McGarrett’s peepers add to 'H50's' Halloween howlathon

November 2nd, 2013


It’s all about how you count ‘em.

Friday’s (Nov. 1) preliminary overnight TV ratings indicate that CBS had the most viewers (9.745 million), though ABC won the covered 18 to 49 demographics (1.5 rating) that drive the advertising dollar.

In the 8 p.m. (9 p.m. Mainland) hour that matters to us, CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” reflected that counting strategy. It won the viewership tally, with 9.61 million, but its 1.3 rating in the demos was No. 3 for the hour. In comparison, ABC’s “Shark Tank” pulled in 7.11 million viewers and a demo of 1.9; NBC’s “Grimm” finished with 4.95 million viewers and a 1.5 demo; and Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” logged 1.82 million and a demo of  0.5.

With “Hawaii Five-0’s” Halloween-themed show,  there were tricks and treats. A howlathon, silly and slightly bloody, but befitting the season.  The 18 to 49 demo for "Five-0" was a 1.3 percent dip from last week’s 1.4 rating, which put it third in the slot this week; the seasonably excusable Halloween elements ranged from blood-sucking zombies on the beach, a headless corpse in the morgue, Max succumbing to unknown causes, a ghostly lair that made Danno afraid to enter because he’s claustrophobic, an unlikely prankster tossing toilet paper in a tree at Danno’s pad, and more.

But McGarrett, who passed out Halloween candy, was a dandy with his eyes.  Yep, his eyeballs did a lot of acting. In gazes. In stares. In quizzical glances. In somewhat stunned glares. Many instances of jeepers peepers.

So the eye-opener of this installment of season four is simply this: “Five-0” can continue to win the hour with viewership, but it still is struggling to lead the demos, finishing third in this week’s prelim tally, behind “Shark Tank” and “Grimm.”   Perhaps the lower figures are in line with the lower expectations on Friday nights.

The plot engaged a mad scientist-doctor, in cahoots with the father of a young man, whose brain was messed with. And oh, Catherine had her own demons to address — in the wake of the death in the last show of her ex-beau and short-lived new boss Billy. And Kono was as invisible as a ghost — still on the lam and doing who knows what.

Chin Ho, of course, was left with the responsibility of crime-fighting; he always saves the day with his sleuthing.

Most watched Friday show? CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” which had 10.69  million  viewers tuned in and matched its 1.3 demo last week.

Best demos? “Shark Tank,” with 1.9 rating, followed by ABC’s “20/20” (1.5 demos) and “Grimm” (1.5 demos).

For what it must cost to produce and film “Hawaii Five-0” here, hope there’s a decent bang for the advertising dollar, since an ascent in the ratings count remains a major challenge for our homegrown show. It’s a juggling match, for sure, since the network needs to produce more shows for syndication on TNT, where the show still hasn’t found its niche or muscle or slot.

What’s your opinion?

155 Responses to “McGarrett’s peepers add to 'H50's' Halloween howlathon”

  1. FansAreTooDefensive:

    It should be mentioned that Sleepy Hollow was a repeat.

    It would be so much easier if we knew what was TNT's role in all of this. Even TBTN say they don't have that info and don't know what syndication looks at.

    "But McGarrett, who passed out Halloween candy, was a dandy with his eyes. Yep, his eyeballs did a lot of acting. In gazes. In stares. In quizzical glances. In somewhat stunned glares. Many instances of jeepers peepers."

    This was the kind of acting Alex did so well in Moonlight where emotions were a big part of the show. It is where he shines best. Unfortunately, H50 has not been good to show those talents off as Steve.

    The demo has steadily dropped but the viewership remains flat. What does that really mean to the show? Well, we are back to what TNT wants/needs.

    We already found out that H50 gets very little money per episode from advertising money; an article Wayne showed us here.

    We also know the show is expensive to run.

    Also remember, FOX finally starts its new comedy lineup next Friday.

    So we see what happens then. Which show will it affect the most? Or will it affect any of them?

    Fact remains though. H50 is in third place which is for all intents and purpose, last place, and has dropped one tenth each of the last two weeks..

  2. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Also, TNT is trying H50 on different nights. The last 2 weeks have been on Wednesday. Next week is Tuesday at 1 AM and Wednesday at 11 PM (PST). At first it registered around #98 and #100 in the prime time slots of 9 and 10 PM but quickly dropped out of the top 100 and never surfaced again no matter where they have put it.

    They have had it at 9 PM, 10PM, 11 PM, midnight, and now 1 AM next week.
    I assume dropping is almost worse than never showing up because it means people checked it out and didn't return to watch the next episode.

    But with TNT it is pure speculation. They paid heavily for the rights to syndicate, so what is their expectation?

    That is what in the end I think it will come down to if H50 drops much lower in the demo.

  3. Marianne Moore:

    My husband and I have been visitors to Hawaii, and lovers of everything Hawaiian, for a long time. We are in our 70's now. We live in Cincinnati, Ohio. We use Time-Warner cable service on our TV/computer/phone. With their "on-demand" feature, we don't have to watch programs at their regular times. My husband is a big sports fan, and we often miss regular programming when ballgames are on. We have a lot of favorite series, since we are retired, and both of us are partially disabled now. Since we always watch H50, but seldom at its regular time, how does this fit into the ratings?

  4. Pammie:

    Nothing new with the numbers this week , H50 third in the slot .
    The demo dropped to a 1.3 demo , really bad number . The show skews so old, But then I don't thin it matters much at this point. H50 is not alive because of good numbers but because of TNT . And ironically it is a failure for them.
    I remember before this show premiered media was talking about 5 demo numbers and 20 million viewers. Oh Man. Shocker !

  5. FansAreTooDefensive:

    That is the problem all networks are wrestling with. They are working on that situation as we speak. But when fans of a show say that the ratings are unfair because everyone isn't counted, I answer with a simple answer.

    All the networks are in the exact same situation so in a very odd way, the playing field is level.

    They are all dealing with the same issues. So, IMO, it isn't an issue at all because it is the same for everyone. And as they figure out a better way to measure viewership, it will still be the same for all networks as everyone will advance in that knowledge at the same rate.

    To me, it is a non issue because everyone is in the same boat.

  6. AniMatsuri:

    H50's demo numbers dropped only slightly and could be adjusted up when the final ratings come in. Of note is that Grimm saw the biggest drop from its season premier last week from a 1.8 to a 1.5. If H50 remains steady while Grimm drops even more 2nd place could belong again belong to H50 or maybe both get lapped by whatever new program Fox is running at the same time slot next week.

    Cable VOD(video on demand) is probably the way networks prefer you watch their shows if you don't watch live. I've seen commercials featuring characters from current TV shows(the one featuring New Girl is pretty amusing) encouraging people to watch VOD. Reason? In most cases Fast Forwarding of ads is disabled.

  7. Pammie:

    Ani , as a Grimm fan I am not worried the show could drop more. This Friday NBC didn't air Dateline at 8 pm that usually gives a 1.3 demo lead in to Grimm. Instead they aired a Vampire special that bombed with a 0.7 demo.
    Grimm built on its 18-49 lead in by 114 % !!!!! From a 0.7 to a 1.5 demo. Not many shows are able to do that. Next week with Dateline back , Grimm will go up.
    H50 got a lead in of 1.4 and not only didn't gain but dropped to a 1.3 demo.
    The ability of gaining or losing demo numbers after the lead in is what makes a show a winner or a loser.


    Unless u r personally measured by Nielsen it doesn't matter if you watch or don't watch a show. Unless u r a Nielsen family u viewing or not means nothing.
    And if you are a Nielsen Family , unless you are between 18-49 years old , your viewing means zero because advertisers only pay for viewers in that age group.
    Total viewers mean nothing even is some networks use them as Press Releases to make some underperforming shows look stronger.
    Fair ? Who knows... but unless u r 18-49 years old and with a Nielsen box , u r irrelevant in the rating numbers.

  8. Belle:

    To keep things in context...instead of deliberately taking them out of context...H50's demo and total viewers are good when compared to other CBS dramas scheduled on Fridays and Sundays...which is what CBS does in terms of determining a show's viability. It would be nice to see a higher demo BUT H50 has held up in rating and demo better than most shows OVERALL since its premiere. Also it has a weak, incompatible (as always) lead-in. H50 has the smallest drop vs. lead-in than many other shows. I'm sure CBS doesn't agree with your ridic contention that a show is a winner or "loser" (you do love to say that, don't you?) by whether it gains or loses in demo from its lead-in because if so, many of their darlings like Person of Interest, NCIS:LA, Elementary, etc. also Blue Bloods and more would all have to be proclaimed "losers" too. LOL In your desperation to endlessly slam H50 you distort facts to fit your needs.

  9. Belle:

    FYI TVBTN has updated its Bubble Watch and H50 remains under "Renewal Predicted" along with some other CBS "losers" (according to Lucia logic) like Person of Interest, NCIS:LA etc. :) The Good Wife and The Mentalist are listed under "Cancellation Predicted"

  10. Pammie:

    Undercover Boss gets a higher demo than h50. While BB gets the same demo as h50 even if it is in the tougher 10 pm slot. So h50 is the weaker CBS Friday show.
    And it is not far away from the Sunday CBS shows that always start with huge delays because of spot overruns.
    H50 is an underperforming show.

    Of course h50 will get renewed. U don't need to be a genious to see that. But not because the show is a hit or a popular show or doing great internationally as some pretend, it will get renewed only because syndication. Only reason. Without that deal this show would had been gone on S1 when it premiered way lower than the show it replaced, CSI Miami. That one was a real hit.
    H50 could drop to a 0.2 demo and still be renewed. duh!!
    The Good Wife and The Mentalist will be canceled because both have reached the episodes needed by syndication. Duh !!
    Next year this time, H50 will be in the same boat as them.
    And the Good Wife is an excellent show , it will be sad to see it go , but for CBS is not about quality, just the syndication bucks. I hope at least The Good Wife to get a nice finale.

  11. Belle:

    Lucia, get over yourself. Undercover Boss dropped three tenths in a week and was ONE was tenth higher than H50 this week. That's better retention than many shows overall, ones with compatable lead-ins. H50 hasn't dropped any more than a tenth in week. This is the first week it's demo was the same as Blue Bloods.

    So it is NOT an underperforming show no matter how many times you say it!

