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'Five-0' ratings up, but partnerships are predictable

November 16th, 2013

Chi McBride’s back with his Captain Grover growls.

Governor Denning’s (Richard T. Jones) is back —  and so is his disdain for  Steve McGarrett  (Alex O'Loughlin) and Grover.

Kono  (Grace Park) is back, but now in Tokyo — still pining for her beloved  Adam and wants to be with him.

CBS McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Grover (Chi McBride) play cowboys in Waimanalo in the latest "Hawaii Five-0."

Photo courtesy CBS

And the ratings for CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” are on an upward move, with this episode about partnerships and couplings. Cause for applause? Or a pause to ponder the sometimes predictable show content.

The bromance continues, minus Danno (Scott Caan), since McGarrett and Grover hurl quite a bit of insults and hatred to each other.

The preliminary overnight Nielsen ratings shows “H50” won its hour with the most viewers (9.72 million) with its “Akanaha (Reluctant Partners)” episode, which aired Friday (Nov. 15). This was 7 per cent better than last week’s outing. However, the show was second to ABC’s “Shark Tank” in the coveted 18 to 49 demographics, 1.5 rating vs. 1.7 ratings. (“H50” tied with NBC’s “Grimm” in the demos).

Most-viewers laurels, however, went to CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” which follows the island-filmed show, with 11.60 million viewers and a 1.4 rating in the demos.

So there are winning elements and losing ones, in the weekly roller coaster ride. Delayed DVR numbers will probably change the ratings, of course.

“H50” still strives to break the 10 million viewer count again, but is safe as the lead-in show to “Blue Bloods.” Renewals for both shows, due in May, are likely, and for “H50,” there still remains the TNT syndication situation — with CBS getting $2.5 million per episode, there’s every  indication that the show will go on. That's a partnership that may break the CBS bank, but provide paydirt to the cable network.

But some tedium shows, in repetition and relationships.  How many weeks can Kono appear as the hopeful and harried soul, waiting for her Adam to reappear?  She’s told, “If you’re smart, let him go.” Writers, you stated it – move on. Even Chin (Daniel Dae Kim),  the wise owl, advises her if he reappears: “You’ll both be targets again.” A strained relationship, for sure.

Without Danno, McG goes McCrazy with McB (well, Grover), as they’re instructed by the Gov to seek out a dude with 21 unpaid parking tickets — setting off a dueling mission of two officers playing metermaids, and dragsters,  sorta. It's a coupling made for disaster, at least in theory.  They’re shot at, and their vehicles have flat tires, so they pick up two horses and try wrangle a truck, like cowboys, in the Waimanalo terrain, with little luck. Where is Clint Eastwood, when you need him?

The prevailing issue here: the runaway traffic offender is a computer hacker (played by a JoBro, Nick Jonas), who admits a Hawaii-bound flight in the middle of the Pacific could be in jeopardy with the push of a button, thanks to GPS, which provides both good and bad effects, depending on the user and the abuser. You gotta wonder if the Gov is punishing the "H50" honcho by pairing him with an ex-SWAT cop. Sounds like punishment of the worst kind. But yes, there is some resolution before the final credits.

The plot is a swap meet of unlikely elements. Throw in a bank robbery, a hacked off leg,  and communication via ATM camera, and that’s a wrap.

Oh, Catherine (Michelle Borth) steps in, in full “H50” glory, and you gotta wonder: when will she become the official member of McG’s team?  When Kono rides into the sunset with her Adam? When Kono and Adam are shot and killed by the yakuza? When Kono and Adam get new identities and vanish as a bona fide happy couple?

Food for thought, anyway.

41 Responses to “'Five-0' ratings up, but partnerships are predictable”

  1. Pammie:

    Congratulations to Blue Bloods. The show retained the 90% of the lead in demo and gained 2 million viewers, winning the time slot . And all of that in the 10 PM spot.
    CBS must be loving Tom Selleck . He proves how important a strong acting is for a show. Eye Candy can only work for a little while.
    Nick Jonas high promoted episode gave H50 a 1.5 demo but still lost the slot. But not that matters anymore, for H50 is not about numbers , just getting the episodes for syndication.
    Good luck for TNT.

