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'Five-0' goes for cuteness as it finds its Friday place and pace

November 9th, 2013

With a mashup of cuteness, courage and collaboration, Friday’s (Nov. 8) “Hawaii Five-0” managed to bump up its ratings a skosh. The CBS procedural again won its 8 p.m. (9 p.m. Mainland) timeslot in viewership (9.39 million) but was second in the lavished 8 to 49 demographics (1.4 rating), according to preliminary overnight Nielsen numbers. With 7-day DVR adds, the numbers will likely change, perhaps with a sunnier forecast.

The show, despite its checkered performance in season four, is No. 21 of the new season so far (see the Top 25 below). Certainly, it could and should do better, but for now, it’s still doing swimmingly, not drowning. Maybe even adjusting to the Friday environment.

Against "H50," ABC’s “Shark Tank” topped the demos (2.0 rating), with fewer viewers (7.25 million). NBC’s “Grimm” attracted 4.94 million viewers with a 1.3 demo, and a repeat of Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” maxed out at 1.86 million viewers and a 0.6 demo.

About “Ua Nalohia (In the Deep),” the current episode.

The cutie element was the “Three Men and a Baby” homage to the Tom Selleck fish-out-of-water  movie; McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) is saddled with watching the adopted daughter of his sister Mary Ann (Taryn Manning), back with a different kind of problem, and he enlists Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Danno (Scott Caan) to help. It’s a silly but workable plot, and a wink-wink to Selleck, whose CBS drama, “Blue Bloods,” follows “H50” and remains Friday’s most-watched show (10.98 million) with a 1.3 demo rating.  And yes, Joan, the toddler, was an adorable cutie — kids and animals always steal the scene.

The courage quality involved McG deputizing Catherine (Michelle Borth) to formally join the team (with a badge) to crime-fight; and yep, she showed might and fight in that bathroom  encounter with Kuroda (Brian Tee), the yakuza no-gooder. We wonder: is this an early signal that she’ll succeed  the noticeably absent (and legally on-leave) Kono (Grace Park), who’s still afar and invisible for the most part? Or are we over-reacting, despite the latest evidence of "maybe"?

The collaboration turned up  in spurts; the three men struggling to maintain the needs and the whims of a toddler; the recurrence of Captain Grover (Chi McBride), even if he tells Chin that  McG is “not a real cop;” when Grover’s on camera, there’s vibrancy and pulse the show needs; the fatherliness of McG and Danno, interspersed with the usual  bromance banter.

In the Friday lineup, “H50” seems to be working hard to  upgrade familial tales, perhaps shadowing the bond and camaraderie of the Reagans on “Blue Bloods,” where it works well – family strife mixed with mundane crime, all coming to happy conclusion over the neutral dinner table.

There have been pro and con arguments about the Friday slot. There seems to be less pressure and concern to go up, up and up in the ratings; but the reality is, shows that the network schedule here have vanished from the airwaves. So with the good and easier pace comes some worrisome bad.

There was no need to have Mary Ann return, except she provided the baby and the part of the show’s theme, deeply rooted in cooperation and concern. Sis is a bad penny; when she’s around, there’s trouble, with a capital T (Taryn). You could say the same about Mama McG (Christine Lahti), though not appearing here,she generates problems when she’s present, needlessly complicating plot arcs.

November sweeps are under way, so ratings should be of concern; some new fall shows have, well, fallen; some newbies have broken through the crowd and become winners.

And here’s how the Top 20  fall shows did, based on Nielsen ratings (live + 7 DVR) through Nov. 3:

THE FALL TOP 25 (in millions of viewers)

1 — “NCIS,” CBS, Tuesdays; 21.9.

2 — “The Big Bang Theory,” CBS, Thursdays, 20.5.

3 — “NCIS: Los Angeles,”  CBS,Tuesdays, 17.0.

4 — “The Voice,” NBC, Mondays, 15.6.

5 — “Person of Interest,” CBS, Tuesdays, 15.2.

6 — “The Blacklist,” NBC, Mondays, 15.1.

7— “Dancing With the Stars,” ABC, Mondays, 14.7.

8 — “The Voice,” NBC, Tuesdays, 14.1.

9 — “Castle,” ABC, Mondays, 13.7.

10 — “60 Minutes,”CBS, Sundays, 13.6.

11 — “Blue Bloods,” CBS, Fridays, 13.4.

12 — “Criminal Minds,” CBS, Wednesdays,  13.3.

13 —“Modern Family,” ABC, Wednesdays, 13.0.

14 — “The Crazy Ones,”  CBS, Thursdays, 12.6.

15 — “The Millers,” CBS, Thursdays, 12.5.

16 — “Elementary,” CBS, Thursdays, 12.4.

17 — “Grey’s Anatomy,” ABC, Thursdays, 11.9

18 — “CSI,” NBC, Wednesdays, 11.7.

19 — “Two and a Half Men,” CBS, Thursdays, 11.6.

(tie) — “Scandal,” ABC, Thursdays, 11.6.

21 — “Hawaii Five-0,” CBS, Fridays, 11.5.

(tie) — “Sleepy Hollow,” Fox, Mondays, 11.5.

