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'Five-0' delivers Thanksgiving episode with feats, feasting

November 23rd, 2013

burnett“Hawaii Five-0” delivered Thanksgiving blessings  in its Friday (Nov. 22) episode entitled “Hauoli La Ho’omakai” (Happy Thanksgiving).

It was a mixed bag of feats and feasting.

The plot involved the President’s Air Force One — in the sky, on the ground. Nice touch, but this was not the season for its visit. See quibble below.

As the plane heads to Hawaii, there were complications on the ground with a body found in an oil tank, a holiday football game involving  “Five-0's” expanding ohana, the hubbub of prepping a turkey.

The pleasures included guest star Carol Burnett as Aunt Deb, a would-be singer who surrendered a show biz career for teaching so she could care for Mary McGarrett (Taryn Manning), who shows up unexpectedly not to talk turkey, but to drop the bomb that she has incurable cancer. En route to the finale where she sings at La Mariana’s tiki bar/club  at Keehi Lagoon, she gets arrested for trying to buy grass and seeks to purchase a turkey at Foodland, with Sam Choy — the skinny chef now — playing the butcher behind the counter. The picking’s are limited, since the turkey Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) had purchased as chef du jour had not been properly defrosted by the problem-causing Mary, the assigned  prep cook still searching for  purpose in life.

Did it cross your mind that if this were Thanksgiving, where was Doris McGarrett (Christine Lahti)? OK, OK, here presence would bring on needless plot diversions and conflicts, so forget about it.

Meanwhile, Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim)  chats via Skype with Kono (Grace Park), who now is in Seattle and still away from the ‘ohana. So she misses playing football at Kapiolani with Danno (Scott Caan), back after a week away from the show, and Capt. Grover (Chi McBride), with whom she has not yet worked because of her absence, a role sorta filled by Catherine (Michelle Borth).

Oh, Larry Manetti (ex “Magnum P.I.” star) shows up as the crooner Demarco who hauls up Aunt Deb to sing one at the tiki lounge. CBS, home of the Carol Burnett show for years, enables Deb to sing "I've Got the Sun in the Morning" from “Annie Gets Your Gun” in entirety — a rarity for a procedural — which truly played out as an act of loyalty and respect.

Because the show is fiction, we all can accept that the unnamed president, our own Barack Obama, would not head to Hawaii or specifically Kailua, for Thanksgiving. It would be Christmas, but that’s another holiday.

So there you have it. The grand tour, from tackling to turkeying.

Except ratings.

Not surprisingly, “Five-0” won its hour (8 p.m. here, 9 p.m. Mainland), sandwiched in-between the eye network’s “Undercover Boss” and “Blue Bloods.” It amassed 9.76 million viewers, and a 1.5 rating in the key 18 to 49 demographics,  down a tenth from last Friday. So the show still performs like a see-saw, up and down.

The evening’s top-drawer again was “Blue Bloods,” with 11.70 million viewers and a 1.5 demo, helping CBS win the evening with 9.44 million viewers and tying ABC (6.7 million viewers) with a 1.5 demo.

Competitors of “Five-0” included ABC’s “Shark Tank,” with 6.90 million viewers and a 1.8 demo, making it the demo leader of the hour; NBC’s JFK retrospective (two hours), with 5.77 million viewers and a 1.1 demo; Fox’s “Raising Hope” with 2.48  million viewers and a 0.9 demo; and CW’s premiere of “Nikita,” with 0.73 million viewers and 0.2 demo.  These figures are the preliminary overnight Nielsen numbers, subject to change after DVR totals are added.

43 Responses to “'Five-0' delivers Thanksgiving episode with feats, feasting”

  1. Pammie:

    Grimm didn't air yesterday and H50 still could not beat Shark Tank !
    Last week Jonas , this week Carol B. CBS is really pushing hard for this show using guest stars each week to avoid a bigger drop in numbers.
    Who will be next? Randy McDonald the clown or The Cookie Monster? 🙂
    I was lurking in an old h50 site and they were saying how Jack Lord screen presence was so strong that he didn't need help from popular names. They had a good point.

  2. Five-O Supporter:

    Pammie said - "Grimm didn't air yesterday and H50 still could not beat Shark Tank !"

    H50's rating wasn't affected when Grimm premiered this season, so why should it change when Grimm doesn't air? They don't share the same viewers, so it shouldn't affect H50. Shark Tank should be the bigger beneficiary of Grimm not airing. ST did improve a little, but H50 remains steady.