  2. Belle:


    Catherine became an official member of the team at the end of last episode when McG handed her a badge and said "Welcome to 5-0".

  3. Belle:

    @PammieLucia - Whatever helps you sleep at night. Was wondering how long it would take for you to bring your special rationale that you're busy sharing at TVBTN under several aliases over here. It's getting shot down there for good reason and that's from a few who aren't particularly fans.

    First you're praising Grimm, then Raising Hope, and now it's Blue Bloods? Do you spend endless hours commenting about those shows? No, only H50.

  4. AniMatsuri:

    Playing a veteran cop is right in Chi McBride's wheel house. As he's done this sort of role in Human Target and later on with Golden Boy, and other short lived TV shows. Still, I like Glover better than Danno as Glover doesn't have to put up with McG since he doesn't really work for him.

    If you want to talk repetition, how about Adam faking his death? Didn't his father try that? How did that work out?

    Suspect Nick Jonas enjoyed playing a devious hacker since it's so different from what you'd expect him to be cast as. He also had more of a master mind feel than this version of Wo Fat ever did.

    As far as ratings go, H50 was up a bit in the demo tying Grimm for 2nd with Shark Tank winning but hitting a season low with full competition on board now that Raising Hope had it's Season Premiere come out really down from the ratings it had in when it was on Tuesdays(just like I suspected it would now that its on Friday).

    Blue Bloods wasn't as PC as past episodes were. But you knew the guy being tried for murder with Danny as the lone dissenter on the jury was going to be innocent since he was black.

  5. Belle:

    On Blue Bloods, why was Danny even on the jury in the first place? I thought law enforcement had to excuse themselves. Odd.

  6. Belle:

    I thought the ep was very good! I didn't miss Danno; it was a nice change up with Grover. I think some of the similarities are supposed to be Catherine said, he doesn't make a good first impression LOL...but it had a different enough feel for sure. Jonas was good in the role he had, better than I expected from the seconds we saw in the preview. I like the twists w/ the hacker and again at the end at the atm.

    I'm over the Kono/Adam story too but I think the writers are doing the best they can with Grace Park's maternity leave and being in Canada. I read that she'll be back full time soon so I think we'll get some more movement on that.

  7. hossana:

    Hawaii5-0 is a deadbeat show....boring...and should be off the air.

  8. Wiseguy70005:

    Or you could just turn the station and stop whining.

  9. Belle:

    Wiseguy70005: "Or you could just turn the station and stop whining."

    .....and spending time reading blogs about the show and commenting all the time about it.

  10. Five-O Supporter:

    I didn't find the episode predictable at all. I mean, who would have expected that Mr. JonasBrother would be the mastermind villian. Or that McG and Glover were going to be working together, in unperfect harmony. But I thought it worked well enough. Their tandem horseback pursuit was a bit too much for me, though.

    And really, there must be repetition in characters and their relationships. How else are we supposed to develop fondness for the characters? And just how does a show develop it's identity?

    A lot of people, including this blog's author, have preconcieved views on the H50 reboot to really have any resemblance of a fair perspective in their review of the show. Yeah, everyone is entitled to their own view and opinion. But it's good to see where the biases of their comments are coming from.

    FYI if anyone cares, despite my name, it's not important to me if H50 continues or ends. I watch the show online now. I don't consider H50 to be a quality drama, but I enjoy it for what it is. Most of the episodes have been a mixed bag of hits and misses. And I could probably count on one hand the number of episodes I would consider a hit from start to end. IMO, there have been more dud episodes than hits. And that's ok, I still watch it anyway.

  11. Five-O Supporter:

    @Wiseguy70005 & Belle

    Yeah, I'll never understand why anyone would bother commenting on a show that they don't like. Furthermore, it baffles me to think that they are even watching the show that they proclaim to be a miserable failure.

