those of us who do not live on the island,could you tell us a little about the Hawaiian women's basketball team? Obviously, they must be very successful. Or were they underdogs and surprised everyone? Just curious.

    I think I remember seeing tweets about them this year and last year from Photolulu. Not sure though.

  17. Belle:

    @FansAreTooDefensive So what? Although I'm sure Pammie will agree with you. 😉 Participants here can mention whomever they want and have all commented on DDK's news btw. Your disingenuous overt praise is too much. Who knew you were such a DDK fan? No one. Do you follow him around when in LA also or is that only reserved for Alex?

    Sure he'll involve whomever he likes of those who are interested in this venture, which of Alex can include Alex. I'm sure many fans would love to see them together on another project one day. 🙂

  18. Pammie:

    I don't have to agree with anyone. In tne mean time Congrats to DDK ! And time will tell if Alex O. gets another producer deal from CBS or an offer to work in whatever project DDK starts.

    But about Alex or anyone in the show being an asset, just take a look at this list and see where H50 ends. I just don't see anyone as a big asset for any project anytime soon when they are not able to attract viewers. Only TGW gets less viewers than H50.

  19. Belle:

    Of course, time will tell EVERYTHING won't it?

    Again, It's on a FRIDAY. Live ratings are what matters and it's doing fine, given the night, now increased competition and weak lead-in, compared to other shows on typically stronger nights with stronger leads. There's a marginal difference.

    Is this a constant game of Anti-Fan Excuse Bingo?

    I thought you were directing everyone to congratulate DDK, so you're not remotely on topic.

  20. AniMatsuri:


    You mean the Hawaii Women's Volleyball team, right? The women's Basketball team has been good in the distance past but aren't worrying anyone nowadays or knocking off #1 ranked teams like the volleyball team has this year. The small scene in the episode of H50 where a coach gets murdered is a small taste of how highly regarded the team is here in Hawaii.

  21. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Oops! Yes, Ani, I meant the volleyball team. LOL

    That is wonderful for the state when you have a very successful team represent it. Thanks for sharing that. You said it had a colorful history, too.

    Could be a great topic for DDK to start with.


    I hadn't seen that chart. Guess that says it all. I keep hearing H50 fans say that it has many viewers and is very popular even if the demo is low but that shows it is second to last in number of viewers for CBS dramas.

    If I understand that chart, it includes all multi-media? That means all the means people use to watch the show; not just DVR and TV but cell phones and Ipads, computers, etc?? Am I right?

  22. Belle:

    Guess that says it all? LOL Distortion again. What it actually says is that H50 is on par with Friday and Sunday total viewers (where viewership is lower overall), except for Blue Bloods where total viewership is higher...although H50 is slightly higher than Blue Bloods in the 18-49 demo which is more important!

    So you go on and on that H50 is a "loser" when other network show gets a higher demo even though H50 gets much higher total viewers BUT NOW it's the total viewers that are so important? LOL Pick an argument you can stick to!

    Okay, Lucia come agree with Lucia. Let's get this over with.

  23. Pammie:

    Yes, FATD , it includes all type of viewings , from TV to phones.
    e , CBS only released the total viewers chart. If they release the demo one, I will post it too. But H50 won't be in a good place there either.

  24. Belle:

    It's so fun to watch someone talk to herself. 😉

    The demo one will be good...again on par with Fridays and Saturdays and in fact ahead of most if not all of the other CBS dramas scheduled then. 🙂

  25. Belle:

    ^ On par with Fridays and *Sundays* is what I meant obvi.

    Again, no issue here, despite someone's constant effort.

  26. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Thanks, Pammie. Please keep us informed.

  27. Belle II:

    Thanks, Belle. You are correct! Please continue to clarify for us. It's a lot to muddle through.

  28. Belle:

    Oh don't worry Lucia, PammieYou will definitely keep us..."informed".

    Question: FansAreTooDefensive and Pammie post with each other A LOT have they ever disagreed even once? Thinking no. 😉

  29. Belle:

    Back to DDK, his screen time was expanded in the episode tonight which was good. 🙂 I like to see it mixed up!

  30. hossana:

    What the hell is so special about the Wahine volleyball team that Kim needs to do a special on it?? Geezus, if the Wahine were in the Pac 12, or Big 12, or Big 10 etc...the wahine or Shoji wouldn't even come close to the 1000 win plateau...he would be lucky if he reached 500 wins...gimme a break....special on the wahine volleyball team, seriously???? JUSTs JUST PLAIN ABSURB!!!

  31. AniMatsuri:

    Looked at the chart linked in comment 18. H50 actually also beats out the long running Survivor and 2 Broke Girls in total viewers. H50 see a 40% gain when you count all platforms which is a bigger gain than NCIS(both versions), The Big Bang Theory and a few others on that list.


    How long have you lived in Hawaii? You don't think 4 national championships for the Wahine is anything special? Especially when you consider they that they regularly beat schools from those conferences you mentioned and aren't a big money school that just throws money at their other sports programs? You do know Kim was at the filming of that scene(he didn't have to be, none of the main actors were in it) where they highlighted the Wahine so he got to see 1st hand Hawaii support for the team.

  32. Wanda:

    I've watching Daniel for a quite a while now and have very much enjoyed seeing him in his many varied roles. So very happy to see wonderful things happening for him. I'm certain he'll make a very fine doubt. Congratulations to him..much success. Will be watching for any and all of his new projects.

  33. Five-O Supporter:


    Your comment is painfully ignorant. You obviously don't know a thing about the history and success of the Wahine volleyball program. Or your perspective is absurdly biased because you're a fan of another school or conference? Btw, the word you meant to use is absurd.

    The Wahine have historically had to overcome a lot of obstacles for their success, the most notable of which are geography and budget. The power conferences you mentioned should have expected success with their mega million dollar athletic department budgets supporting them.

    The fact that the Wahine could complete against that is a huge accomplishment. Not many other schools similar to Hawaii can claim that. Oh wait, there's Pacific and Long Beach State - two other "mid-major" schools with multiple championships in the first 20 years of D1 women's volleyball. The years they played together in the same conference, it was considered the best conference in the county. Not the Pac-10, not the Big 10. Don't know why you include the Big-12. Aside from Texas, what's so significant about the Big-12 in volleyball?

    I would continue to argue the merits of the UH Wahine volleyball program, but it would be useless with someone like you who is so closed-minded in your skewed view.

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