    H50 is again included on DVR LARGEST increases. Blue Bloods isn't.

  12. Belle:

    Your bias is glaring. Duh !!

  13. Pammie:

    It is a big underperforming show . If not why do u think CBS dumped it in the Friday Graveyard time slot ???? Good performers shows are not dumped on Fridays. CBS had older shows to move to Fridays as NCIS NCSI LA , CSI , Criminal Minds . They could had moved any of those to Friday and move h50 to another weekly time slot . Why do u think they chose H50 ? Trust me , it was not a reward.
    Just be happy and grateful to TNT.
    DVR numbers don't matter at all. But then ,even if they did , an increase of a weak result is still a weak result. Or as so media sites say ," the rich are still rich and the poor are still poor" .

  14. FansAreTooDefensive:


    I agree with you. If CBS is the one who decides, they will renew H50 no matter what the ratings are simply AND ONLY because they want that syndication money. But what about the other side of the equation?
    What does TNT want?
    Here is some speculation and this is PURE speculation of course.
    These are the questions I think we need to know.

    1)How many episodes is TNT committed to and have to buy/bought? If it is 100 episodes than they have no choice and will have to accept a season 5, at least partially.

    If it is only through this season then will they want to buy more episodes or not? Are they watching their own ratings and wondering why they spent 2.5 million per episode for these kind of ratings?

    2) IF TNT has any say in the negotiations for next season, do they buy more but at a much reduced rate or does CBS look for another cable company?

    If CBS tries to sell the rights to another company how low can they go and it still be feasible for CBS to keep the show alive? After all, they are getting hardly anything in advertising money.

    Who knows what their deal was or how this works with syndication.

    Maybe CBS gave them the option to start early syndication because TNT requested it and wanted to see how it does before committing massive amounts of money for more episodes? Maybe they saw how it has dropped significantly in ratings since they bought the rights to syndicate it in season one and were getting worried what is happening would happen ( horrible syndication ratings)and it would decide after trying it out this season whether they would by more episodes.

    I don't know anything but it just seems to me that TNT is a business also and they have to look at it from their perspective not just what CBS wants.

  15. Pammie:


    Those are very interesting questions and I would love to get the answer , but we won't.
    I am sure the contract CBS & TNT made contains some clauses that protect both parts. Some of those may protect TNT in case h50 doesnt get the promised numbers. Yes, who knows, they could go from lowering the episode price to start syndication earlier. So many possibilities.
    But as I said we will never know. Because both parts involved are not interested in releasing that. TNT would look as fools for paying so much without knowing what they were going to get. And for cbs would be admitting a failure and they will never do that. We will never hear from anyone involved in the show other thing that it is a hit , a sucesful remake , doing great in USA and internationally.

  16. Belle:

    Lucia and Lucia (we get it - you agree with yourself),

    No, it is NOT an underperforming show! It got moved to Friday because the ratings were lower compared to their other dramas. Had CBS given it a more compatible line-up and lead-in and promoted it more they might not have had to. They probably wish they hadn't now given the dismal performance of its heavily promoted replacement Hostages. NCIS:LA for example has always had a better slot and HUGE lead-in thanks to NCIS so no of course it wouldn't move.

    DVR results only matter according to you then the ONE time H50 isn't on the largest increase list and you couldn't wait to bring the info here and proclaim that it "says it all". LOL No, I don't "trust you" and no one should! You pick and choose your "FACTS" with prejudice. You spend how many hours of every day searching for anything you think can use (and often distort when necessary) on a show you can't wait to see end? This just to pathetically try to convince others they shouldn't bother watching in hopes this will help your cause.

    When people on TVBTN pointed this bizarre behavior out to you as "Randy" and asked about it you replied that your fascinated with the TNT syndication deal. Now THAT appears true! LOL! Captivated, fascinated, obsessed...

    Even IF it's true that the reason H50 will continue for a few more years is mainly due to the syndication deal, SO WHAT? What is the point of saying it 100s of times under various aliases?

  17. FansAreTooDefensive:


    Sadly, you are right. We will never know the truth. As is everything that has to do with the entertainment business, they want the public to buy the PR spin.
    So we wait and watch. The Fox comedies are starting this Friday so it will be interesting to see what happens then.

  18. Belle:

    You finally admit you don't know the truth...but it's PR spin? Okay...

    This is all very comical is nothing else. Like the real entertainment business is The FansAreTooDefensive/Pammie Show.

  19. Pammie:

    Everyone knows syndication is saving h50, but we will never know the terms of the deal and how it changed after h50 took a ratings nose dive.
    When they made the pilot , some media said it was the most extensive pilot in 10 years. But numbers were. never released. And I don't think they will ever be after the show results.

    FOX comedies don't start until Nov 15. So still a rerun for fox next week. Raising Hope .

  20. FansAreTooDefensive:


    You are right. So two more weeks before Fox premieres its comedies. I guess they know that Friday is a throw away day and don't care what they put there or when. LOL

  21. Pammie:

    Sorry , I meant a repeat of Sleepy Hollow on FOX next Friday. Then Nov 15 , two episodes of Raising Hope.

  22. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Right. Here is Fox's schedule:

  23. Belle:

    Everyone knows? And by "everyone" she means her and all her aliases. Whatever. LOL

  24. Pammie:

    Well , Fridays are really a Graveyard for TV. I like Raising Hope but numbers were terrible , so probably dumped on Fridays for the same reasons h50 was.
    Nbc, fox , and cw , were all airing reruns in some of their Friday time slots until now.
    Seems Fridays are not that important for network TV anymore. I remember reading an article last year that said how with time maybe no more original scripted shows on Fridays. And it may happen. Just see the demos for Dateline and 24/24. Why bother with expensive scripted dramas?

  25. Pammie:

    Thank u for the schedule , FATD.
    YES , a Sleepy Hollow repeat this week.

  26. FansAreTooDefensive:

    True Pammie. But then where would CBS put their low performing shows for building syndication episodes? HAHA Saturdays? LOL

  27. Five-O Supporter:

    @Everyone except FATD & Pammie

    There are fans (and fanatics) of the show and there are non-fans (and haters) of the show. We get that. Fans will post to show their support and what they like about the show. Fine. Non-fans will post to indicate their dislike and many times disgust and calling for the show to end. That's fine too. These normal posts and rants go on and we all move on.

    But then there's two people (or maybe just one) who endlessly posts about the same things. Hundreds of posts revolving around the same ideas. Over and over. Nothing new. Over and over. The same statistics, the same numbers, the same discussions. Over and over.

    We get it already:

    1. H50 has poor ratings. Terrible in the 18-49 demo.
    2. It rarely wins its time slots. Even on Fridays.
    3. It was moved to Fridays as its deathbed.
    4. If it does well, it was up against week competition. But just wait until some other shows start up on the other networks. It will lose the battle.
    5. It has older viewers. And that means squat.
    6. It may have high viewership. It may high high DVR viewers. But those also mean nothing.
    7. It's lucky to have a syndication deal. Which is the only reason it's continuing. To meet some minimum episode requirement for syndication.
    8. Its performing poorly for TNT. And they're regretting they made the syndication deal.
    9. Fans always skew the obvious to make H50 seem like it's doing well or is a great show.

    If (or should I say when) you see any of the above points being raised again, you'll see what I mean.

    If ThePersonWho'sIgnoringMe is still reading this - Don't respond to this post please. It was not meant for you. And you don't care what I say anyway. So ignore me as you say you were doing.

  28. Pammie:

    Well , maybe soon Friday will be just for shows needing syndication episodes , shows on reruns and News specials.
    Years back cbs aired a going to be canceled show on Saturday.
    We will see ...Things r changing fast.

  29. Five-O Supporter:

    Finally caught up with the episodes. Can't watch it live Fridays, so finally watched the last 3 episodes.

    This past weeks Halloween theme show was flat for me. Haven't we seen plots with sinister plans revolving around medical issues before.

    There should be so much local culture and superstition to draw upon when writing a plot for H50 Halloween. You'd think the writers would be swamped with scary or supernatural ideas that have local roots to them. Haunted areas, war paths, burial grounds, spirits. LIke Morgan's Corner, for instance.

    But no. Zombie-ish theme? Ok. Nothing special.

  30. FansAreTooDefensive:


    Isn't nice to find a place where we can go and discuss the problems surrounding H50 and not just laud its praises and pretend it is a winner despite the evidence to the contrary?

    I didn't see anywhere here where it says, "We want only positive posts about the show even if they don't match the stats."

    I see that everywhere else. As far as I can see, we have listed legitimate concerns and have not been rude (like some) or abusive or immature or angry. We HAVE been direct and given our POV in a mature adult like, respectful manner.

    But for some reason, some can't stand to hear the truth. Probably because they have been brainwashed into only singing H50's praises and ignoring the facts.

    Fortunately, I don't respond well to intimidation by those who don't like our POVs.

    I am so glad to find someone else who doesn't let others bully them into silence.

    Wayne had others here who were just as honest but don't post now because of these infantile bully tactics. That makes me sad because they are nice intelligent posters.

    Hopefully they will return and feel comfortable posting their opinions like before.

    Pammie, see you next blog!

  31. Belle:

    She's either the same person (she is) or conjoined twins who really really like posting together. This is getting more and more bizarre to watch, even just in this one thread alone. Seriously enough is enough with beating everyone over the head with it! Who does that? Disturbing.

  32. Belle:

    @Five-O Supporter

    I liked the Halloween ep well enough but I found it a little flat also compared to what we've gotten so far this season. From the reactions I've seen on Twitter and the boards, many seemed to enjoy it though. I like your ideas...maybe next year. :)

    Next week looks like it'll be a fun one with the guys having to take care of the adorbs baby!

  33. Belle:

    As a point of reference to what CBS is looking for (and getting) from H50, CBS President & CEO, Les Moonves' comments:

    "Hawaii Five-0 skews a little bit older, so we figured with Blue Bloods doing extremely well, Friday night has become more of a total viewers [night] than a demo night," Moonves said. "It became pretty self-evident that would be a good move. We'll see if that was good in a few months."

    Lucia (closely followed by Lucia to completely agree) will be all "what else would he say? Duh!!" and call it PR spin in 3...2...1...