    H50 has never topped ST in demo all season, so why would anyone expect a change now. The gap has not widened, and H50 has come close to matching ST. ST should be the one that worries if H50 ever closes the gap. H50 has been steady.

    Another broken record argument. Keep seeing the same thing over and over and over.

  3. Five-O Supporter:


    I'd love to hear your thoughts about last nights show. Do you watch the show?

    By your consistent critical comments, I'd think you don't watch the show. So I'm curious to see what the basis of your comments are. What motivates you to follow the blog of a show you're very critical of.

  4. Pammie:

    Five o supporter

    I posted before I DVR the episodes. I may watch some in the holidays. No sure yet.. I would never watch an episode live because I refuse to help the ratings. But that doesn't mean I cannot talk about the numbers of the show.
    I watched the Original show with my dad, that's why I started watching this remake, and it has been the biggest disappoinment ever. Let me tell you that the plots and the acting was fabulous in the Original . So I follow the numbers because they r proving what I said in S1 , the remake should had never happened. Jack Lord will always be the only STM. And in a few years no one will remember this remake.
    I may post about the episodes when I watch them. Of course if I can stay awake for the whole hour.

  5. Five-O Supporter:

    This week's episode was indeed a mixed bag. I enjoy the holiday-themed episodes and I liked seeing most of the team together. The missing Kono does appear a bit pregnant in her scene with Chin. And I loved the Sam Choy cameo. Also, it seems too soon for Grover to be in on the family style H50 outings, but I don't mind. I like it better without his antagonizing McG. Danno has that job back.

    I don't see why H50 features so much imported crimes stories. What? Is the criminal activities on the islands too manini? There could be a lot of stories drawn from local law enforcement. It doesn't have to be big crime. Just good stories would be enough, I think.

  6. Five-O Supporter:


    Ah, the truth about your perspective. That's really all I wanted to see. You've probably confirmed what some of us were thinking. I appreciate the honesty, though.

    We'll never agree on why you do what you do. Or why you insist on reinforcing your same arguments week after week. But that's your prerogative.

  7. Belle:

    @Five-O Supporter I think they're doing the big crime COTW sometimes since 5-0 is an elite task force.

    I liked the ep a lot. Sooo done with Kono being away storyline but Grace Park will be back soon thankfully. It did seem too soon for Grover to be included in the ohana but at least they had Danny address it with McG. I like having the occasional guest star and Carol Burnett was a treat. I think it's more of Lenkov staying true to the original. Surely, he didn't expect her to raise the demo.

    Nice to see the demo up over the Undercover Boss lead-in. 'Someone' was making a huge issue out of that being the determining factor of a show's success/failure but hasn't made a peep this week. LOL

    The H50 demo is fluctuating less than most shows. It's pretty steady.

  8. Wayne Harada:

    Appreciate the specific chatter about the show, about the demos, about the content, about the guest stars ... without the barbs and attacks on commentators, as has been the case in recent weeks.
    Keep the conversation going, and talk up what appeals to your or not. Let's keep the tone and temperament on show-related topics, and refrain from targeting the posters with whom you may disagree.
    This m.o. will make this blog an environment of exchange of civil thoughts, not a gallery for shooting targets.
    Thanks for your conversation and cooperation.
    And an early Happy Thanksgiving shout-out.

  9. Sherri:

    I wanted to like this show because I love Hawaii and I have been there several times, but I couldn't. I cannot believe CBS is producing this crap. I love all CBS cop procedurals but this one is unwatchable. What was CBS thinking? They probably thought that with beautiful Hawaii as a background and a shirtless guy smiling at the screen is all they needed.
    What about some decent acting? Someone that could play a convincing character.
    It is an embarrasment to Hawaii. Hawaii is so much better than this.
    This show should be canceled.

  10. Kimo808:

    Quibbling with the quibble : the trip to Hawaii/Kailua was not "for Thanksgiving," but AT Thanksgiving, for a diplomatic session w North Koreans. So one could presume that the President's family would return later at Christmas for the annual holiday visit.

  11. Five-O Supporter:


    Yeah, that's already happened before. A couple years back, the President was here for APEC in early November. Then he came back later for his annual Christmas vacation.

  12. Manoa Kahuna:

    One of their better efforts. I'm glad they invited McBride to the party.