    Don't you agree with this? You should probably only be commenting here if you've watched the episode. Because if you haven't been watching the show, you really don't deserve to have any opinion, good or bad. Right? No one should be commenting about episodes they know nothing about.

  12. Five-O Supporter:

    @All H50 haters and bashers

    1. If you don't like the show, but still watch the episodes and continually post negative comments. Why not just stop watching, stop commenting and stop following anything H50 altogether? Don't you have more important things to do? Won't you feel better being over this dreadful show? Or

    2. If you don't like the show, never watch the show anymore but still continually post negative comments. Why? Don't you have more important things to do?

    I'd really be interested in a response from anyone who fits either of the above descriptions.

    I get that Mr. Harada has this blog and should be watching the show, whether or not he thinks it's any good. And he has more reason to watch because of his relationship to the original show. Obviously, entertainment is his business.

  13. dave daniels:

    You know I am a bona fide Grace Park fan and champion and I sure hope she stays on the team. I saw something that she will come back on Episode 12, full-time, and its notable that Catherine's character is part of the three 5-0 characters who are involved in the secret and quixotic quest to find Adam. Personally I think the tie-in will move beyond the romance, although that is a part, and tie-in to Wo Fat, and McGarrett's back story. I think there is an underlying set of interconnecting back stories here where a connection to the old H50 will be revealed in the intertwining stories of the current characters. I agree that the show is a bit uneven at times, although it follows formula for CBS procedurals, while at the same time developing long-running back stories and as the blogger said here the show will more than likely go on for one or two more seasons at least.

    That being said if Michelle Borth becomes the new female member after the Kono/Adam storyline plays out, as surmised here, I along with a lot of other fans may desert the show. I don't know, I am a very loyal Grace Park fan, so I don't know for sure what I would do if that story line happens where she leaves the show for good. There is clearly a lot going on behind the scenes here, and I think/hope there is probably a lot of overreaction.

    Finally for haters and bashers? IF you hate it and bash it so much, why do you watch it as much as you do? Maybe you might try, if possible, to see between the lines and enjoy the characters, who all work hard at their parts, and to understand that there is an arc here, which all really good police or legal procedurals have as a basic text to the story. If that does not work, keep watching anyway if the only way you can enjoy something is to hate it.

  14. sarah lynn:

    I agree that there might be more going on behind the scenes with Grace than what is being made public. I know there have been rumors of salary disagreements in the past, but these actors aren't starring on the Big Band Theory or NCIS. They may not have as much negotiating advantages being on a show that was moved to Friday. Of course, I don't know if that is the case.

    Regarding haters, you may have seen my previous comment from last week about bashing other commenters and name-calling. (I don't know what is so bad about being called Lucia, though, but I'll probably be called that from now on.) I know Wayne has made a couple of warnings, and some didn't get the message apparently. There used to be a wide assortment of people who read and commented on this blog, but now a couple people have taken over (maybe they are working, paid or not) for the network, the show, or the actors, and are trying to shut down what they don't like. I personally like reading all comments, yea or nay, except those bashing others here. This truly is about the only place where you can read all different opinions about the show, and that has been refreshing until lately. I am sorry for Wayne that it came to this from a very few people, and the blog is now much less fun.

  15. Belle:

    ^ I've never heard any rumors about salary disputes. Only that Scott Caan wants to have reduced time for other projects like plays in LA and Grace Park had a baby.

    As far as anyone "working" to get anything shut down that's only really one person here who fantasizes of the show's demise for some demented personal reasons. She 'does' work hard at it, despite how futile that is. People see through it and that's why she's not welcome on other blogs. There's no value in someone's constant need to bash purely to feed a personal fixation.

    @dave daniels who knows you might get your wish. There was a Catherine who was McGarrett's girlfriend in the original, and she was murdered. I miss Grace too and will be happy to see her back soon!