  34. theDman:

    Just watched Kūpouli ʻla, the Halloween episode. The beginning is real creepy alright, but I thought the end was a cheat. I don't like bringing in small characters late in the show as the real mastermind of the crime. Would have been nice to bring the doctor in early so he can be in the lineup of suspects...and the reason for all of this is that sonny boy has anger management issues that need surgery...did I miss the prep for that scenario?

    We basically did not get to see enough of the doctor to see what makes him Dr. Frankenstein, it was done purely with exposition (as Burl would say...) but I did think Ken did a good job as Doc with his lines especially in the sense that I did not know he could even speak American.

    It was a better episode than that Halloween bomb show where Danno goes trick or treating with Gracie. I turned that one off halfway through. But, I thought this episode overall did not compare well so far this season.

  35. FansAreTooDefensive:

    D Man,

    Missed you! I think they felt the need to do the latest craze, the zombie thing, and formulated something around that. Zombies are the thing with Grimm right now also. Walking Dead sort of began all this.

    It seemed a little forced, like they wanted the zombie concept and then tried to make a storyline that could fit a procedural and actually happen.

    Was not really believable. I like Grimm but that show is a genre show so zombies are an acceptable concept for them.

  36. Pammie:

    Yes, I am positive Les Moonves is smiling all the way to the bank to cash the $55.000 he gets from advertisers from h50 , while he knows Grimm gets $85,000 and Shark Tank $80,000 because they attract the important demo viewers. I bet he is happy with the total viewers , I believe him. Because I am sure it is not about money for them :-) :-)

    I love zombies. Big fan of the Walking Dead. If u like zombies u should all watch it. It gets like a 10 demo .. LOL. BUT it is bloody, u have been warned :-)

  37. FansAreTooDefensive:


    Moonves is all about pleasing the fans and being forthright and honest and----Oh, wait! This is CBS! -HAHAHAHA!

    Those stats pinpoint clearly that CBS is DEPENDING on syndication to run H50. Grimm and ST are making a lot more in ad money(and what they make isn't much either)and H50 is costly to run.

    I am a geek all the way. Love those kind of shows. I just close my eyes at the bloody parts! LOL

  38. Belle:

    ^ And there it is! LOL! Obsessed yet reliable LuciaFansAreTooDefensivePammie! Must dismiss everything that doesn't fit in your protective little hate bubble.

  39. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Now Walking Dead; THAT'S a successful show. 13.3 million viewers and a 6.8 rating. No wonder everyone, like H50, wants to jump on the zombie bandwagon!

  40. Five-O Supporter:


    Yeah, the preview for next weeks show looks like a fun one. They only need to have Tom Selleck in a guest spot and the Three Men and a Baby thing would be complete!

    BTW, thanks for your continuing efforts to defend sanity! I've always wondered why someone would be so passionate and obsessed with following/researching/analyzing a show and confronting others about the very show he/she/they/whatever cares very little about. The show is insignificant in there ratings universe so why even bother?

    Who would waste their time doing that? Yeah, I thought about that myself too. Why wouldn't they just go rave about Grimm or Walking Dead or any other show somewhere else? Why the need to do it here?

    Keep up the good work Belle.

    I'm not worried about any response from that person or those two. They are ignoring me and don't even know I'm posting this stuff. Haha.

  41. AniMatsuri:

    Five-O Supporter:

    Liked your post in #27. You got it down to less than ten talking points. Everyone save that list. We could start a drinking game now whenever they come up. ;)

    Speaking of ratings, after final adjustments for Blue Bloods went down a tenth. Making H50 not the lowest in the demo of the CBS offering on Friday:

    Also, H50 sees a 64% increase to a 2.3 in the demo and moved up to 15th place in over all viewers when you figure in DVR Live + 7 days for week 4 in the season.

  42. Belle:

    @Five-O Supporter

    Ha! Yes I saw the announcement that everyone will be ignored aside from her alter ego of course and Ani. LOL! There's a ton of muck from the conjoined twins to work through but I appreciate seeing your rational and grounded comments also. :)

    Obsession, jealousy, bitterness, resentment, deluded fantasy, desperation...that's what all this about. Still, hard to believe and crazy and mind blowing to watch it on display. Ever since the object of her obsession left LA (read: left "her") to work and live in terrible Hawaii and has had the temerity to be happy and love his life there, she has been on this mission to undermine him and H50 to "make him pay". It's sick! The dog-with-a-bone style that's so off-putting as well as the neener neener, know-it-all, condescending tone has gotten her booted from more places than even she can count by now! But that's always everyone else's fault because they just can't handle her "truth". LOL! But if H50 was produced in LA she'd be praising it from the rooftops with the same "dedication".

    Yeah Selleck would have been a nice touch...having him in on a scene with the three 5-0 men and a baby! ;) Even Kelly Kahl (Sr Exec VP @ CBS Primetime) tweeted that it would be great to see him on H50! Maybe one day.

  43. FansAreTooDefensive:


    "Also, H50 sees a 64% increase to a 2.3 in the demo and moved up to 15th place in over all viewers when you figure in DVR Live + 7 days for week 4 in the season."

    You are proud of that???? An 64% increase that brings it to a measly 2.3????? Well then, let's applaud Beauty and the Beast, who made a 100% increase and went from a 0.3 to a 0.6!!! They were in FIRST place in the same chart and are so bad they are going to be cancelled!!

    And then you brag when you say H50 wasn't the LOWEST demo of the night (the extremely weak Friday night) but that BB (who is at the more difficult time slot of 10 PM) was a wee bit lower.

    What a joke!

    BB was a 1.2 and H50 a 1.3; demos that are horrific!

    How is that in any way any kind of a win?

    With those kind of numbers, H50 would have been buried half way through season one and never have made it to a season two, no less syndication.

    Stop trying to turn numbers that are awful into some kind of win. And stop trying to support fans who would rather spit venom and hate than allow us to speak the truth here.

    What happened to you?

  44. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Look at Sleepy Hollow, the show right BELOW H50 on the same chart. Did that make it worse than H50? NO! It went from a 2.7 to a 4.4!!!!

    It was LOWER than H50 on that same (unimportant meaningless) chart and yet H50 would KILL to begin with a 2.7 and end up a 4.4.

    What Pammie and I are saying is the truth; the cold hard truth. If you are going to bring in stats then I would suggest understanding them first.
    Even that very site tells us that these numbers are meaningless anyway.

    But if this is your proof of how great H50 is doing, then that is truly sad as all you show us here is that it is really really doing poorly.

  45. Belle:

    I glazed over several times with the latest rage postings of "the truth; the cold hard truth" but I do believe that signals the commencement of our drinking game!

  46. AniMatsuri:


    Every wonder why Neilson is gathering so many "unimportant numbers"? You do realize that finding people(especially in the 18-49 demo) to view anything live other than live sports is getting harder and harder. Almost as hard as finding someone who still has a land line for their phone. What's an acceptable demo rating now would have gotten a show cancelled 5 years ago. So Neilson is paid to keep track of where it's going. It's about watching growing trends. Sooner or later advertisers will have to figure out how to monetize this trend toward VOD/DVR/Streaming of TV shows. That's why some cancelled shows end up getting picked up by the likes of Netflix for example.

    All I'm saying is when you look at all the data, H50 isn't doing terrible for a Friday CBS show. An increase to a 2.3 for a show that airs on Friday is pretty decent.

  47. FansAreTooDefensive:


    As I mentioned above, the playing field is level because all networks have the exact same problem so knowing that, it doesn't make a difference whether all people are counted or not. It all comes out even for all networks.

    But here is something that is VERY telling. For the second year in a row, H50 was not nominated in any category for the PCAs; not as a show or as actors or bromance or ANYTHING.
    Even its competition on CBS; The Mentalist and The Good Wife, who are likely to be canceled because they weren't lucky enough to be on Friday, got nominations.

    Castle continues to shine. If H50 has so many fans and is so popular than why haven't they made a single category there in 2 years?

    Answer; no one is watching and it isn't a well written show. The actors are not well known or popular.

    Simple as that. The people have spoken.

  48. Belle:

    Lucia, predictably you are crowing about the PCAs! LOL! And no, they are NOT "VERY telling"! Hostages is on the ballot too as favorite new drama so...

    Here's another reason they lack validity - as you are well aware, because you eagerly participate in it - anti voting. You and other rabid bitter anti fans, like the ones who are still mad that Alex moved on from Moonlight, proudly cast vote after vote against H50, and even barter with other fandoms (last year one was Twilight) to cast votes their way if they'll join you in voting against H50. Unreal. And then you cannot wait to come here and brag about how much it means? YOU are VERY telling.

    As for DVR lifts, once again you can't have it both ways. The ONE time H50 was on a largest increase list you happily posted it here, claiming that it "says it all" but when H50 is on the list like it usually is, then it's back to being "meaningless" an no one better dare say other wise. *eyeroll*

    This is all so stupid.

  49. Pammie:

    As long as we r talking PCA , if u guys can vote for my favorite show , THE WALKNG DEAD in the syfy category , I would totally apreciatte it. :)

    Belle, don't act childish , u cannot vote against anyone or anything in the PCA , LOL, u can vote for someone not against someone. Some of the categories I voted for didn't make it and I don't go around talking about a conspiracy against them.

    The PCA is the most popular award that shows actors and shows popularity. Anyone can vote , no matter the age or the country . And you can vote all the times u want to.All votes r online and the awards even are aired on CBS. If in 4 years Alex O. has not made it , is because he is not popular enough. Three of the five actors that made it are CBS , from The Good Wife, Person of Interest and ncis. I voted for none of them. But one of my choices made it , Kevin Bacon from FOX The Following.

    I don't think anyone is surprised H50 got zero.

    Seems they got more than 20 million votes per day. Pasinated fans , LOL

  50. Belle:

    I don't think anyone is surprised by your antics LuciaFansAreTooDefensivePammie! You are the childish one, which is even more pathetic coming from a senior citizen.

    YOU and the rest of your coven vote against Alex and H50 on PCA by targeted voting for other pre-noms in the same category. As you well know.

  51. FansAreTooDefensive:


    It always amazes me how the rabid fans always find EXCUSES for why their special show didn't make it. As if any one group of people could possibly vote enough votes to push someone or some show out of the running. These votes are done worldwide in all ages and receive millions of votes. It is such an absurd accusation but then so is everything else the rabid fans here have used to defend the show and its ratings. Even TBTN has said that syndication saves 3rd season CBS shows from cancellation.