  13. quibbler:

    Another small quibble-- McG telling the secret service guy that the POTUS should turn his plane around and head home. He WAS heading home, and turning the plane around would mean not coming home.

  14. theDman:


    This season includes some new writers and I think the show is better for it. Previous seasons had episodes that were beyond dreadful in terms of writing.

    You will notice that the network forced these changes on the show. In one way, that's not good, the existing production team has a hard head. They refused to make changes on their own. However, the network cares about the show. That's why they forced the changes. That is a good sign.

  15. Belle:

    Final Friday numbers. H50 delivered highest viewership of the season thus far! 🙂 16K viewers added to preliminary numbers.


    CBS press release:

  16. Pammie:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all !!!!!

    I was in the tvtbtn link and I found a very interesting post from a member  . It was from CBS and it explains why they kept  h50 instead of other shows with better numbers,.,.I don't have the link to the article because the link was not in the post, but if someone wants it , I can try to find it. ..Of course the numbers they are talking about are the overnight numbers, the only ones that matter...As some said, syndication has saved h50. 
    The person talking is Kelly Kahl , CBS Vice President.


    Replacing CSI: NY on Friday at 9 p.m. next season will be Hawaii Five-0, which is moving from Monday at 10 p.m. Five-0 has averaged 8.1 million viewers and a 1.9 18-49 rating this season, which is not that much better than the two canceled series in the demo, along with fewer viewers. So why keep Five-0 on the schedule rather than CSI: NY?

    “Part of it is the life cycle of the series. Some of that has to do with syndication,” Kahl said. “Five-0 is a little younger [completing its third season] compared to CSI: NY [just completed its ninth season], which is already in syndication. Keeping Five-0 on will give it a chance to put together more episodes for syndication.”

    That’s the same logic for keeping Blue Bloods on Fridays at 10 p.m. and cancelling its lead-in CSI: NY. Blue Bloods, which is averaging 10.5 million but with only a 1.4 18-49 rating, is just completing its third season and needs a few more for syndication. CBS produces Five-0 and Blue Bloods.

  17. Belle:

    @Pammie, is that "very interesting post from a member" calling herself "Pam" in this thread and mocking fans that are pleased that H50 ratings are good?

    Kahl said "'part of it' is the life cycle of the series" and "'some of that' has to do with syndication" as to why 5-0 was renewed over those other shows. BTW, 5-0 is pulling on Fridays about what Vegas was getting on Tuesdays with the benefit of a 3.1 demo and 16.5+ million lead-in from NCIS:LA. Once it moved to Fridays in the slot where 5-0 is now, it pulled a 0.9 demo with a little over 7M viewers (with Shark tank and without Grimm as competition).

    So CBS clearly made the right call on which show to keep, syndication deal aside.

  18. Pammie:

    In the article the Vice President of CBS is not explaining why they canceled Vegas and kept H50.

    He is explaining why they canceled csi NY and replaced by H50.

    He was trying to explain that when CBS cancels a show and puts another one in that slot they are hoping to improve numbers in that slot.

    Vegas was canceled and replaced by Person of Interest. This show is getting better numbers than Vegas , so that was a win for CBS.

    CSI NY was canceled and replaced by H50 . The remake is getting the same numbers CSI NY was getting last season . And this is no good because H50 is a younger show than CSI NY. Older shows get normal erosion in the numbers as they get older, so H50 getting the same numbers in S4 than  csi NY was getting in a S9 , makes h5o a bad move for CBS.

    But still, H50 had to be renewed because of syndication.

    TVBTN is a big joke IMO. Some posters are crazy . But reading the posts is pretty entertaining, LOL. Still some sites would allow anything to get hits.

  19. Belle:

    No, the article (below) is about why both Vegas and CSI:NY were cancelled.

    And despite your protestations, 5-0 IS doing BETTER than CSI:NY (and Vegas, both) did in the same timeslot last year! And EVEN BETTER when you consider overall yearly erosion across the board. CSI:NY pulled 1.2 demo for its finale with 8.5M viewers and that's what it was getting for a while...again without Grimm competition. Also, it was down several 10ths from its lead-in, Undercover Boss and H50 was just UP a tenth over Undercover Boss this past week. So yes, 5-0 is a "win" on Friday! It just built on its lead-in, tied this week, but usually is higher than its lead-out, (all with more competition than CSI:NY and Vegas did in the same timeslot last year) and just got the highest audience thus far this season.