  16. sarah lynn:

    Belle, I see it as your constant need to bash others to feed your personal fixation, and I just can't understand it. I feel bad for Wayne who is trying to do a job here and provide his personal take on the show, and yet his blog is taken over by a few. Some have done a disservice to those of us who live here and enjoyed the back and forth over the show, which was always respectful to each other. Wayne has been much more patient than I would have been. Anyway, I'll leave it to Wayne from now on to deal with; it's his blog.

  17. theDman:

    The best scene in this last episode was the sunset over Waikiki. It was a shame it took to so long to get there. Reading the positive reviews of Akanahe has me scratching my head. The episode had a laughable start with "ninja team" kidnapping bad guy in a melodramatic opening. The only reason for this, was to include Grace Park as still having a part on the "action" team, and not just a face or voice over the phone. Grace looked pregnant to me (she wasn't when it was filmed, but she looked it...). I would have waited a while more before filming her.

    The next scene leads up to what really gets me and I am only going to say this once: Are we really supposed to believe that Hawaii has a black governor?






    Not believable. Not at all. I don't know what the production is thinking when they did that, and for them to just say to themselves "well, if you think about it, it makes sense..." only causes the rest of us here in Hawaii to laugh even louder. That is arrogance.

    The pairing of the two rivals on a case together, was good writing for the most part, but the main storyline of a geek being behind all of the events did not answer the reason why he did it, and by the end, I guess nobody cared, I didn't. Is that what the writers wanted?

    I suppose the writers did not consider the fact that while it is a stretch for just the Five-0 team to go SWAT, which is nonsense of course, it is completely ridiculous for just two cops to don vests and go SWAT alone in a high-risk search...but then, every cop show does that, so it is hard to throw stones solely at H50.

    This was an episode to catch local people in the show, I mean,
    ...we got to see Melissa again
    ...Steve had another speaking part
    ...and there was Tau...

    Overall though, I gave this episode a NO-PASS rating. The middle was OK, but it could not overcome the beginning and the end.

  18. melissai:

    DMan, you're why I keep coming back. Wonder why Grace hasn't publicized her good news. We're happy for her. It was obvious she had just had a baby. She show is so different with less Scott. I know others had complained about his character, but I always enjoyed him. For the most part. There WERE times, you know?

  19. Belle:

    @sarah lynn I'm not bashing anyone, aside from when reacting to FansAreTooDefensive/Pammie's bias and nastiness. You must not be here much if that's really all you see. I come here to discuss likes and dislikes about the show, comment on Wayne's review and ratings like most readers do. But yes, it's Wayne's blog and he can handle whatever, however he likes. Of course.

  20. theDman:


    Yeah, I wonder why there has been no word on Grace's baby. Maybe there is news on the mainland, but there was nothing here. Are things that bad between her and the production? I don't know.

    Anyway, if she comes back to the show, is baby coming too? Have to I guess.

    Hmm, daddy has to stay in Vancouver. Boy! I think that would be a tough situation. I would think someone has to give up their job for now.

  21. Teresa Kapalana:

    Wayne, I have been reading you for decades. You have an obsession with trashing Five-O. Why don't you just lay off for awhile and write about something else.

  22. sarah lynn:

    Belle must not have been here for long if she hasn't seen that I've been posting for a very long time now. This is my hometown newspaper afterall. The personal attacks resulted in two statements from Wayne, so I'm not the only one seeing it. What I see lately here is a coordinated effort, just begun recently, by publicists to get this blog to become like all the others whereby viewers can't point out weaknesses with the show's writing, producing, acting, etc. Maybe if the producers and writers had listened to some of the critiques written here, the show would have performed better. I see no service being performed, however, by repeating over and over that the show is perfect as is, like you've done on the other sites. Obviously Lenkov listened to you guys, and look where it got him--right smack on Friday nights, with stars who no longer seem to be too committed to the show.

  23. AniMatsuri:

    Either way, H50 isn't doing that bad on Fridays.

    After adjustments, the show is still tied with Grimm in the 18-49 demo and only a tenth bellow the hour's winner Shark Tank. So much for the predictions that H50 would really struggle when all regular shows on the other networks premiered in the same time slot.