    Have you noticed that the more actual factual proof we bring that the show and the actors are not popular the more name calling and absurd accusations show up here?

    It is really very funny and laughable. You and I being accused of being the same person and that we anti-vote. Beyond ridiculous.

    I confess, Pammie. I rigged the PCAs. Yes I did.

    As a matter of fact, I have rigged the Nielsen ratings so H50 would do badly and I have hacked into the computer system and made sure that H50 stayed out of the top 100 on TNT also.

    Yep. I am all powerful....... :-)

  52. FansAreTooDefensive:


    BTW: I watched the nominations live and ALL new shows are nominated automatically without going through the nomination process because they are NEW and will be voted on all the way up to the live broadcast. I assume because people are still familiarizing themselves with those shows and the PCAs felt that would be the fairest way to do it.

  53. AniMatsuri:

    I have to admit I neither watch nor pay much attention to award shows other than to glance over in the paper to who won and note I don't care that much about the winners.

  54. Belle:

    No YOU are not powerful! LOL! Not you. If so, you'd have Alex O'Loughlin in your proximity so you could follow him around and not far far away in Hawaii. ;) But a joined effort with a huge engaged fandom like Twilight last year and who knows this year? Never know. It goes more to the validity of the results in cases such as this anyway.

    @Five-O Supporter can we add PCA to the list? She's just getting started. Haha!

  55. FansAreTooDefensive:


    It really isn't the point that you care about award shows or not. The PCAs are very big for the shows and the actors because it tells them, regardless of ratings or demo or even country, that they are popular or they are not popular.

    This is as big now as the other award shows like the Emmys and the Golden Globes, etc, and many would say even bigger, because actors' future offers for movies and whatever can be raised up considerably when they are seen to be fan favorites.

    This isn't one of those endless meaningless awards like " Which actor is hottest shirtless?" or "Which actor is the hunkiest?" and junk polls like those.

    It shows the entertainment business which actors are popular with fans and that makes them extremely marketable.

    So this is serious stuff.

  56. FansAreTooDefensive:

    "It's named the People's Choice Awards for a reason.

    The people have indeed voted, and this year, fans cast more than 160 million votes for the nominee selection phase, a new record."


  57. Belle:


    I agree, I don't even bother voting in these things where one person can vote (or anti vote) thousands of times. Everyone knows you can do this! LOL It amounts to more Hollywood fluff really. Another show to put on. I couldn't tell you who won or was nominated as I'm not really interested. Sure it's nice to say you won like with anything but it is certainly NOT "serious stuff"! OMG

  58. FansAreTooDefensive:


    Phase one:

    Vote like crazy for your fave show and actor and if you get nominated,run on every obsessed fan site and twitter site and tell the world how great your show is and how popular. Encourage everyone to vote and revote all day long and fight like hell for the win.

    Peter used to tweet several times a day last year to please vote for H50 and Alex. (Because it is just meaningless fluff.)

    Phase two:(If your show doesn't make it----again)

    Pretend the PCAs never happened and file it away under never to be mentioned again OR:

    Say the worldwide, highly announced primetime awards on CBS PCAs are just unimportant made up Hollywood stuff. Say to everyone that they are meaningless and that you didn't vote and and no one takes it seriously anyway.

    Several stars announced the nominees from the Paley Center in Beverly Hills live this morning in front of tons of reporters from around the world but yeah-----not serious stuff.


  59. AniMatsuri:

    At the end of the day awards are nice to have things. Bob Newhart hasn't won many but I'm sure he isn't lacking in fans of him or his shows.

  60. FansAreTooDefensive:

    I am sure Bob has fans but nowadays the field of shows and stars is massive compared to back then. For so many actors and so much MORE competition, if he were a new actor today, he may never have been noticed.

    In today's world actors can't depend on being on one of 3 shows to compete against. And shows went on for so many more years in those days because every show had huge viewership as there was really nothing else to do.

    So that is comparing apples to oranges.

    Plus nowadays we can measure popularity much more accurately. In these awards, every person in the world that loves an actor can have a say. The more you care about an actor, the more likely you are to vote over and over.

    That is how they can tell which actors have the really devoted fans. To even just get nominated, you have to be willing to vote over and over for your actor and there has to be a LOT of people who feel that same way.

    That is why these awards are so significant.

  61. Belle:

    Yes, Hollywood likes to talk about itself and pat each other on the back. And you VERY are impressed.

    How many of those 160 million votes (anti H50 .votes) were yours alone, Lucia? LOL! Judging by your rabidity, I'd say a significant amount. ;) Serious stuff indeed, called psychosis.

  62. Belle:

    Phase one: Spend your days anti voting H50 with other petty bitter ex-fans.

    Phase two: Feeling self satisfied, desperately and repeatedly try to convince others what "serious stuff" PCAs the are. Anyone paying attention knows that if H50 were on the PCA ballot, your "serious stuff" would instead be "meaningless". Depends on which way the wind is blowing.

    Lenkov also tweeted about Alex receiving the Australians in Film Breakthrough Award and how proud he was of him, which as anti-fan #1 (there's something for ya ;) ) you quickly declared insignificant.

  63. Pammie:


    I had to Google Bob, LOL. I didn't know who he was.
    Well, the PCA are like the Oscars for television. Huge thing, specially because fans r the ones voting. So no Hollywood tricks, just fans here. They are the biggest prove of a show and an actor popularity.
    The event is aired on CBS and gets a lot off press. Same as the Oscars. With fans cheering outside and all TV actors r there. It's pretty fun to watch and see the actors get their awards.
    Networks , producers and actors make a big deal of a win and they even use the award in the TV promos.
    U should watch it.
    Networks and proxucers on tweeter ask fans to vote because is important.


    LOL. I will just keep voting with my IPad while I watch TV. I really hope The Walking Dead and Homeland get awards. And Kevin Bacon.

  64. FansAreTooDefensive:

    I loved The Following. Isn't it returning in the spring? Kevin Bacon was awesome and so was the psycho serial killer! Great stuff!

    I would be surprised if The Walking Dead didn't take it. It is off the charts popular.

  65. Pammie:

    The Following is back Monday, Jan.20 at 9 PM following Sleepy Hollow finale at 8 PM. Kevin Bacon deserves the award, he is so good in the role. Actually all the psychos are fantastic in their roles.Very creepy.
    I will be bummef if Walking Dead gets nothing, but u never know , some fandoms can be small but very pasionated and vote 24/7.

  66. rayboyjr:


    If you're not careful, you'll soon be ignored too. Haha. So glad you can find the humor in all of this too.

    On second thought, being ignored has been wonderful for me. I would just hope that some people would also stop reading my posts altogether.

  67. FansAreTooDefensive:


    Got it. Thanks! Definitely gonna watch it. :-)

  68. AniMatsuri:

    Just because there is a lot of voting doesn't always mean anything in the end. Can anyone remember who won the last American Idol?

    The Voice/X-Factor/American Idol have a lot of voting by fans but after all those votes hardly any of those voters could bother to put their money where their votes are. That's why American Idol has only had 2-3 big hit stars after all these years and the clone shows have had none so far.

  69. FansAreTooDefensive:

    How can you compare AI with the PCAs? AI is a TV show. The PCAs is a worldwide several months long legitimate awards contest that everyone in the entertainment business wants to win. It culminates in a primetime awards 2+ hour show where all the stars who were nominated in all the categories; movies, TV, and music, get together and pray they made it.

    It isn't even in the same ballpark.

  70. Belle:

    OMG this is "serious stuff" y'all! NCIS:LA didn't get included in the PCAs either! And neither did Elementary! What will CBS think now? What will the industry think?


    @Ani, I agree, as I'm sure many do. In the end, it's an excuse for Hollywood to dress up and put on a show. (Some) people like to watch the stars on display so I'm sure CBS will enjoy the ratings the awards show gets.

  71. AniMatsuri:


    Any show that lets you vote over and over all day and night long for months can't be taken too seriously. That's what AI and its many clones have in common with the PCAs. Also, if you think those entertainment types would rather get a PCA than Grammy, Emmy, or Academy Award you've really bought into the hype.

  72. FansAreTooDefensive:


    Times have changed. The entertainment industry is very interactive on the internet and on twitter because it is the fans that spend the money, not the elite Hollywood types who vote in the Emmys and the Oscars etc.

    If you think they don't want to know what the fans like and only want to know what the elite in the industry want, you are wrong. The PCAs have been around since 1975. Up until 2004, voting was by a Gallup Poll but with the advent of computers and superior technology, they now can reach everyone through online voting.

    If fans vote over and over for something it shows they are passionate about an actor or a show enough to do that. That tells the producers in the business which actors and which shows are popular and if they use those actors in upcoming movies and new TV shows, those same people who were willing to vote over and over are the fans who will follow the actor or musician in any movie or show they are in just because they love them. That equals profits.

    The entertainment industry is constantly monitoring the popularity of their actors and musicians. When they see which actors or musicians have a passionate fan base that equals money in the bank for them and they capitalize on it.

    Bottom line. Passionate fans, the kind that vote over and over, spend money to see their favorite stars. Ans that is what the business is all about.

    The Emmys and Oscars are awards by professionals to honor who they think are great doing their jobs. That is important of course and a great honor.

    But the fans are who makes them rich. And winning a PCA makes that person a huge commodity. It is no more complicated than that.

  73. Belle:

    Lucia, you really are reaching with all this AGAIN.

    EVERYONE knows that PCAs are more that fans will vote over and over again (undermined how many voters, how many times EACH ONE has voted, their demographics etc) and less actually indicating "what the fans like". In that way it's a JOKE. Hype. A Hollywood show. A few winners for shows might mention it as PR/bragging rights but not for long.

    Does anyone hear of actor casting announcements preceded with "People's Choice Award nominee" ...? LOL No. Only Academy Award nominee, Emmy Award winner... That's because the industry gives it its due importance and after the show it's done until the same process begins the next year.

  74. miracle:

    Since the PCA is determined by the fans it maybe is a good barometer on what or who the fans like and on what or who the business will focus in the future.

    On the other hand I think this "vote as often as you want" thing may distord the competition to a certain degree.