    Yes POI is doing better than Vegas did in that Tuesday slot. Not hard to beat, but also not the "win" CBS was hoping for there considering Kelly Kahl said he expected it to grow from NCIS:LA as he mentioned in that same article. That's far from what it's delivering.

    You're right though about some posters at TVBTN being crazy...more like one person posting under several names and singing the same tune. 😉 People are seeing through that though.

  20. Pammie:

    Hey, It is not fair to compare csi NY las season numbers in the finale, when numbers always drop in the Spring for TV because of the nice weather , with the numbers of h50 on November . U need to compare numbers  the same day of the I will post the numbers of the same day last year for csi NY,...As u see no improving for h50 that is a younger show, so in S4 should be doing better than a S9 show.

    Episode 09-09: Friday, 11/30/12
    1.5 in the demo (+7% change) with 9.86 million 

    Episode 09-08: Friday, 11/16/12
    1.4 in the demo (0% change) with 9.59 million.

    We can keep comparing it in a weekly basics, it can be interesting,

    Then you said in the past that building on its lead in didn't matter. Even if I said it did. Now u say h50 for the first time this last week was UP a tenth over Undercover Boss...Guess we are back to the lead in being important. OK...But you forgot  to mention that Undercover Boss was a repeat last Friday, a clip show. So I don't think an Original gaining a 0.1 demo after a repeat counts much, 😉 ...... And more when u consider Grimm was not even in, so basically H50 was the only scripted drama to watch at 9 pm , and with Carol B. in it to help numbers!

    Clearly as I said before, we are never going to agree about this, and it's ok. But as I said too I think the money h50 gets from advertisers is the real proof and fact  of how h50 is performing for CBS, and the money is not pretty....Sorry but noone is going to make me believe a $30 bag is better than a $1500 Gucci bag. We get what we pay for.

    Again, Happy Thanksgiving  to all ! Enjoy your family time! 

  21. Belle:

    Again, you aren't taking into account overall yearly erosion in viewing. Also, I said that CSI:NY was pulling a 1.2 for a whole leading up to (and including) its finale. Get real, Carol Burnett wasn't expected by anyone to raise the demo.

    I said most shows drop from their lead-in so that doesn't mean they're "losers", which is what you were saying about H50 (of course) when it dropped from Undercover Boss. Obviously it's great when a show builds on its lead-in, which is what H50 just did this week.

    And no, your ignoring of facts and regurgitation is not interesting under any name you use, anywhere.

  22. AniMatsuri:

    Pammie of all people should know whether she watches H50 live or on DVR or not at all makes no difference in the ratings unless her TV is hooked up to a Neilson box.

    Anyone who's at least seen season 1 episode 1 knows there was never any intention of the remake cloning the original version. So I'm always amused by the whining that goes on when people try to compare them. The original was a sort of a Dragnet in Hawaii, while this version is more about fleshing relations with their family out and being more action/adventure.

    The producers who make this show like to stay on friendly relations(that helps them keep their tax credits) with the locals but they aren't making the show to appeal to them. If there are local elements/stories that they think would look good for the folks on the mainland it we see it on the show. Anyone who thinks more local skewing stories would make better ratings they can try their hand at pitching those ideas at CBS and seeing how far they get.

    I did find it interesting that sister Mary still had her adopted baby. We'll see if that's still the case when she pops up next season.

  23. Heather:

    Carol Burnett was great ! Loved her!
    The rest of the show was awful as always. We dumped it long time ago. The acting is soporific. Bleh. Bleh.

  24. theDman:

    The episode started out quite well. The football game was a good way to open. More importantly, Alex O showed he can throw a pass. Didn't think he could. Figured he was going to run to the middle of the field and slam the ball down on the ground with both hands.

    "...ess gut dis guyum stah Ted mahyt..."

    Anyway, that part went well, and Carol Burnett's role was a good one too, it was meaningful to the story, not just a guest star quickie.

    The ending was strange. The killer is pursuing the two women but he clearly knows he is being shot at by police. I don't know about you, but paid hitmen probably don't set themselves up to die for their mission. Ya see, they want to love to collect the money, so when they get shot at, they are going to take off in the other direction and run.

    Not only that, but Chin Ho gets the final kill in this episode. Which was really a random thing. He just happened to have a high-powered sniper rifle with a scope and knew just where to set it up? It kinda seemed like the writers were talking to themselves saying "hey let's let Daniel's character kill the bad guy in this one, goodness knows he must be getting bored hanging out with the hologramatic table all the good to let him get a notch in his holster."