  24. Pammie:


    Yes , Grimm and H50 tied in the 18-49 demo. But when u look at the half hours Undercover Boss gave H50 a 1.8 demo while Dateline gave Grimm only a 1.3 demo.
    So at 9 PM , Grimm was able to get more young viewers to switch to NBC from other networks , while H50 made CBS lose some of those young viewers that were already watching CBS in the previous hour, so that's the big difference there.
    CBS won the time slot at 8 and 10 PM with Undercover Boss and Blue Bloods , while lost the 9 PM slot when H50 was on.
    I don't think CBS was hoping to lose the time slot when they moved H5 there.
    Such a expensive show , and a high promoted episode with Nick Jonas , should had done better than a cheaper genre show as Grimm.
    The show is predictable , and most of the actors don't even seem interested in the show anymore. IMO. And probably that's the reason for all those guest stars week after week.

  25. Pammie:

    Sorry . Forgot half hours.

    8:30 p.m.

    ABC – The Neighbors
    Viewers: 4.15 million (#4), A18-49: 0.9/ 3 (#4)

    CBS – Undercover Boss
    Viewers: 9.06 million (#1), A18-49: 1.8/ 6 (#1)

    NBC – Dateline
    Viewers: 6.16 million (#2), A18-49: 1.3/ 4 (#2

  26. Belle:

    Wow! O.o You cannot be serious with all that Lucia! LOL That's called *grasping at straws*.

    Finals from TV Media:

  27. miracle:


    To be honest, I don't really care about half hours. To me, it's the end result that counts. And once again it's a pretty good one on a Friday night, and in the time slot: Along with Grimm second of the night in demo (btw only a tenth behind it's lead-in Undercover Boss), and second in the time slot (only a tenth behind Shark Tank).

    Noone really expects H50 (or any other show) to beat Shark Tank. But noone also really expected H50 (or any other show) to get THAT close to Shark Tank.

    Not that important, but good to have the numbers, are total viewers of the night (H50 second of the night behind Blue Bloods - and first in it's time slot - with over a million more than the third, Undercover Boss).

    So, to me the Friday move is a win, no matter how you look at it. I would even go so far as to say that if H50 can continue the way it did so far, it would be renewed even without the syndication deal. - And CBS should be pleased with their Friday night line up, too.

  28. Pammie:


    It's okay if you don't care for the half hours. No problem.

    Anyway. , I don't agree that no one was really expecting h50 to beat Shark Tank. I beliebe that was what CBS was expecting from h50. After all ST is not The Voice when it comes to numbers , a 1.7-2 demo at 9 PM is not such a big number. A expensive show as H50 that is given the strongest lead in of any show in that slot , should had been able to beat ST easily.
    Considering the lead in and the competition, a expensive show as H50 should be Number one in the slot. No second ,no third.

    If you are interested in seeing the ratings of the whole season you have a chart here that is updated each week. Last week , 1.57 demo and 9.8 million viewers for H50.

  29. theDman:

    miracle said:

    "So, to me the Friday move is a win, no matter how you look at it. I would even go so far as to say that if H50 can continue the way it did so far, it would be renewed even without the syndication deal. - And CBS should be pleased with their Friday night line up, too."

    That would be interesting if the network decided the numbers were good enough for renewal regardless of the syndication deal.

    I don't think it can work like that because of the cost of the show. If TNT tried to rework the payments to a much lower number, I don't think the show could be continued as is, and I don't think CBS would be interested any more.

    Now, if the numbers are good enough for the TNT deal to remain intact, then sure, why not? Life would go on.

  30. miracle:

    "If you are interested in seeing the ratings of the whole season you have a chart here that is updated each week. Last week , 1.57 demo and 9.8 million viewers for H50."

    I know. I have my own chart since the beginning of S3. 🙂 And compared to S3 on a Monday S4 is doing great so far.

    The strongest lead in to which H50 this time only lost a tenth. And is only a tenth behind Shark Tank. I prefer to see the positive in it, not the negative.