    Almost all shows/actors nominated in the categories where H50/actors were in have a larger and/or younger fanbase than H50. It's nearly the same with ratings, H50 has a relatively large viewership but low demo because of lack of younger viewers.

    I can only speak for myself. There is simply no time to vote as often as I want. I have to go to work with no opportunity for about 12 or 14 hours to cast any vote (3 days a week, but the other days there are other things to do). We're not allowed to use internet for private things, and using a private iPhone at the workplace as often as it would be necessary looks not even better. I have a family that needs attention when I'm home. What I want to say is that I had not much time to vote, at best about half an hour a day. And I don't think I'm the only one in fandom with this "problem". Younger people, like students or pupils, or those without any liabilities in RL may have better opportunities to vote nearly 24/7. To cut a long story short: That's not meant as an excuse, just a thought on how an older viewership/fanbase might affect - or not affect - the PCA (or any other "vote as often as you want" voting).

    I don't think H50 fans are less passionate than others if it comes to their show only because this show doesn't make it on a nominee list. And I'm also convinced that there are "fans" who vote against a show/actor (i.e. vote for others) because they don't want them to win/get on the nominee list. (In German you would call those people "Protestwähler", maybe "protest voter" is the right term in English.)

    On the never ending winner/loser story: I don't want to call H50 a loser. For a Friday night the ratings aren't that bad. Some of you insist on mentioning the syndication deal over and over again and that syndication is the only thing that will get H50 to a fifth season. From this point of view I'd say H50 is definitely a winner. It's safe for at least one more season.

    On this weeks episode: It was ok. Not the best of this season, but with some nice scenes. The procedural theme was not my cup of tea. But Max was hilarious in his scenes. Both scenes with Steve and Cath at the beginning and the end of the ep were great. I'm relieved that the writers don't drag out Cath's grief about Billy's death that much and found something for her to do which is not the "be a member of H50" thing, at least not yet. And if it was up to me she'd never join the team as an active member. Would be too complicated and much more soap than a crime procedural could bear.

  75. FansAreTooDefensive:


    Alex has always had older fans yet he had many more back in ML and ML won the PCAs for best new drama. It was his old fans who did that. What has happened to Alex is he has lost a huge part of his fan base when he dissed ML.

    Nathan Fillion has older female fans since he was on Firefly. He still has them and he won the PCAs the last 2 years because they remain with him.

    Castle (an older demo show) is again in the final round.

    So older fans can vote when they want to. Alex had that and lost it.

    It will always be the same. Their actor makes it to the finals fans brag and keep voting. Their actor doesn’t and they say the awards are unimportant.

    BTW: H50 in season one won best new drama in the PCAs so to say those same fans aren’t voting now is obviously not true.

    There just aren’t as many fans any more as back then, proven by the PCAs and proven by the ratings of the show.

    Of course H50 fans are not less passionate. They continue to vote the way they did in season one when H50 won best new drama and when Alex was in ML and ML won best new drama.
    The problem is Alex and H50 no longer have a large enough fan base to get the show or Alex even in the final rounds and haven't for 3 years now.

    Passionate fans who love their show and /or their actor WILL vote over and over. There just has to be enough of them. The PTB see who has a passionate AND large fan base. That is what makes the win. Those fans will pay to see their actor in anything and that means they are a profitable commodity.

    Because you were respectful and not immature and bully-like and nasty, I have no problem posting with you. We can agree to disagree.

    I have no personal beef with you. :-)

  76. miracle:

    That's what I said, the fanbases of those shows/actors are much larger - and in some cases younger. Those younger folks have no problems to gamble on their iPhones whereever they walk or stand. If I had the time I would've voted 24/7. But RL with all the duties comes first.

    I know he lost a lot of fans back than, but I can't recall exactly what I heard and read, and I wasn't in fandom at that time. Was he really dissing? What I remember is that he once said that he can't do ML anymore and has to move on and his true fans would follow him, something like that. He seemed to be very upset because diehard ML fans blamed him for the "death" of the show. Must have been very hard for him because he loved this show so much.

  77. Belle:

    Lucia, you sure like to post your supposition as FACT. You only KNOW why YOU are voting against Alex and H50 and why, as well as the others you've aligned yourself with for your annual PCA crusade against him and H50.

    Fans voted like crazy for ML and it won because they loved Alex and the show AND thought getting a PCA win would ensure a season 2. It didn't.

    Some fans move on over time, it's natural but they're still fans but have new shows they're interested in also. He's also gotten MORE fans through his subsequent projects, some have never seen ML, and yes many of them are younger judging by social media, fan pics, squees on fan pics etc. So yes, fandom seems to be larger now with more younger fans. It seems more dispersed though and I'm not sure how many are rabid enough to vote constantly.

    Alex has always spoken highly of Moonlight. There was ONE quote about ML being an error...many fans thought he was misquoted, or joking...and some were hurt and offended and vowed that they were done with him forever...many of those like your friend NANA were already outraged because they believed a LIE started by a diehard campaigner that he knocked back a chance to do more ML in favor of H50. Yeah right! But it's absurd that those people are a large part of his ML fandom. Absolutely ridiculous. I visit several Alex and ML boards and love for him has not waned overall. You wouldn't know as you've been banned from them. And there are many more blogs dedicated to him than ever before.

  78. FansAreTooDefensive:

    That was not the interview that upset ML fans. That was a long time ago and no one begrudged his need to move on. They did hope for a ML movie but that is a different story for a different time.

    Alex said in an interview a year and a half (approx.) ago that HIS BIGGEST MISTAKE WAS DOING ML. He may have been on drugs at the time but that didn't matter. He knows he is where he is now because his ML fan base fought for him and stood by him and CBS saw that and saw that most of us stayed with him.

    He had disappeared off the face of the earth for months after ML and we all waited for him to return. We supported his new endeavors and when they failed we stayed with him. A failed TV show and a failed movie.
    Then they offered him H50 and we followed him.

    So when he said that, his obsessed blind fans began apologizing for him saying he was just using Aussie humor and blah, blah, blah. But HE never apologized to the ML fans and he never said that he was joking either.

    To be honest, he seemed to think he didn't need them any more. So the only fans he has left from those days are fans that still see him as invincible and they go around accusing the rest of us of ridiculous stuff. Right here is a poster you can see is a case in point. I am a huge target because I speak my mind, and have met him several times, so you can see by the hate posts some people direct at me; people who don't know me at all. People who twist the facts around to grow hate and to try to silence me.

    I ignore rabid fans.

    I know this is off topic, but for those of you who never knew Alex back then, this is what ML had meant to him.
    Here is what Alex wrote to us on MS when ML got canceled(yes, he had a MS account and blogged with us:)

    "Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    Family and Friends
    Current mood: Shocked and sad

    Dear Friends, Family and wonderful, wonderful Fans of MOONLIGHT.

    Well, where to start....?
    The decision to cancel MOONLIGHT... my MOONLIGHT... our MOONLIGHT, is
    as much of a shock and gut wrenching surprise to me as it is to all of

    Really, I don't even know where to begin.

    I sit here at my computer, still slack jawed even 24 hours after
    receiving the news that my services are no longer required on the set
    of this show. A show we have all come to know and love deeply, and it
    hurts more than I can possibly tell you.

    Since i got THE CALL I have not read anything online or otherwise, I
    have not been following blogs or forums, I have not been reading the
    trades or opinion polls and I have not been calling around to get
    "Why are you not fighting for your show?!" I hear you all scream!!
    The truth is my friends, I never STOPPED fighting for it.
    From the very beginning when I was told time and again that i wasn't
    the man for the job, having to prove myself to everyone with tests and
    screen tests, to a complete re-casting of the show, through 5
    different show runners at the helm with 5 different artistic visions,
    to a Writer's strike that took 5 episodes away from us...... oh how
    the list goes on.
    But through all of that, i am proud to say that not once did I bow
    down and allow someone else to come in and do with MOONLIGHT as they
    please. And along the way, if I needed a break and wanted to do that,
    I don't think I could have anyway because, well, I suppose it's just
    not in my nature!
    This is all still so fresh for me and I am going to need a little time
    to process this whole thing before i can digest what has actually
    happened, let alone move on.

    Honestly. I really feel lost for words."

    He has forgotten who had been there for him. There are fans on twitter who bash me and others because they weren't around then and didn't know about any of this. And then there are fans from then that just worship.

    But all of that aside.

  79. FansAreTooDefensive:


    I can name several large Alex sites that have closed down. Only one is still going. I won't though because it isn't my place.

  80. FansAreTooDefensive:


    Remember that H50 won the best new drama in season one. We are not talking years ago. We are talking many less fans.

  81. Belle:

    He never said that! Unbelievable! Where's the link? Maybe you're on drugs. And BTW *you* are rabid and reek of bitterness. You constantly insist that YOU put him where he is. How outrageous and narcissistic! How dare he move on with his life and career! I've also read enough times how bitter you are that he didn't continue blogging forever. His choice. It's not a personal affront TO YOU. WOW!

    You really are showing everyone that all your spewing is a personal agenda rooted in jealousy and bitterness.

  82. Belle:

    More lies! I can provide a list of all the Alex/Moonlight/H50 sites still active.

  83. Belle:

    You like to play victim but you are a "target" because you are resentful, mean, nasty and lie...all fueled by your obsessed fantasies for a man half your age that you perceive as "leaving you" as if you believe you had a relationship with him. You had even said you HD a special bond with him. Wow! You don't KNOW him because you follow him around LA to "meet" him. I can shed some truth on that if you want to keep going with your nonsense. The times you did approach him (even when drunk) he was nothing but kind as he is anytime a fan goes up to him. And this is how you behave because you want more (to a way unhealthy extent)? Go pick on someone else!

  84. miracle:

    I know his blog posts. I know how he loved ML. And I know the interview you mention from 1 1/2 year ago.

    This is the part of the interview you refer to, taken at HFPA Press Conference early June 2012: "Blessed with Aussie humor, Alex’s face lit up when asked about his fans. “I’ve got really fantastic fans from all over the world,” he said. “One of the errors of my career was doing a vampire show (‘Moonlight’). The fans that I got from that show are very committed. They will never ever see me as anything other than Mick St. John.”"