    The main problem with the ending however was that it went on too long. The AF-1 arrival was not pertinent to the story, and ended up just being filler, that should have been cut. The gathering back at the house could have been the ending, but then we cut to the bar. I can see where it might have been part of the "deal" to let Carol Burnett sing a song, but it took too long to get there.

    It was a solid episode for the most part except when we got the chase scene, then things began to fall apart.

    I really felt that this was an episode where the director was likely fighting it out with the editor to what would be in the final cut.

  25. theDman:

    hmmm, I think I meant to say:

    "Ya see, they want to live to collect the money..."

  26. AniMatsuri:

    That's probably the paradox. Hitmen obviously want to live to collect their money. However, they don't get paid unless the kill is made.

  27. Wiseguy70005:

    "I was lurking in an old h50 site and they were saying how Jack Lord screen presence was so strong that he didn't need help from popular names. They had a good point."

    You mean like Buddy Ebsen, William Shatner, Ricardo Montalban, Ross Martin, Andy Griffith, Ed Asner and Patty Duke? No popularity there, right.

    "I would never watch an episode live because I refuse to help the ratings. But that doesn't mean I cannot talk about the numbers of the show."

    You sound like the morons who boycotted Proctor & Gamble because they thought their logo was a sign of the devil. And, as it has been pointed out, your watching would have no effect on the ratings. Grow up.

  28. Pammie:

    @Wise guy

    Please don't try to compare the Original H5O with this terrible remake. Those popular names you mentioned NEVER stole the show from Jack Lord, never. In the remake the popular names end being the whole show. Big difference. They are use week after week in Press Releases as publicity to lure some viewers to this show that gets 2 less million viewers than Blue Bloods each Friday !

    And why do you assume I am not a Nielsen Family ? Oh wait, of course, because you are the WISE guy and you know ALL !! Duh

    "Grow up" . No thanks. You see, I still belong to the demo advertisers love, and I will for a lot of years. I love I still matter to them:-) 🙂

  29. Belle:

    @Pammie Lucia, just stop. You're in your late 50's if not already 60 now. that's not within the 18-49 demo. If you were a Nielsen family, which most people are not, you'd be blathering on about that somewhere.

    Please! No guest star is "stealing the show". Absurd.

  30. Five-O Supporter:

    Anyone know when is the next new episode?

  31. Five-O Supporter:

    Btw, where is FansAreTooDefensive? Hmmm.

    Only Pammie lately. And Pammie's writing style appears a lot like what FATD would write.

    Even down to the use of ALL CAPS words to emphasize her point. Maybe just coincidence. Not.

  32. Five-O Supporter:


    Let's see. You watched the Original with your Dad. The Original Hawaii Five-O ran from 1968-1980.

    I'll to assume you were already watching in the 70's, say 1975, conservatively.

    I'll also assume for a mature tv show to have an influence on you and one you'd hold special memories of, you'd have to be a little older. Yeah, possibly 6 or 7 but more likely closer to 13 or 14. But let's say 10 years old.

    A 10-ish year old kid in 1975 = Mid to Late 40's in 2013

    Ok, maybe you have a few more years in the targeted demo.

  33. Belle:

    ^ Tack on 10 yrs. to that. 😉 She also insisted in another thread that she was a college student *now*. LOL More like when the original aired.

    The year was 1955, right "Pammie"?

    @Five-O Supporter, the next new ep airs 12/13. It's the Pearl Harbor flashback episode.

  34. Pammie:

    @Five O Supporter and Belle.

    Have u ever heard of something called DVD?  LOL

    You can buy a cheap DVD player for $40 these days , try CVS. Then you buy a DVD , put it inside and hit " Play". That's how it works. 😉

    And the show has been airing on syndication forever too . Something that won't happen to the remake, TNT keeps airing the remake in different time spots hoping to find it a place but  the show never makes it to the top 100 most watched cable shows while others as Castle, Supernatural and Charmed do. Cheaper shows bought by TNT are making the list.

    Noone will be watching the remake in five years, but a lot of us are still watching the Original and only Hawaii Five-O.

    U guys really should stop with your conspiracies. Saying I am FATD. Saying that there was a plot so Alex O.would not get the People's Choice Nomination. LOL Honestly, u sound kind of creepy.

