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Bruno Mars is crowned 2013 prince of pop music by Billboard

December 13th, 2013


Local boy Bruno Mars today (Dec. 13) was named Billboard magazine’s Artist of the Year for 2013.

Thus, he graces the cover the music industry’s bible, as the crown prince of pop music.

Mars also earned male singer of the year laurels, largely based on the success of his “Unorthodox Jukebox” CD and his chart-active hit singles, “When I Was Your Man,” which achieved No. 1 status, and “Treasure,” which hit the Top 5.

Of course, being tapped to the halftime show headliner in the upcoming 2014 Super Bowl must have mattered.

Miley Cyrus might have been the cover star, thanks to the attention — good and bad — she attained twerking on the MTV awards show.  But female singer of the year also didn’t go to her; Taylor Swift was the winner.

Justin Timberlake reactivated his recording career after a seven-year hiatus, and his “The 20/20 Experience” release was the year’s best seller and No. 1 in the R&B category. Mars’ “Jukebox” CD was No. 2 in sales.

Other Billboard victors: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, group and new artist; Flordia George Line, country; Imagine Dragons, rock.

The Billboard honor caps another stellar year for Mars.

“It’s flattering,” he was quoted. “It’s just an honor. I’m proud to be part of this whole team that I have.”

Mars also earned four Grammy nominations in the Recording Academy's forthcoming awardsfest. His earlier No. 1 hit, “Locked Out of Heaven,” is vying for song and record of the year.

3 Responses to “Bruno Mars is crowned 2013 prince of pop music by Billboard”

  1. Tiki808:

    What about Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort's new GM Simeon Miranda taking over the show in 2013? Aren't you going to give him some credit from a hotel standpoint.

  2. Tiki808:

    Actually if I am not mistaken when this man was at this hotel, former OHANA WAIKIKI BEACHCOMBER HOTEL in 2001, he was doing a small gig that lasted only 2 weeks. They called it a Las Vegas Review as a stunt double for Michael Jackson. Then he later wasn't seen. The hotel GM then was Terry Fowler. He left since then. Not much can be said other than for whom? They have another stunt double started in 2009 in Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center 4th floor, similar gig, but with different people. Who is who in the whole gig is more like it?

  3. Tiki808:

    In 2009 a millionaire from Los Angeles, California opened up a show at this location Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center 4th floor. It was a spin off of several ideas, one of them was this man Bruno Mars at 2001. At that time period Royal Hawaiian was just coming off an arbitration due to bankruptcy. It was mentioned that Roberts Hawaii with Joint venture with Ohana the hotel mentioned and several other tour companies were part of a multi millionaire dollar setup that would allow small entertainers as this man, and John Hirokawa in Waikiki along with others to continue operating. It was revealed a total of 5 other companies with the Japan tours have partnered to keep shows as this I have commented on, to continue operations. The names will be withheld until I can make certain who the presidents are for all of them. They're still there.

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