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McGarrett’s peepers add to 'H50's' Halloween howlathon

November 2nd, 2013


It’s all about how you count ‘em.

Friday’s (Nov. 1) preliminary overnight TV ratings indicate that CBS had the most viewers (9.745 million), though ABC won the covered 18 to 49 demographics (1.5 rating) that drive the advertising dollar.

In the 8 p.m. (9 p.m. Mainland) hour that matters to us, CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” reflected that counting strategy. It won the viewership tally, with 9.61 million, but its 1.3 rating in the demos was No. 3 for the hour. In comparison, ABC’s “Shark Tank” pulled in 7.11 million viewers and a demo of 1.9; NBC’s “Grimm” finished with 4.95 million viewers and a 1.5 demo; and Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” logged 1.82 million and a demo of  0.5.

With “Hawaii Five-0’s” Halloween-themed show,  there were tricks and treats. A howlathon, silly and slightly bloody, but befitting the season.  The 18 to 49 demo for "Five-0" was a 1.3 percent dip from last week’s 1.4 rating, which put it third in the slot this week; the seasonably excusable Halloween elements ranged from blood-sucking zombies on the beach, a headless corpse in the morgue, Max succumbing to unknown causes, a ghostly lair that made Danno afraid to enter because he’s claustrophobic, an unlikely prankster tossing toilet paper in a tree at Danno’s pad, and more.

But McGarrett, who passed out Halloween candy, was a dandy with his eyes.  Yep, his eyeballs did a lot of acting. In gazes. In stares. In quizzical glances. In somewhat stunned glares. Many instances of jeepers peepers.

So the eye-opener of this installment of season four is simply this: “Five-0” can continue to win the hour with viewership, but it still is struggling to lead the demos, finishing third in this week’s prelim tally, behind “Shark Tank” and “Grimm.”   Perhaps the lower figures are in line with the lower expectations on Friday nights.

The plot engaged a mad scientist-doctor, in cahoots with the father of a young man, whose brain was messed with. And oh, Catherine had her own demons to address — in the wake of the death in the last show of her ex-beau and short-lived new boss Billy. And Kono was as invisible as a ghost — still on the lam and doing who knows what.

Chin Ho, of course, was left with the responsibility of crime-fighting; he always saves the day with his sleuthing.

Most watched Friday show? CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” which had 10.69  million  viewers tuned in and matched its 1.3 demo last week.

Best demos? “Shark Tank,” with 1.9 rating, followed by ABC’s “20/20” (1.5 demos) and “Grimm” (1.5 demos).

For what it must cost to produce and film “Hawaii Five-0” here, hope there’s a decent bang for the advertising dollar, since an ascent in the ratings count remains a major challenge for our homegrown show. It’s a juggling match, for sure, since the network needs to produce more shows for syndication on TNT, where the show still hasn’t found its niche or muscle or slot.

What’s your opinion?

155 Responses to “McGarrett’s peepers add to 'H50's' Halloween howlathon”

  1. Five-O Supporter:

    @Everyone except FATD & Pammie

    I wonder if these dedicated self proclaimed ratings gurus are also on the Blue Bloods forums to keep them informed? After all Blue Bloods lost in demo to 20/20. Not only that, they lost demo from H50 from 1.4 to 1.3.

    But look at the spin above, and I quote from that post:

    "..Blue Bloods gained viewers and maintained the demo in the second half hour...."

    What the heck was that? Maintained the demo in the second half hour? You conveniently left out that demo continued its drop from H50 to Blue Bloods. Blue Bloods did not maintain its inherited demo, nor did it grow it.

    Btw, I have nothing against Blue Blood. Just fascinated by the manufactured reporting of ratings.

  2. Belle:

    ^ She makes no sense and her lame biased arguments change with the wind. LOL Ridiculous! Always reaching and desperate. She's again pissing people off as "Randy" at TVBTN now and hilariously claiming.....

    "I currently do not watch anything on Fridays (this will change next week when Raising Hope finally returns). So I mainly read this thread to laugh at all the crazies."

    Now *that* is funny! And like she'd actually miss an opportunity to see Alex anyway. She's off Grimm now since it didn't do its job for her and is now throwing her support behind Raising Hope. LOL!

  3. Pammie:

    No problem , i can explain it to ypu. BB is a 10 PM show. The 10 PM spots are tougher and weaker numbers are expected and accepted.

    H50 dropped a 0.6 from the lead in. BB only dropped a 0.1.

    H50 dropped a 0.1 demo and lost viewers in the second half of the show. BB instead maintained the same 1.3 demo during the first and the second half of the show, and gained viewers in the last 30 min.

    I brought the half hours here because they tell us the interest a show gets from viewers. When u get bored with a show u usually dump it before it ends.

    I don't watch BB either but Tom Selleck seems to be a viewers favorite , even if skews older. To gain so many more viewers at 10 pm doesn't happen in any CBS show.
    I read Tom S. Is selling his Hawaiian home. No sure is true.

  4. Belle:

    Holy crap! LOL You sure can highlight the hell out of mind numbing minutia and suppress the same damn thing when it suits you! You didn't mention the half hour breakdown for 5-0 last week. Wonder why? You're a JOKE! You're desperation shows.

  5. Five-O Supporter:

    @Everyone except FATD & Pammie

    I am at a loss for words. Stupefied. Scratching my head and pulling out my hair. What is going on?

    It's obvious this blogger (called Pammie) is not a fan of H50. I haven't seen anything that indicates she cares about the success of the show or progress. I can't recall any constructive comments towards H50. That's all fine. She's entitled to her views and opinions.

    But yet, she's here on this blog and spends who knows how much time researching, studying and analyzing a show she cares nothing about. Come one now. Really? Who does that?

    I'm also beginning to sound like a broken record.

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