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'H50:' Murder, mayhem, merriment — and a Christmas memory

December 21st, 2013

5-0:d3c2-Gotta hand it to CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0.”  For its Christmas episode on Friday (Dec. 20), the show had a sleigh full of procedural fodder: a serial killer threatening to kill a team member, a memento from the Japan earthquake/tsunami found on the beach, a glimpse of “Honolulu City Lights,” even Chi McBride (Det. Lou Grover) as a Santa of color.

Despite the mix of murderous mayhem, there was a sweet dose of “Mele Kalikimaka.”  But auwe, the effort didn’t do much to jingle the Nielsen ratings bell; the preliminary live overnight numbers for “H50” topped its time slot (8 p.m. here, 9 p.m. Mainland) with 9.38 million viewers, but fell flat in the coveted 18 to 49 demographics with a 1.2 rating, a skosh behind ABC’s “Shark Tank,” which posted a 1.3 demo rating and 5.48 million viewers. Demos, you know, determine the power of a series’ advertising rates.

Overall, ABC won the demos for the night, but CBS had the most viewers, largely through the network’s “Blue Bloods,” which pulled in the most viewers (10.18 million) and a middling 1.1 demo. CBS’ “I Love Lucy Christmas Special,” at 7 p.m. (8 p.m. Mainland), logged the top demo rating, 1.4, with 8.65 million viewers.

“H50,” themed “Pukana” (Hawaiian for memento or souvenir), focused on a mysterious box with a trinket of sorts inside, discovered by Gracie (Teilor Grubbs) during a beach cleanup with dad Danno Williams (Scott Caan). The plot also involved a serial killer (James Urbaniak), whose house is invaded by a thief in the opening segment; the dude is shot in the head and stuffed in the trunk of a car.

Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) investigates and winds up as a kidnapped victim in the cellar of the home of the serial killer, where he is brutally beaten, gagged and bound. It is the bloodiest moment yet of an attack of a team member. And when he doesn’t (because he couldn’t) respond to his cellphone, Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) launches a search. Thank heavens the killer's g.f. (Heather Dubrow, pictured with Urbaniak, above) shows up, enabling Chin to wiggle his way out of harm's way.

Long story short: This is Chin’s show; he is reunited with his girlfriend, Leilani (Lindsay Price),  he utters the “Mele Kalikimaka” greeting; his fate is of the uttermost interest. Along the way, McBride shows up as a Santa for the second time in “H50” history; he has banter with McG as usual. Forensics guy Fong (Brian Yang) discovers DNA in the locket in the box that provides a key clue to return the trinket to its rightful owner, a Japanese national who survived the chaos and calamity of nature, where his family (and daughter pictured in the heart on a chain), so naturally, there will be closure.

Meantime, Kono (Grace Park) still is in her afar mode, appearing in a cameo from Seattle and then Vancouver; her situation still is in limbo, if anyone still cares.

This episode did have a warm personal surprise for me; when Danno and Gracie return the locket to the dad in Japan, the location for the supposed Nippon neighbor was actually Kokea Gardens, a stone’s throw from Kapalama Canal, where my late mom and dad lived. I know; I recognize the building and the narrow pathway of vegetation between buildings. Seemed to be the precise walkway where my parents lived for years, so it brought back fond memories of a Christmas past.

Programming note: expect returns  of “H50” over the next few days/weeks, including one at 8 p.m. Saturday (Dec. 21) that aired Nov. 12, 2012.

11 Responses to “'H50:' Murder, mayhem, merriment — and a Christmas memory”

  1. Pammie:

    ABC Shark Tank was a repeat yesterday , so H50 was not even able to beat a rerun. YIKES!

    But the top show of the night was I Love Lucy , interesting it got better ratings than the new CBS shows. OMG ,I hope CBS doesn't decide to remake this one too.

    Merry Christmas everyone !