    To be honest, I wouldn't have put it quite the way he did, but it's far away from dissing. And it's a bit of truth in it. Some of those "very committed" fans couldn't and can't move on. We don't even know if he wasn't joking however. Maybe a bad joke he didn't even had to mention, but a joke. Did we see his face when he said this? Did we see his eyes that normally speak volumes? Did we hear his voice? No offense, but those fans who followed him for years before this interview should know better. That he would never ever be ungrateful for anything he got.

  85. miracle:

    Belle, this is the link:

  86. Belle:

    Thanks, miracle. :) Yes, that's the only thing I could imagine that was being deliberately pulled out if context and distorted into "HIS BIGGEST MISTAKE WAS DOING ML". O.o The interviewer even framed it with "Aussie humor" and his "face lit up" but a few anti fans *want* to interpret it a certain way and as we see here, try to convince others to agree.

  87. FansAreTooDefensive:


    First of all, it is NOT true that all they saw him was as MSJ. If that was true then he would have LOST them when he moved on months later. They not only didn't leave him, they WAITED for months for him to surface after ML was canceled.

    Did they want a movie? Yes. Did it stop them from following Alex anyway? Of course not. That is why back then he had so many fans; they were ALL ex Moonlight fans. They certainly weren't TR fans or BUP fans.

    Alex surely knew what he said upset the fans. His PR people would have seen that. Yet he didn't even explain his comment or apologize if it was misinterpreted.

    Now the only ML fans he has left are, ironically, the ones that were the scary ones. Like the one who is obsessed with hate for me and who spends the whole day looking for me to post to attack me.

    You know. The ones who never met me; don't know me, but are obsessive toward Alex and try to spread hate to those of us who speak the truth.

    I think he kept the fans from ML that were the fringe. They are the ones who are not normal. Just check the one here and READ what she posts.

    Use your conscience. Then you decide which of us sounds sane and who sounds sickly obsessed with hate.

  88. AniMatsuri:

    Actually, another reason I mentioned American Idol was because the biggest voting block that got us several seasons of White Male With A Guitar(WMWG) as a winner were middle aged females. I wouldn't be surprised if those were the same types that pushed ML to win in the PCAs and where surprised this wasn't enough to the show renewed.

  89. Belle:

    Just STOP with all your BS, Lucia. miracle isn't stupid. You're fooling no one here. Nowhere really. The peeps at TVBTN are wondering WTF your deal is too. You are so transparent. MOST involved ML fans still love and support Alex! There are some ML fans who waited for him to resurface BECAUSE they wanted him to make that ML movie and then irrationally resented him for moving on with other roles, foolishly thinking THAT was the reason they weren't getting their ML movie. Not even remotely true.

    You have no clue of he's aware that his comment in that article upset the tiny faction of mainly already bitter fans. Regardless, he doesn't owe an apology to you or the other 27 of you. Get over yourself!

    The ML fans he has left are MOST of them that are still involved in online fandom...the sane ones with a handle on reality. MOST love him and watch H50, and some just appreciate him and enjoy their ML fanfic, as evidenced on several sites (where you are no longer welcome. Surprise surprise!). The ones like you who are so self-important and bitter, and scary, like YOU he can do without. And yet here you are, obsessing over every detail about him and his show for hours on end. Daily. Ironically. YOU are obsessed with him. YOU spread hate. You DO NOT speak the truth! OMG! Quite the opposite. And YOU are the fringe that is not normal.

    You have ZERO self-awareness.

  90. FansAreTooDefensive:

    ML had the misfortune to fall on the year of the writer's strike and most new shows didn't make it to a season two. It had nothing to do with ML itself. It was the season 2007-2008. All shows dropped significantly in the ratings. Even so, ML had a steady viewership of 7-8 million on a Friday night at 9 PM right off the bat. The demo of all shows was badly affected by the strike so it didn't reflect what it could have been. H50 gets 9 million viewers and is in a 4th season.

    "Of the "Big Four" networks—CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX—NBC had the most severe ad shortfall as its prime time ratings declined sharply; none of its new shows achieved breakout success.[111] Moreover, during 2007, NBC saw its prime time 18-to-49-year-old viewership drop by 11%. CBS dropped the same demographic by 10%, and ABC lost 5%."

    I repeat: 18-49 year old viewership dropped by 11% on CBS.

    You newer fans need to stop listening to the spin doctors like the one posting here and realize they are telling THEIR obsessed version of things.

    I just showed you a FACT I bet you didn't know.

    You didn't know because they twist the truth to fit what they want new fans to believe.

    They hate on me and call me names because I say what I believe and not what they want YOU all to believe. I ignore their hate. So should all of you.

  91. Belle:

    Spin doctor? Twisting truth and/or omitting it to get others to believe what they want? LOL That's all YOU! The "obsessed" part too.

    And now you're trying to compare ML's 2007 ratings to 5-0's now, spin doctor? Nielson viewership has degraded overall each year!

  92. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Like I said. Read her posts. I rest my case. If you don't clearly see that this woman is sick with hate and spends her whole day waiting to hate on me,then I guess nothing is obvious to you.
    Guess what? She has been doing this since H50 began.

    She needs psychological help. She is truly obsessed but not only with Alex; WITH ME!

    It is scary but over the years, I have adjusted. She never gives her real name and the only reason I change mine is to avoid her.

    I can tell you this. I will not post to her directly and I will not stop laying out what I believe is true about H50.

    But her obsession has been so crazed that she searches me out to hate on me anyway. OVER 3 YEARS. She goes to where other fans are on twitter and wherever and spreads her hate.She always uses the words sock puppet and even made a hate account dedicated to putting me down as The5tothe0 on twitter. Then she also tweets as Lynn Baker, @Five0Luv.

    If any of you think someone who would go to the lengths she has to follow my every post and tweet (for over 3 years and counting) and hate on me is sane, than there is nothing I can tell you to change your mind.

    If that is the kind of person you wish to post with, I can't stop you.

  93. AniMatsuri:

    Still, if the PCAs are that important all that voting for it should have gotten ML something other than a shiny glass trophy. Arrested Development has won many awards(not a PCA), this critical attention got it another season on Netflix.

  94. FansAreTooDefensive:

    You know as well as me that even actors and shows that win Emmys don't get automatic renewals. Many movies win awards with the critics and professionals and bomb in the theaters.

    Just getting an award doesn't guarantee success or renewal.
    It doesn't lessen the award. One doesn't lead to the other.

    What the PCAs DO is show the PTB who is popular at the moment and that is gold in the industry for the winner and even for the runners up.

    Netflix doesn't have the pressure that networks do with the advertisers so not an even comparison.

  95. Pammie:

    All the conversation about a canceled show must of us never watched is boring. Although it made me check Alex O. previous works and he really has no much success there.
    I cannot believe some are saying the PCA means nothing. This can only means some don't know much about TV or that all is because Alex and h50 got nothing.

    Wining the PCA to a new show doesn't mean much when it is the only pre- nomination that is not voted by fans. The PCA organization put the names there. And most of the times when the voting ends almost all of those shows have been canceled so the win is easy. See h50 after that win, nothing , never, in the PCA.

    The PCA means how popular an actor is . That makes the actor attractive for producers. Take Nathan Filliom , he won twice and he has been making movies during his TV show hiatus, a 24 episodes show too. And he was a presenter in the Emmy Awards. Popular TV actors work in movies during g the TV shows hiatus. .

    If Alex was so popular as some say, with fans from his old show and new fans of h50 , there is no way that for 3 years he has not been able to get a PCA nomination. Words saying he is are just words. PCA is a real test.

  96. FansAreTooDefensive:

    "The PCA means how popular an actor is . That makes the actor attractive for producers. Take Nathan Filliom , he won twice and he has been making movies during his TV show hiatus, a 24 episodes show too. And he was a presenter in the Emmy Awards. Popular TV actors work in movies during g the TV shows hiatus. .

    If Alex was so popular as some say, with fans from his old show and new fans of h50 , there is no way that for 3 years he has not been able to get a PCA nomination. Words saying he is are just words. PCA is a real test."


  97. Belle:

    Back to that tack, Lucia? LOL No one need search you out as you say; you're glaring! I don't "follow" you on Twitter or anywhere but I, and MANY others have seen your same tired, absurd schtick on several places for FOR YEARS and called you on it. And creating several sockpuppets, usually two main ones, and having them talk to each other is all part of that because you think others are so easily fooled. And now you're quoting yourself to agree with yourself? Freakshow. You're infamous. ;) Are you that daft that you can't see how obvious you are? Other people on this blog alone spotted you.

    You weren't getting traction and were in fact proven wrong with your ML comments so now you're ready to move it along? LOL

    The PCAs aren't going to mean more than what they are because you keep insisting they do. They don't tell anyone who's popular, only where a lot of repeated votes and in your case repeated protest votes (thanks miracle) went. Are you desperate you convince that they're PCAs are "serious stuff" because you spent so much of time voting. Me thinks. ;)

    There are other much more reliable ways TPTB can gage an actor's popularity. LOL

  98. Belle:

    'gauge' I meant.

    Interesting, just visited a big Alex fanboard and a ML one, both active boards, and a few devoted long time fans who talk about Alex and H50 all the time are saying they didn't bother voting or voted once because they see PCAs as a sham where one person can sit at their computer all day and vote if they have time and want to spend it doing that. And that it's not a reflection of popularity but of who has free time on their hands and a more rabid fanbase, which is often genre. Undoubtedly most of the millions were cast there. PCAs allow the multiple voting because they like shouting out those big numbers (and THEIR popularity) but it would have more authenticity if you could only vote once. Of course then you'd have those scrambling ip's and voting from multiple, home, friend's place, Starbucks etc. It's all pretty silly when you think about it. Personally, I voted several times (not a whacked hundreds of times) from my iPad, vote, back button, select, vote... and thought to myself how ridiculous and meaningless a voting process it was.

  99. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Breaking my vow one more time to not post directly to "Belle." After this, no more.

    Now that I have said who I am, it is your turn. Tell us who YOU really are, Belle.

    Why do you have to hide who YOU really are? Don't want anyone to know because you got some deep dark secret and if everyone knew who you really were then all the skeletons would come rattling out of your closet.

    So tell us. If you don't then everyone will know that you are hiding for a reason. Easy to spit hate when you are anonymous.

  100. FansAreTooDefensive:

    TNT numbers came out yesterday and today. H50 was on both days on again didn't make the top 100 either day. I noticed that Castle did today at the 6 PM, 7 PM,8 PM, and 9 PM hours; right in prime time against the network shows.

