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Hot week for 'H50:' Kono returns, O'Loughlin's garage explodes

January 6th, 2014
Alex O'Loughlin and Chi McBride in "Hawaii Five-0." -- CBS photo

Alex O'Loughlin and Chi McBride in "Hawaii Five-0." -- CBS photo



Grace Park finally returns to “Hawaii Five-0” in this Friday’s (Jan. 10) 8 p.m. episode airing on CBS.  Park, portraying Kono Kalakaua, had been on maternity leave of sorts in Vancouver B.C., where segments were taped for several months then incorporated in context of Hawaii filming.

But in a bizarre turn, Alex O’Loughlin, who plays Det. Steve McGarrett, was on local news this evening when he returned to his Diamond Head home after Honolulu firefighters put out a fire following an explosion in his garage on the slopes of the famed landmark. It might have looked like a segment of the show, but this was real life.

Neighbors heard a boom and fire crews were called at 3:55 p.m., with the fire extinguished in 20 minutes, according to Hawaii News Now. While the actor was on camera, talking to firefighters, he was not interviewed or taped for comment. Most of the damage was restricted to the home’s garage, with the door blown off.  No one was home when the fire and smoke erupted  and there  were no reported injuries. Further details were not revealed.

An investigation is under way to determine the cause.

Meanwhile, there is cause to celebrate; Kono’s back in the saddle on  when

“O Kela Me Keia Manawa (Now and Then)” airs.

During her real-life pregnancy and  on-screen Vancouver residency, Park’s character Kono and her plotline beau, Adam Nishimuri (Ian Anthony Dale), had been on the lam from  the Yakuza. While their lives were at risk, they were separated and his whereabouts unknown, week after week, and very soon, they will reunite, bringing this overlong and overextended  story arc to an end. Finally.

But a new arc begins, involving SWAT Capt. Grover (Chi McBride), a new regular introduced during season four, as his abrasive relationship with McGarrett escalates and erupts like a volcano.

In this episode, both try to locate the former’s friend after committing an alleged murder.

But in an unlikely move, the friction ramps up a couple of notches when Grover slugs McG in the face. Ouch!

This bromance — or brawlmance — will clearly be resolved down the line but for now this frayed partnership between the two crimefighters is out of control. Presumably on the same side of the law, Grover and McG are skilled cops with highly different styles and manners yet to find the common ground. This kind of tumult makes for some spicy exchanges — just wonder how long it'll play out.

And you thought Danno (Scott Caan) was a lout.

Stay tuned. ...

3 Responses to “Hot week for 'H50:' Kono returns, O'Loughlin's garage explodes”

  1. Tiki808:

    I saw this news on Hawaii News Now with Ramsay Wharton this morning. All I can say is what a horrible event. What did the other neighbors say? Or the other locals around the area and in the same tourist based jobs have to say? They all live nearby.

  2. Tiki808:

    Actually this movie sucked. Not popular was this show. The numbers aren't there Hawai'i.

  3. Lu:

    It will be good to see Kono back in action, but I could do without Chi McBride...and Michelle Borth, too.

    Off topic, but thanks Wayne Harada, for the article in the Advertiser about Tihati Productions. I think of polynesian productions as being too touristy, but the article was so interesting, it made me want to see the show.

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