    "Considering the lead in and the competition, a expensive show as H50 should be Number one in the slot."

    So, if H50 was less expensive it could afford to come in second or third?

  31. miracle:

    Does anyone really KNOW how expensive or not H50 is?

  32. Pammie:

    Miracle said ,

    "Considering the lead in and the competition, a expensive show as H50 should be Number one in the slot."

    So, if H50 was less expensive it could afford to come in second or third?

    IMO yes.... In case of H50 the ratings don't justify the expenses.

    And h50 didn't lost a tenth from UB. It lost 0.3 , see the half hours. UB went up on finals too , that's not corrected in the half hours. If H50 was as strong as Grimm, it would had gained after the lead in .Grimm gained a 0.3. If h50 did the same thing , it would had ended in a 2.1. Beating ST.

    CBS said once that a NCIS episode costs $4 million. I read in a site h50 is the second CBS most expensive show. But I cannot confirm this last part.

  33. Five-O Supporter:


    noun: conjecture; plural noun: conjectures 1. an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.

    Unless someone reveals their CBS, TNT, Nielsen, or any marketing credentials, all of this debate amounts to conjecture.

    And the funny thing is, you can make numbers and statistics fit any argument you want to put forward. I'd say there's hundreds, if not thousands, of other stats and breakdowns of people's viewing habits that are not published.

    So what do numbers mean? Anything you want it to.

  34. Five-O Supporter:

    I'd rather read about people's opinion of the current episode. Good or bad.

  35. AniMatsuri:

    There you go. Not only is H50 not the most expensive show in the CBS line up, various tax credits from the state to attract and keep productions brings the actual cost lower than advertised.

  36. miracle:

    @Five-O Supporter

    Haven't seen it yet. 😉

  37. Belle:

    The half hour breakdowns are insignificant which is why TVBTN doesn't bother posting them. No one providing ratings on Twitter even mentions them. Marc Berman's site may be the only site that bothers posting them and it's without commentary.

    All that matters is that H50 was only ONE tenth off from its lead-in, which is better than most CBS shows (if not all) any day of the week.

  38. Pammie:

    Clearly we r not going to agree when it comes to ratings. I still support that lead in and competition is what markes a show a winner or a loser. Plus the ratings&advertiser money / expenses.
    We won't agree. So no point in talking about it anymore.
    Just going to say that Undercover Boss is a limited series. Sometime around February/March, H50 will lose the biggest lead in of the night. Then we can start this topic again and see how H50 stands without that lead in. If lead in doesn't matter as some say, H50 should get then the same numbers is getting now.

    All that matters is that CBS won the time slot at 8 PM and 10 PM , but lost the time slot at 9 PM when H50 aired.

  39. AniMatsuri:

    Thing is, H50 has been slowly gaining in the ratings(inspite of increased competition) while Shark Tank has started to slip a bit. What will be "the show is a loser" argument if H50 starts to win the hour in the demo also?

  40. Pammie:

    If someone is interested Variety has an article about the Entourage movie. That's the show Scott C. was on before h50. It was a great show.
    The article has a pic twetted by the show creator with all the cast. Scott is there.
    Filming stars January 16.
    Congratulations Scott!!

  41. miracle:

    Finally watched the episode, and I have to say... I have to watch it again! 🙂 I'm sure I didn't get all the verbal barbs between McGarrett and Grover. But I'm sure I want to see much more of Grover. And I will. 🙂

    Over all, I think it was a very good episode, with a twist I didn't expect. The first thing that came to my mind when I watched the ending at the cash terminal was "1984". Big Brother is watching you.

    Good to see Kono again, and I didn't miss Danno (shame on me!).

    I have to admit, Nick Jonas surprised me, in a good way. Who thought he could play this video games playing milk face turned out to be a calculating hacker that good? Not the last time we saw him on the show.

    Peter Lenkov once stated that they want to build up a new main villain for season 4. Maybe his name is Ian Wright? Or at least someone known as Ian Wright?

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