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Tom Berenger to play Danno's dad in upcoming 'Five-0'

December 15th, 2013


Danno’s dad will emerge during season four of CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

Tom Berenger will appear as the father of Danno Williams, one of the four principals on “Five-0,” an indication that the series is shelving history after a good showing  and returning to horticulture of sorts, carving out family trees and digging up roots.

Already, Melanie Griffith has been cast as Danno’s mom. She will be seen in three upcoming episodes, and Berenger as dad Williams will be in one of them. You know Berenger from such films as “The Big Chill,” “Platoon” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: The Early Years” and such TV endeavors  as “Hatfields and McCoys.”

The Berenger news was announced last week but was overshadowed by the Island-based show’s historical Pearl Harbor flashback story, which aired last Friday to great reviews, heralding the performance of James Saito as a war veteran with allegations of a cold case involving his late dad during World War II. Of course, Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) comes to the rescue to investigate, in an episode rich with the fabric of humanity, good deed, honor and service.

The detour to serious storytelling, albeit with a war theme but on a personal level, was devoid of car chases, bullets flying and international drug fiends. It was a welcome, satisfying relief and an encouraging turn for the better for fans of the show. But it didn't last long.

Now it’s back to basics for the show, shaping backstories of the main characters.

McGarrett’s mom and dad have been introduced in seasons past; his sister has had periodic appearances and a family aunt, played by Carol Burnett, made her debut earlier this year.

So it’s Danno’s ohana to bask in the limelight. We've met his wife and their daughter. With mom and pops aboard, we’re going to discover, with some certainty, where he gets his spunk and fire and argumentative nature.

It’s not an altogether encouraging development since this path has led to needlessly complicated story arcs and turns before.

Could  Kono Kalakaua's (Grace Park)  entangled situation eventually lead to the introduction of her yet-to-be-revealed family? We've known, from the get-go, that Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) is her cousin on the force. Kelly had a wife, who died; and it's possible parents could logically emerge some day.

Love it or loathe it?

16 Responses to “Tom Berenger to play Danno's dad in upcoming 'Five-0'”

  1. Wiseguy70005:

    Really, this series needs to be reviewed by someone without such an obvious bias against the show. Someone with an open mind. Someone who realizes this series is escapist entertainment not a weekly history lesson or Hawaiian travelogue. It is fiction. It's not real. Most people understand this. Don't like it? Don't watch it.

  2. turfwar:

    Didn't Danno's real dad play his father earlier?

  3. Keoni:

    Wiseguy70005, you hit the nail on the head! I wish the Advertizer would dump this guy and get someone in his place who could write a review instead of complaining ad nauseum about everything!

  4. Wayne Harada:

    James Caan played Tony Archer, a retired New York Police Dept. bomb expert-turned-private investigator but he had scenes with son Scott, during the 2012 season.
    It really should be illegal to have this much badassery in one picture.
    But James Caan played Scott Caan’s on-screen father in "Mercy," which was directed by the "Hawaii Five-0" actor in 2009.

  5. turfwar:

    Mahalo Wayne

  6. Pammie:

    It's hard to keep track of all the family members that have showed up in this show.  I think we need a H50 Family Tree ASAP  . LOL

    @Wiseguy ,  LOL . Well, I say "most people" have dumped the show and is not watching anymore .Have u seen the numbers?
     This last Friday episode got a 1.2 demo !  It was  heavily promoted everywhere,  it even was played  to all visitors aboard the USS Missouri from December 7th – 13th  .
     The 1.5 demo from previous weeks was bad enough but there are no words to describe  a 1.2 demo for a CBS show at 9 PM.  

    After a 1.2 demo, asking people  not to watch , it doesn't sound wise. 😉  

    And any review of the show in the media, positive or negative , it is publicity . The worse publicity is no publicity. 


  7. Pammie:

    Next week H50 will air against zero competition . Shark Tank will be a repeat and NBC Grimm is not on. So  h50 will win the time slot for the first time ever and CBS will be able to write a wonderful Press Release. 

    This is the list for all CBS dramas that aired this last week.

    NCIS......2.9 demo......19.3 million
    NCIS LA......2.4 demo......15.24 million
    Criminal Minds,,,,..2.4 demo...11.19 million
    CSI..................1.8 demo.......10.18 million
    Elementary........1.7 demo......9.09 million 
    BB......................1.2 demo......10.94 million
    H50.................1.2 demo.........9.13 million
    Hostages.........1.1 demo.....4.69 million

  8. frances kakugawa:

    Real or fiction, if we can walk away with a bit more humanity in our lives...that makes it worth our viewing. I appreciate these previews of the show...will be sure to watch it on Friday.

  9. Lu:

    A review, I believe, represents a reviewer's OPINION. It is not a news story. I have to admit however, that Wayne's comments do sometimes seem overly harsh. On the other hand, if you want a 5-0 love fest, there is that other column in which Lenkov and company seem to do NO wrong. It would be nice to have more of a "balanced" view, but that might be just too boring.

    Oh, and about the suggestion that non-fans refrain from watching the show, the same can be said here...if you don't like the opinion(s) expressed, don't read the column.

  10. theDman:


    The "other" column that shows up in the Pulse section is beyond ridiculous. It is pure gushy "fan girl" jottings for other fan girls and it is simply nauseating.

    Hey! anybody want to read only positive reviews about the show, by all means, go to that blog and join is definitely for you!

  11. Belle:

    @PammieLucia, You conveniently left out a couple facts in your biased analysis on the ratings. O.o The entire night was down for TV viewing (except for ST) and all of CBS specifically was down 17-20% from last original airings (which was 3 wks ago for 5-0). H50 still came in second in the timeslot (to ST).....tied demo w/ Grimm finale and double the number of viewers (adjusted today to over 9 million). H50 got the same demo as Blue Bloods and with more competition.

  12. Five-O Supporter:


    I enjoy all unbiased comments both good and bad. In fact, it's actually more interesting to read about what people don't like about the show.

    But I'd rather read "gushy" comments from people who actually watch the show than read blanket negative comments from people who don't watch the show (yes, most negative commenters readily admit they don't watch or have given up on the show).

    Wayne's blog would be a much better place if there was more lively discussion about the actual show (both good and bad) from "informed" people who actually watch.

    And less ratings analysis. I don't need to be constantly reminded that a 1.2 rating for Friday is horrible.

  13. theDman:

    @Five-O Supporter

    You have a point of course. If you are going to criticize the show, or an episode, you should have watched it. There are some weeks I don't watch it on-line and I try to stay away from this board when that occurs.

  14. sarah lynn:

    As long as what others write is being criticized, might I add that I don't like reading bashing of other commenters that recently began here. It's easy to see that one particular recent commenter only came to this site because they thought there was someone posting here they didn't personally like.

    This is the ONLY site where I believe you DO see an unbiased opinion about the show from the blogger, Wayne. He wants to see a great hometown show, and this most recent blog merely points out the show seemingly going backwards to storylines that haven't worked in the past. All the familial complications has made the show tiresome, and the new writers haven't been able to turn this around since there are still others in charge of the show's direction. Just a few changes, and this show could be great quality every week, and would likely have kept its first season ratings. (As well as its Monday night timeslot).

    Yes, for those who read this blog, but don't like what they read, and may not have known it before, there is another site from this very newspaper that may offer what you're looking for. For those on the mainland who don't know this, it is: Since I don't care for it, I don't go there much, and I certainly don't bash those who do enjoy it.

  15. Belle:

    @sarah lynn, NO show has kept its ratings from 3 years ago! There's overall erosion in traditional viewing with all shows with each passing year.

  16. Jamie DeMatoff:

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