  35. rayboyjr:


    Let's see. You watched H50 episodes with your Dad on DVD? I think DVD's for early tv programs like H50 weren't produced or widely available until the early to mid 2000's. In fact, a quick check of Amazon's listing for the original H50 season 1 puts the dvd release date at March 6, 2007.

    So you were a kid watching H50 with your Dad 6 years ago? So that means you're like 16 or 18-ish now?

  36. rayboyjr:

    Going back to the show. I was quite surprised at how good Carol Burnett looked after all these years. She's aged quite well, as I was expecting an older look. She has to be in her eighties.

    But I really enjoyed her role in the episode. She was believable and while I was watching, I did not think of her as the former variety show star. Her character brought a lot of emotion and depth to the story.

  37. Belle:

    @Pammie What's creepy is that it's all true. It's very disturbed behavior from anyone, especially a woman pushing 60! Maybe if you realized that others aren't as stupid and gullible as you think then you wouldn't bother. But you must be getting your kicks so by all means continue on as you will..... And I'm sure everyone will continue to give your constant yet ever-changing lunacy the consideration it deserves.

  38. Belle:

    @rayboyjr Totally agree about everything you said re: Carol Burnett. I looked it up and she's 80! Wow. I really enjoyed her performance and thought she fit in seamlessly.

  39. Jan:

    Belle , Five-O Supporter

    I think it is enough. For four years you and your small group of friends from that Alex's fan site have been causing trouble and attacking all online places that posted what you didn't like about the show.
    You guys are obsessed with a guy that could be your son, and you follow him around in LA and Hawaii. That is sick.
    Stop causing trouble in media sites, just enjoy the show while it last, maybe one more season.
    You torturing the Castle fandom for 3 years everywhere helped nothing. Castle is still on Mondays while H50 was sent to Friday Death Slot.You guys should had learned from that .
    Causing trouble in sites that don't always post positive opinions about your show won't make the show get better or get better numbers. The show has passed the point of No Return long time ago.

  40. melissai:

    My little niece loves to watch The Addams Family and Green Acres with her dad, and my brother-in-law is not 30. You all argue over the craziest nonsense. Good grief!

    The episode was one of the better ones this season. Still like Chi's character and hope they don't screw it up. They needed someone to shake things up a bit, but yet still be mostly likeable.

  41. Five-O Supporter:

    The Addams Family and Green Acres would easily hold a child's attention. There's no doubting that. They're classic family shows.

    Don't think the original Hawaii 5-0 would do the same. It's a drama. Made for mature audiences.

    The original was much more serious than the current version.

    Try having your young child or any child sit through an episode of the original Hawaii 5-0 and see how well that goes.

  42. Belle:

    Or is it Lucia again changing tack, yet slipping in much of the same garbage? Yes, I think so. There's so much wrong with your post, I don't know where to begin. Incredible! You, Lucia, are the one who follows Alex O'Loughlin around like a puppy dog whenever he's in LA and it's you who is old enough to be his mother! And you are the sick individual who is everywhere online posting the same nonsense under countless names - usually getting banned for your dogged aggression any personal attacks - and thinking you'll convince others that 5-0 isn't doing well when it's a good performer in its line-up. Sorry your hopes and dreams have been dashed and that Alex O'Loughlin doesn't want to be with you. Your scorned woman act is too creepy. Do your idiotic online antics actually make you feel better? Try a reality check and some acceptance.

  43. Wiseguy70005:

    @ Pammie:

    "Please don't try to compare the Original H5O with this terrible remake."

    I don't. They're two separate shows. YOU'RE the one who's always comparing the two.

    "Those popular names you mentioned NEVER stole the show from Jack Lord, never. In the remake the popular names end being the whole show. Big difference. They are use week after week in Press Releases as publicity to lure some viewers to this show that gets 2 less million viewers than Blue Bloods each Friday!"

    That's your opinion. And if you don't think the original used stunt casting then you're either delusional or ignorant.

    If you hate the new version why watch it? Masochistic tendencies? If you don't watch it then how would you know about its contents? Psychic tendencies? I stand by my ground to tell you to "grow up." Continually bad-mouthing something is childish and your love of Jack Lord is downright fanatical. And I like the original down to buying the DVDs to keep. And I like the new show. But BOTH shows are fictional, escapist entertainment. If it becomes a part of your life to the point that you have to rant about it then you have a problem. Please get help.

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