  101. FansAreTooDefensive:


  102. FansAreTooDefensive:


  103. Belle:

    How happy you must be. It aired at midnight on a different day than usual because of sports.

  104. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Belle, tell us who you are. Your posts mean nothing if you don't identify yourself and own your hate.

  105. FansAreTooDefensive:

    As far as when H50 aired, I found out that different time zones aired it at different times.
    Eastern time aired it at 11 PM.

  106. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Central aired it at 10 PM:

  107. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Mountain aired it at 9 PM:

  108. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Pacific aired it at 11 PM:

    I didn't check but I assume they do this with ALL their shows so ----NO EXCUSES.

  109. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Sorry. Here is the link to Pacific standard time.

  110. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Since last week, H50 has been moved around from time of day and to different days. I believe that TNT is trying it out at different days and times hoping it will find viewers. So far, it hasn't worked. At 2.5 million dollars per episode, I think TNT is desperate to find a successful spot for it.

  111. Belle:

    The TNT eps this week aired outside of primetime for most and weren't promo'd. The time on the TNT H50 page isn't updated either. But yes, conveniently dismiss all that and enjoy your gloat. It's your thing.

    We already know that's what you think. You've said it many times.

  112. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Belle, tell us who you are. Your posts mean nothing if you don't identify yourself and own your hate

  113. Belle:

    Oopsie you just broke your vow again and AGAIN! ;) And you'll keep doing it because you're an argumentative last word freak who can't stand being shown to be wrong when people respond to your spews.

    You haven't 'admitted' who you are, people figured it denied it and demanded they "own their hate".

    --- "Easy to spit hate when you are anonymous." --- Now that is HILARIOUS coming from you! You sure have embraced that wholeheartedly, haven't you?

    BTW YOUR posts mean nothing except that you're intentionally deceptive, bitter and obsessed.

  114. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Belle, tell us who you are.Your posts mean nothing if you don't identify yourself and own your hate

  115. Belle:

    Look, your rants...all carefully crafted distortions that you present repeatedly to everyone as "cold hard truth" is YOUR truth! What YOU desperately want to believe is true. Doesn't look like anyone is buying into it anywhere though and even if one person does, what is your point? It would help to validate it all in your mind if you get someone to agree with you? You won't convince anyone to stop watching H50 if they want to nor to be a fan of Alex O'Loughlin if they are or are going to be. You can't turn anyone against him with all this regurgitation. Why spend your days dissing the show but continuing to watch it...and trying to put Alex down but still obsessing over his every move, trying to get near him when he's in LA, saving every picture posted of him etc? Give a rest and spend some of those hours terrorizing another fandom.....the Teen Wolf guy or Arrow fandom perhaps. Go try to convince the NCIS:LA fandom that PCAs are "a real test" and that there's little interest in the #2 CBS drama because they didn't make the PCA ballot, and that LL Cool J isn't as popular as they think he is and he's lost a lot of his fans because if he was as popular as they say there's no way they wouldn't have gotten him on the ballot. I'm sure TPTB is taking note of that too. LOL

  116. Belle:

    How about you own this?

    You're tiresome and this campaign of yours is pathetic and demented. You want the days back when Alex was just really breaking out in the ML era and had a smaller fandom.....before he left LA where you could follow him around and tell yourself and everyone else that you were important to him and were making his career. O.o He moved on with the next phase of his career as successful actors do to H50, fell in love with Hawaii and calls it his home now, expanded his family, become more well known and gained more fans with it. Probably lost some along the way too which is natural. He has some detractors as all actors do, also natural, but overall he's beloved and well thought of by fans, TPBT, the industry for his work ethic, kindness, charisma etc. He's happy and you resent that for your own selfish reasons.

    Does everyone here really have to endlessly endure your fixation and personal vendetta on the comment section of every blog?

  117. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Do you think you can just change the subject and distract me? You scream about sock puppets yet that is all you EVER use.

    Let's get back to the truth. You must have some serious skeletons in that closet of yours the way you hide who you are.

    Name yourself. Tell us who you are because all you say is meaningless until you do.
    Your words are WORTHLESS because you are hiding something BIG.

  118. Belle:

    Projecting much, Lucia? LOL Everything I've said is the TRUTH and you know it! Anyway you changed the subject.....I'm responding to your idiocy.

  119. FansAreTooDefensive:

    You are the biggest sock puppet ever. You spit out all your lies but the truth is your whole existence is a lie because you hide yourself so much.

    Tell us who you are. All your "accusations" everywhere are simply air because if you really believed them you would own your hate and say who you are.

    But everything you accuse me of is probably who YOU are and your sick jealous fantasies.


    Name yourself.

    Own your lies and hate.

    You must really have something serious to hide because LOOK how you much you resist telling us.

    You use smoke and mirrors and deflect and deflect and deflect.

    Who are you coward?

    Everyone here will not listen to you until you can OWN YOUR HATE and OWN YOUR ACCUSATIONS.

  120. Belle:

    Could you be more ridiculous? LOL

    Hmmm I've visited here many times and have seen nothing that states that if you don't give your name then your comments are meaningless. Missed that one. Most posters don't use their name. You're the only one pretending to be two different people talking each other because you think that bolsters your incessant rants. It's obvious you think you're in change here and that this is "Lucia's Place" but do you actually believe you decide what others read or not? More of your silly speak.

  121. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Identify yourself. The rest of us don't go around attacking each other personally. We discuss the show. So it doesn't matter who we are.

    OTOH, you are here (and everywhere) with only one purpose. To attack and offend and belittle me. So IF you choose to do that, then you should own your hate. If you believe what you say then show us with your real self. Don't hide like the coward and bully you are.

    You are a coward and obsessed with me. Yet you hide yourself.

    As I said, no one is interested in your hate and lies when for all we know, you live in a mental institution.

    It is obvious to all that you are mentally ill.

    So either own up to your lies and your hate fest, or leave.

  122. Belle:

    You are everywhere belittling 5-0 and an actor you're creepily obsessed with who's young enough to be your son, all because you're hopping mad you can't have him! Ew. You're not here to "discuss". Please. You only use this as a platform. I discuss just don't like hearing it and having holes poked in your bubbles. And seriously? You personally attack people all the time! In a span of 6-7 rapid fire tweets you accused several people of all sorts of things.....including something about stealing your sign idea as a way to meet Alex? LOL! YOU are who everyone knows is mentally ill and laughs about openly and BTS. You see it on Twitter because you comment about it. Telling Peter Lenkov to ask Alex about you and come back to Twitter to tell everyone that "we're ok". O.o WTH? Obviously he ignored your desperate plea. How bizarre. Are you perusing brochures for mental institutions or something with all the free time you now have since your protest voting is done?

  123. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Deflect and deflect and deflect with your accusations and lies.
    You are so ill you think everyone is me who says one negative thing about H50. Here you accuse Pammie of being me. She is not, of course.
    That is your illness. You honestly believe nobody has anything negative to say about your show. Only me?
    If you believe what you say then identify yourself. Do you realize how delusional you sound?

    Yet you continue to try to deflect from telling us who you are.

    You must have awful stuff to hide.

    Tell us who you are. Own your hate. Own your obsession with me. Own your accusations.
    Otherwise, your words have no validity.

  124. Belle:

    Silly woman. Of course you're also Pammie, Randy at TVBTN and many more. You even had your own site "FreedomToSpeakAlex" for all your sockpuppets to bash Alex/5-0 until others figured out that it was really just you putting on a crazy show and talking to yourself. LOL! Recruiting new (REAL) members didn't go so well, did it? ;)

    Deny, lie, defect all you want. Everything I'm saying is he truth. Scary truth.

  125. Belle:

    Apologies to anyone else who may be reading this ridic back and forth but it's hard letting the ongoing purposeful deception and bold-face lies stand. The childish "I know you are but what am I" responses, demands like she owns the place, speaking for everyone, etc. also.

  126. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Thank you for showing everyone your illness. You talk about your favorite word, sockpuppet, while all you ever use are sockpuppets. You admitted you are posting as one now.;-)

    You still call me people I am not and Wayne knows Pammie and I are not the same.
    Identify yourself. Own your hate. You fight like a cat caught in the jaws of a predator. You scratch and claw and bite, but you can't get out of the predator's jaws. You are being called out on your obsession.


  127. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Don't pretend to "apologize." You are realizing that you have been outed.

    Take your nasty fake sick self out of here. Leave me be. Or don't mention me. Don't respond to any of my posts any more. Don't refer to me in any of your posts. Don't make any asides about me.

    Stay far away from me.

    Or tell us who you really are.
    When I next post it will be on the next thread.

    Stay away from me there.

  128. Belle:

    Huh? LOL! So deranged. O.o

    I'm not going anywhere and I'll comment on whatever I decide.

    Here's a tip for you though.....might want to be careful trying to drag Wayne into this. Remember one of the other blogs where you pulled this same act and got booted off.....the admin kicked you off then publicly posted some info confirming what everyone had figured out.....that it was you aggressively posting the same crap repeatedly under several aliases (of course agreeing with yourself), picking fights etc....all your usual m.o. Then he mentioned that he received a raging email from you lashing out at him and claiming you were Alex's #1 fan and other lunacy?

  129. FansAreTooDefensive:

    I have no idea what you are referring to.

    Unless this is another person you think is me, because I am everybody to you, I have no idea what you are talking about.

    You are slowly losing it big time now. Are you resorting to lies to get Wayne to boot me off??

    Are you that desperate?

    Funny you have never mentioned anything about this new accusation before.

    I think NOW you are in complete breakdown mode. You are inventing stuff that would never happen. No admin would ever publicly air that kind of stuff so I know you are lying.

    Name yourself. Name the blog. Name the admin. Give me the link.

    I want to know where you got this from.

    I dare you.

  130. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Be very careful. I will investigate.

  131. Belle:

    Oh stop it. You know it's true. You'll "investigate"? LOL
    No he shouldn't have posted it but he did. I'm sure Wayne wouldn't as most admins won't, so you're lucky.

  132. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Oh, please. So busted.

    Name yourself and own your hate.

  133. Belle:

    I am so busted? How's that? LOL Yeah okay Looney Lucia. You make no sense, but then that's apparently not important to you, in fact you sometimes go out of your way not to. Like now.