  2. theDman:

    Probably won't have a chance to watch this one, I hope it was at least decent.

    Now Grace's participation on the show is interesting. She was photographed with the gang, manning the phone bank at the recent Kokua for the Phillipines fund raiser here in Honolulu. So, that must mean she has been cleared to travel, but how involved is she going to be with the show? I did not think she was due to rejoin the cast for quite some time.

  3. Belle:

    H50 adjusted up a tenth in the rating and up in total viewers too, so it did win it's slot! 🙂

    Enjoyed this ep a lot! Some touching moments, interesting plot, lighthearted funny lines. This Kono search for Adam needs to end! :/

  4. Pammie:

    I have just checked your link Belle. Sorry but h50 didn't win the time slot. It tied Shark Tank repeat with a 1.3 demo. You know demo 18-49 demo is what determines who wins.

    CBS won the time slot at 8 PM with I Love Lucy. ABC was second with a Shark Tank repeat.
    At 9 pm CBS h50 tied ABC with a Shark Tank repeat.
    At 10 pm CBS Blue Bloods tied ABC with a new 20/20.

    During the holidays I will watch the Pearl Harbor episode and the Carol B. one. I will let everyone know my thoughts .
    And I will post the demo list for all CBS shows when I have a chance.

    Merry Christmas everyone !

  5. Belle:

    "Pammie" "Pammie" "Pammie" You were already all over that link posting with numerous aliases there way before I posted it here. LOL

    H50 and ST tied in demo and H50 was far ahead in total viewers soooo H50 won the slot. That's how it works. The demo was good in context of the entire night for all networks.

  6. Pammie:

    Belle , we will never agree.
    Demo is the only thing advertisers pay for. So that's what matters. H50 could have 30 million viewers , but if the demo is just a weak 1.3 matching a ABC rerun, that's a bad result.
    If some day things change and advertisers pay for total viewers , then a show as h50 could claim victory in a night as last Friday. Until that happens it cannot .
    But if u want to believe h50 won the slot , Free Country.

    Here it is the CBS shows for the week listed by demo. I added the rerun list too in case anyone is interested because it was a week with so many repeats.

    Original episodes

    NCIS LA...............,......2.4
    Person of Interest........2
    H50...............,,,,,, ........1.3
    Blue Bloods.................1.2


    Criminal Minds.........1.8
    T Good Wife.............0.8

  7. frances kakugawa:

    I wish I could read your preview a few days before I view the show to tune me in to more of the details that's going on...I miss out a lot.
    Appreciate your reviews.

  8. AniMatsuri:

    H50 was the highest rated new program of the night. Reruns ruled the Friday schedule with a I Love Lucy special from when most shows were in B&W wining over all.

  9. Belle:


    It's not what I 'want to believe"...H50 DID win its timeslot. FACT.

  10. lu:

    So much for the interesting and anomalous WWII episode the other week. It's back to the old formula for H5-0. Too much brutality/violence for my taste. The Grace Park interlude seemed like a filler.

  11. miracle:

    I think it will be hard to top the Pearl Harbor episode, but this one wasn't bad either. I liked the fact that it was more Chin and Danny related. They both had their own stories, Chin with the main plot and the creepy serial killer, and Danny with a lovely subplot including Gracie and Charlie Fong.

    There were some funny moments and dialogues, too (sorry, but I can't get over "Fritz").

    Some people say they missed the 'ohana at the end of the episode like last year where the team sat together at Kamekona's shrimp truck, and the feelings back than. But I have to say this time it was a bit more than that. Every team member was (or tried to be) with his/her real family at Christmas: Danny and his daughter went to Japan, Chin found some quiet time with his hopefully new love Leilani, Steve and Catherine visited the grave of Steve's dad, and Kono still searched for her love Adam.

    Grace Park is back full time since filming 4.12 in early November. They filmed 4.15 the week before the holidays (Dec. 20, 2013 was the last day of filming).

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