23 — “The Good Wife,” CBS, Sundays, 10.9.

(tie) — “Chicago Fire,” NBC, Tuesdays, 10.9.

(tie) — “Marvel’sAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” ABC, Tuesdays, 109.

21 Responses to “'Five-0' goes for cuteness as it finds its Friday place and pace”

  1. sarah lynn:

    The show was cute, and maybe people will like it better than what we've been seeing so far. McBride is very good in this role. I think we all foresaw Cath joining the team, but I still haven't warmed up to her character.

    Wayne, lately with the comments section to your blogposts, it's like the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Peeps, no tv show or blog is worth all these personal attacks and hatred. Sheesh!

  2. Belle:

    Ugh I hope they're not looking to the "Blue Bloods happy conclusion over the neutral dinner table" thing! Kinda hate that about that's a little too cheesy (and dull) for me but I'm sure many like it.

    I'm happy to have a break for now from Doris and am still trying to future out if I like the addition of Grover but I think I do. 🙂 Overall I liked this ep, it was fun with all the cuteness and clever lines.

    As for ratings and show longevity, I think it's doing pretty well on Fridays. 🙂 TVBTN.....who aren't exactly ones to hold back LOL.....have said that the belief that shows go to Fridays to die ONLY applies to shows moved there DURING the season. So not to 5-0. CSI:NY lasted 4 I think it was years after being moved to Fridays.

  3. Five-O Supporter:

    I just watched the episode and I liked it. I would have preferred a little more light-hearted interactions with all three men caring for the baby, but I know that's hard to do while they are on duty.

    And does there really need to be so much tension with Captain Grover? Grover's beef really should be with the Governor and not McGarrett. Strange that a common theme of H50 is the importance of family, but yet they portray so much dysfunction between H5O and their police family.

    Catherine can surely kick some butt. Loved it just as I did when Kono did the same.

    Is the Wo Fat saga over? I can't even remember where it left off.

  4. Pammie:

    CBS will cancel two shows in May. The four shows in risk are The Mentalist , The Good Wife , BB and H50.
    The Mentalist is a sure goner.
    But I don't see TGW being canceled. CBS has said it is making a lot of money for them in syndication and it is the only no cop procedural cbs has.
    So CBS may have to cancel h50 or BB.
    True that CSI NY lasted a few years on Friday, but h50 has reached already the weak numbers CSI NY was getting t the season it got canceled, so we will see..

    About the episode, when I heard about the baby , the chances of a single woman with so many issues as the one in the show to adopt a baby in this country are zero. LOL. Great research work. !

  5. Belle:


    @Five-O Supporter,

    Last we saw Wo Fat was when McG had to help him escape. Haven't heard when we'll get more on him but Doris is back on deck soon enough so maybe then.

  6. Belle:

    Lucia/"Pammie" when you posted your same 'H50 is doomed' comment(s) as "Maria" on TVBTN, a couple of posters replied with very rational comments and put in context like the one below:

    Percy wrote:

    "You have to remember though when CBS cancelled CSI NY, all of there dramas were doing a lot better. Hawaii Five-0s 1.4 looks good on CBS this year.

    Hostages is getting a 1.1, on Mondays

    Elementary is getting a 1.8, on Thursdays

    CSI is getting a 1.7 on Wednesdays

    Criminal Minds got a 2.4 on Wednesdays as well

    the mentalist is getting a 1.3 and the good wife is getting a 1.2.

    Both NCIS’S are down this year.

    CBS is not going to cancel Hawaii Five-0"

  7. Pammie:

    Thank you Belle for bringing the demo numbers here. After all these are the only numbers that matter. I think it will be interesting to post this list weekly, so we can all enjoy it. Wayne already posted the total viewers one, so only the demo list was missing,

    "Percy"'s list had a few mistakes, for example The Mentalist got no ratings published last week because of Football overrun and The Good wife numbers are incorrect. But well, because this week has not ended, I think it is more interesting to post the demo numbers of the week we have all the data.

    So, here we have all CBS shows ...Shows with * are 10 PM shows, that are allowed lower numbers

    Monday Oct 28 to Sunday Nov 3.

    1- NCIS........................................3 demo
    2- NCIS LA..................................2.6 demo
    3-Criminal Minds..................... ...2.4 demo
    4-Person of Interest....................1.9 demo. *
    5-Elementary..............................1.8 demo. *
    6-CSI...........................................1.7 demo. *
    7-The Good Wife.........................1.6 demo
    8-Blue Bloods..............................1.3 demo. *
    9-H50...................................... ....1.3 demo
    10-Hostages..................................1.2 demo. *

    The only drama missed in this list is The Mentalist because numbers were not published because of Football Overrun.

  8. Belle:

    Are you impaired? You acknowledge that the 10 PM shows are allowed lower numbers but not Friday shows which are allowed EVEN LOWER than weekday 10 PM shows? LOL

  9. Belle:

    For those interested, more ratings info. Explanation of analysis within.

    TVBTN updated Bubble Watch

    Most recent CBS Renew/Cancel Index

  10. AniMatsuri:

    One thing is sure: Grimm and H50 may just battle it out each week for 2nd place in the demo for the hour that they share for the rest of the season.