  134. FansAreTooDefensive:

    I'm waiting. Produce the proof or shut your mouth. You talk big and make innuendos but never produce proof. Still waiting. *tapping my toe*

  135. Belle:

    Oh get off your high horse Lucia! Every word I've said is true and you know it! Outrageous, absurd, sick, laughable.....and yet all 100% TRUE.

  136. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Thank you. You have just proven my point. Stay away from me. You are ill and you are desperate to keep who you are secret.
    Until you say who you really are, whatever you say no one will care because you have shown who you are right here on this blog.

    From this point on, whatever you post will most likely be more lies.

    You can hide but you can't take away what we all have seen.

    Notice no one posted here with you. 5-0 Supporter and Miracle and I may disagree, but they are not haters or obsessed liars like you.

    No one wants to support someone so obviously deranged.

    Leave me alone. Hate on someone else.

  137. Belle:

    Nice BS neener neener recap! LOL Typical. Love the desperate attempt to align yourself with Five-0 Supporter and miracle. Also typical of you. Psst....they aren't supporting you. You've enjoyed lashing out at them too.

  138. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Identify yourself. Own your hate and your lies.

  139. Belle:

    Yeah yeah yeah. Like you do? LOL

  140. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Everyone now knows who I am. I only kept that quiet to avoid your stalking of me for over 3 years.

    So now you need to reveal who YOU are.
    Coward. Reveal who you are and own your hate and your accusations.

  141. Belle:

    Bull. Nice try though. ;) Claim all your socks (not just what others easily figured out anyway but you still lied about), admit to your sick obsession with Alex and 5-0, your years-long vendetta and motivation for ranting constantly anywhere you can and intentionally trying to mislead people, admit to all your lies.....because you KNOW what I've said is true, any stop trying to cover up lies with more lies, admit how many sites you've been booted from and why.....

    I haven't lied once. That's all you.

  142. FansAreTooDefensive:

    Sock puppet queen.

    Identify yourself. Own your hate.

    Why do you hide yourself so fiercely?

    You must have a very good reason.

    Because you refuse to tell us who you REALLY are.

    Your words mean nothing to anyone any more.
    Deflect all you want to.

    You have been exposed as a liar.

  143. Belle:

    Nice parry. LOL When you're desperately attempting to keep up a silly farce but everyone can already see what you're all about, then it's time for "I'm rubber; you're glue". It doesn't make any sense put it's better than nothing when you're a belligerent last word freak.

    Amirite? ;)

  144. Belle:

    I'm sure we'll discuss in the next blog (someone won't "discuss" but more "talk at" others with the same drivel but whatev) but here are last night's ratings.....

    H50 up a tenth to a 1.4 with Grimm down two tenths to a 1.3. and ST steady at 2.0 despite some hyped crossover airing last night I think. Of course H50 was ahead in overall viewers.

  145. Pammie:

    Well, it is important to see the half numbers of  the shows. Here they are, from MediaInsight. 

    CBS moved H50 to Friday to make Friday stronger for them,

    H50 got the same numbers the canceled CSI NY got one year ago in the same slot. So it doesn't look CBS succeed making the night stronger with H50 . And let's remember those weak numbers for CSI NY were in the 9th last season when the show only got short last 17 episode order. H50 is only in the 4th season, so that makes it's numbers even worse,

    Then they a look at the half hours.  Real winners for CBS are Undercover Boss and Blue Bloods...Undercover Boss gained viewers and demo in the half hour. ..Blue Bloods gained viewers and maintained the demo in the second half hour....Instead , H50 dropped as a rock after Undercover Boss, from a 2.1 to a 1.5 , it dropped in viewers too , and in  the last half hour dropped on viewers and demo.
    H50 is the weakest link on CBS Friday night . 

    CBS would had won Friday Nov. Sweeps if H50 was a good performer.  It got the strongest lead in of any show of the night and totally wasted it, dropping big after it.
    And if u check NBC, Grimm was able to gain after the weaker lead in.

    8 pm
    CBS – Undercover Boss
    Viewers: 8.40 million  , A18-49: 1.6

    NBC – Dateline
    Viewers: 5.49 million  ,A18-49: 1.0

    8:30 PM

    CBS – Undercover Boss
    Viewers: 10.27 million  , A18-49: 2.1

    NBC – Dateline
    Viewers: 5.71 million  , A18-49: 1.1

    9 PM

    CBS – Hawaii Five-O
    Viewers: 9.43 million  , A18-49: 1.5

    NBC – Grimm
    Viewers: 5.00 million  , A18-49: 1.3

    9:30 PM

    CBS – Hawaii Five-O
    Viewers: 9.34 million  ,  A18-49: 1.4

    NBC – Grimm
    Viewers: 4.87 million  , A18-49: 1.3

    10 PM

    CBS – Blue Bloods
    Viewers: 10.79 million  , A18-49: 1.3

    NBC – Dracula
    Viewers: 3.06 million   , A18-49: 0.9

    10:30 PM

    CBS – Blue Bloods
    Viewers: 11.16 million  , A18-49: 1.3

    NBC – Dracula
    Viewers: 2.92 million  , A18-49: 1.0

  146. Five-O Supporter:

    Oh my! H50 beat the all-powerful Grimm in the coveted 18-49 demo. Gasp. There must be something wrong. But these are the unbiased numbers and they can't be argued right? These are the numbers that matter to the advertisers. And it shouldn't be argued because statistics just report the fact. No interpretation needed here. 18-49 numbers are the important numbers. There's no sense in arguing about that, right?

    Haha, why did I know that wouldn't be the case. I sense a whole lot of hater-excuse bingo coming on. It's already started above.

  147. Five-O Supporter:

    @Everyone except FATD & Pammie

    It is so clear to me that some are only here to knock H50 down.

    There is so much opportunity to bash H50 in its struggles. I've done that myself. But in this surprising (and probably) short-lived moment of glory for H50, the post above found the need to tear that down. Why? Why the need for excuses for what happened? There is no need.

    Kudos to H50 for a small triumph.

  148. Pammie:

    Funny last week some were saying that it was total viewers that mattered.

    Fact is that CSI NY was canceled last year with the same demo in the same slot So if CSI NY was canceled , I guess h50 deserves the same treatment .
    So unless u are sure syndication will save it , I would not be that happy with those numbers.
    Shark Tank won the slot. H50 didn't. :-)

  149. Pammie:

    I am not knocking down H50. The show is doing that job alone. is important to be informed about the ratings system.
    But H50 or not. Clearly CBS has some tough decisions to make on May. This season is not being kind to them.

    After six weeks of the 2013-2014 broadcast television season (through Sunday, November 3, 2013), NBC is in first place among adults 18-49, with a 3.1 rating average, even with last season.  FOX was second with a 2.7  adults 18-49 rating up 8 percent from last season. CBS  was third, with a 2.6 rating average, down 7 percent from last season. ABC took fourth with a 2.4, down 4 percent from last season.  Univsion was fifth with a 1.3, down 15 percent from last season. The CW finished sixth with a 0.8 adults 18-49 rating average, up 13 percent from the previous season.

  150. Five-O Supporter:

    @Everyone except FATD & Pammie

    Funny last week two people were saying that it was 18-49 viewers that mattered. But no, it seems things are important only when they say it's important.

    And who cares about Shark Tank. It's accepted and acknowledged that they are thie king of Friday Night. They've done that all year. What's new?

    H50's triumph was over Grimm and Grimm alone. No one said H50 won the time slot. H50 beat Grimm. The show that upon its return was supposed to put a nail in H50's coffin.

  151. Five-O Supporter:

    @Everyone except FATD & Pammie

    I wonder if these dedicated self proclaimed ratings gurus are also on the Blue Bloods forums to keep them informed? After all Blue Bloods lost in demo to 20/20. Not only that, they lost demo from H50 from 1.4 to 1.3.

    But look at the spin above, and I quote from that post:

    "..Blue Bloods gained viewers and maintained the demo in the second half hour...."

    What the heck was that? Maintained the demo in the second half hour? You conveniently left out that demo continued its drop from H50 to Blue Bloods. Blue Bloods did not maintain its inherited demo, nor did it grow it.

    Btw, I have nothing against Blue Blood. Just fascinated by the manufactured reporting of ratings.

  152. Belle:

    ^ She makes no sense and her lame biased arguments change with the wind. LOL Ridiculous! Always reaching and desperate. She's again pissing people off as "Randy" at TVBTN now and hilariously claiming.....

    "I currently do not watch anything on Fridays (this will change next week when Raising Hope finally returns). So I mainly read this thread to laugh at all the crazies."

    Now *that* is funny! And like she'd actually miss an opportunity to see Alex anyway. She's off Grimm now since it didn't do its job for her and is now throwing her support behind Raising Hope. LOL!

  153. Pammie:

    No problem , i can explain it to ypu. BB is a 10 PM show. The 10 PM spots are tougher and weaker numbers are expected and accepted.

    H50 dropped a 0.6 from the lead in. BB only dropped a 0.1.

    H50 dropped a 0.1 demo and lost viewers in the second half of the show. BB instead maintained the same 1.3 demo during the first and the second half of the show, and gained viewers in the last 30 min.

    I brought the half hours here because they tell us the interest a show gets from viewers. When u get bored with a show u usually dump it before it ends.

    I don't watch BB either but Tom Selleck seems to be a viewers favorite , even if skews older. To gain so many more viewers at 10 pm doesn't happen in any CBS show.
    I read Tom S. Is selling his Hawaiian home. No sure is true.

  154. Belle:

    Holy crap! LOL You sure can highlight the hell out of mind numbing minutia and suppress the same damn thing when it suits you! You didn't mention the half hour breakdown for 5-0 last week. Wonder why? You're a JOKE! You're desperation shows.

  155. Five-O Supporter:

    @Everyone except FATD & Pammie

    I am at a loss for words. Stupefied. Scratching my head and pulling out my hair. What is going on?

    It's obvious this blogger (called Pammie) is not a fan of H50. I haven't seen anything that indicates she cares about the success of the show or progress. I can't recall any constructive comments towards H50. That's all fine. She's entitled to her views and opinions.

    But yet, she's here on this blog and spends who knows how much time researching, studying and analyzing a show she cares nothing about. Come one now. Really? Who does that?

    I'm also beginning to sound like a broken record.