  11. Belle:


    Yeah I could see that happening too. Meanwhile Shark Tank is a beast!

  12. Belle:

    Final numbers from Friday are adjustment in the timeslot or with the CBS lineup. Grimm and H50's lead-in and lead-out all lost a few viewers while H50 picked up some. 🙂

  13. Pammie:

    Thank you for posting the Final numbers.
    I can see that in the demo numbers, the only ones that real matters to advertisers , Grimm gained 0.3 demo after its lead in while H50 lost 0.4 demo points after Undercover Boss.
    Looks like some young viewers that were watching CBS undercover Boss at 8 PM , moved to Grimm at 9 PM.

  14. miracle:

    Definitely have to watch it a second time to get all that was said in this episode. Too much distraction by a certain cutie - and I don't mean Alex. 😉

    Although I have some issues about Cath now being an official member of Five-0 I'm looking forward to what comes next. Cath is a great charakter, a tough woman who can hold her own and kick ass if necessary (but they could have shortened the first scene in the bathroom a bit 😉 ), and I hope the writers haven't screwed it up with that move. I for one would prefer her on her own, maybe continuing Billy's business. But maybe to team up with Kono when she finally returns would be just as great.

    As for the ratings: a slight up in demo and a slight drop in viewers seems good on a Friday night. But you're right, it's a significant drop from UB to H50, half hours aside. A great loss for H50 at first glance considering that both shows are almost equal in viewers. But what does this mean at a second glance? You hear everywhere that Friday is the night where most younger (and demo relevant) people go out. WHEN do they go out? I might be wrong, but that could be an explanation for the drop between 8 and 9 pm time slot, at least for the CBS shows that usually draw in older people.

    And yes, I compared the other shows in the 8 and 9 pm time slot, too. They show the opposite (except Sleepy Hollow rerun), but mostly not in that significant way, only one to three tenth up from 8 pm to 9 pm. But most of those shows usually attract younger people and have way less viewers over all. - Does this make any sense?

  15. Pammie:

    Miracle u have a good point about people going out at 9 PM ON Fridays, but I think this would affect less to cbs that has the old viewers.

    In the Live+7 DVR ratings Grimm gets a 3 demo while h50 gets a 2.3. Of course these numbers don't matter to advertisers but they maybe saying Grimm viewers go out more on Fridays than the h50 ones.

    Yes all 9 PM shows gain demo after the lead in except h50. I just think some of the young demo from CBS UB just move to other networks at 9 PM.
    Too bad we don't get the +7 for Shark T.
    I posted the link ..

  16. Belle:

    Lucia, stop with the disingenuous "thank yous" when I post.

    All CBS dramas typically lose .2 to .5 from their lead-ins so that's a non-issue, especially since they're ultimately compared with one another. Looking at this week.....

    Elementary dropped .2 from its Two and a Half Men lead
    NCIS:LA dropped .5 from NCIS and then Person of Interest dropped .5 from NCIS:LA.
    Criminal Minds down .2 from its lead and CSI down .5 from Criminal Minds.

    CBS couldn't care less that Grimm gained .3 from Dateline.

  17. Belle:

    TVBTN Renew/Cancel Index for CBS has been uddated again and The Mentalist has been downgraded.

    The storyline seems to indicate that it's ending anyway imo.

  18. Pammie:

    I was waiting for the Sunday Final numbers to be released. Now I can post all CBS shows demo results so we can all see how all CBS dramas do.

    Week , Monday Nov 4 - Sunday Nov 10.

    1-  NCIS. ....................................2.9
    2-  NCIS LA.................................2.4
    3 - Criminal Minds.......................2.3
    4 - Person of Interest..................1.9
    5. - CSI........................................1.8
    6 - Elementary..............................1.8
    7 - The Good Wife.....................,.1.7
    8 - The Mentalist..........................1.4
    9 -  H50.........................................1.4
    10 - Blue Bloods...........................1.3
    11 - Hostages................................1.1

    Hope everyone enjoys the list 🙂

  19. AniMatsuri:

    Still can't believe they brought in Daryl Hannah(the real estate agent) and gave her what amounts to a cameo spot. I wonder if there's a story behind that? Well, at least she isn't getting arrested for chaining herself to the wrong trees.

  20. Belle:


    LOL yeah with so many palm trees there, it must have been hard for her to resist! 😉 She likes walnut best.

    The role was a throwaway but I get the feeling many stars are happy with even a bit part for the trip to Hawaii if nothing else. According to her imdb, looks like DH has been staying pretty busy recently although I have no idea how sizeabke those roles are.

  21. Pammie:


    I think an actor's salary depends on how popular and on demand he is . A Hot property actor would ask for a big paycheck to guest star in a show. IMO I don't think she was paid much, and same goes for some of those guest stars...Think that James Caan still is an actor on demand and read this article about his time on the show,

    "He adds, "Scott got outraged by the offer. But I was like, 'Let them buy me a watch. Make it a present so that is it is clear that I am doing it because I want to hang out with you.'"

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