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It’s home sweet home as Kono and ratings return to ‘Five-0’

January 11th, 2014



“Good to be home.”

So uttered Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park), in the final moments of Friday’s “Hawaii Five-0,” summing up the CBS’ show status — ratings up as the New Year begins.


According to the preliminary overnight Nielsen TV ratings, the

“Five-0” episode themed “O Kēlē Me Kēia Manawa (Now and Then),”

had the most viewers in its 8 p.m. (9 p.m.  Mainland) time slot, attracting 10.44 million — it’s been a while since the homegrown show logged double-digit viewership numbers.  However, ABC’s “Shark Tank” in the same hour earned the orchid lei for the coveted 18 to 49 demographics, with a 2.1 ranking and 7.31 million viewers, compared to “Five-0’s” 1.5 demo.


Thus, ABC was No.1 in adults 18 to 49, while CBS was No. 1 viewers, since the Eye Network’s “Blue Bloods” attracted  12.49 million viewers and a 1.5 demo in the 9 p.m. (10 p.m.) slot following “Five-0,” making it the most-watched show for Friday.


About “Five-0:” Kono’s return, along with beau Adam  Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale),  finally puts to rest  the overlong and tedious story arc about their on-the-run status, prompted by her off-screen real-life pregnancy and motherhood in Vancouver, B.C. She's now back in Honolulu to continue developing her Kono role.


Good to be home, indeed.


This episode took on a more subdued and credible plot involving three concurrent elements: the resolution of Kono’s situation, the problem with a fugitive killer on the lam pursued by his pal Captain Grover (Chi McBride) and the blossoming romance between Danno Williams (Scott Caan) and Amber Vitale (Lili Simmons) involving a stray bullet that sends her to the hospital; she is a new character likely to recur now that there’s new love brewing in Danno’s life. Hook ‘em, Danno.


Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) are secondary parts of each story plateau. McG has the expected bromance bickering with Grover, not in the car but in the woods, where some trust and respect emerge despite the suspicions between ‘em. They’re not out of the woods, yet, however, since Grover is not quite ready to spill the beans about his still cloudy and murky personal past.  Chin also has notched down a skosh in this one, providing the leveling hand and sensibility of a devoted crimefighter, who, not unexpectedly, embraces his “cuz” Kono, as she and Adam arrive for a party at McG’s.


The lingering friction between Grover and McG likely will continue till there’s genuine bonding and an earnest friendship as guys on the same team. It ain’t resolved yet, but it will be. This chemistry is far more potent and palatable than the forced dalliance between McG and Catherine (Michelle  Borth). Meanwhile, a thought: Does anyone miss Chin Ho?


22 Responses to “It’s home sweet home as Kono and ratings return to ‘Five-0’”

  1. Pammie:

    Looks like Grace Park helped the show. She must have a big fandom. Good for her !
    H50 will never be able to beat Shark Tank.
    Blue Bloods is the most watched CBS show at 10 pm. Even if impressive it doesn't matter much because it skews pretty old for advertisers , 1.5 demo means old.
    Last week Grimm return got a 1.6 demo. H50 return this week a 1.5 demo. It will be interesting to see where both shows stabilize in a few weeks.

  2. Belle:

    Last week Grimm return got a 1.6 with ZERO competition, all repeats. This week H50 returned to 1.5 against its FULL timeslot competition (and a poor lead-in with an Intellegence repeat) while Grimm earned a 1.3.

  3. Belle:

    Actually Grimm did NOT score a 1.6 when it returned last week against ZERO competition; it rated a 1.5. This week, with competition returned, it scored a 1.3 down 13 percent.

  4. Pammie:

    True. My mistake. Grimm got a 1.5 last week in its return. Matching H50 in its return this week.

    The thing is that Grimm and h50 are not competing with each other but with the rest of the shows in their own networks.
    So far this season CBS Friday strongest show is Undercover Boss , Grimm for nbc and ST for ABC.
    And if you want to talk total viewers, no that matters much , Blue Bloods is the night winner.

  5. Belle:

    Don't think it was a "mistake". 😉 If you know that H50 isn't competing with shows on other networks why do you constantly bring it up when you think it fits your argument? And when it doesn't fit, it's meaningless......unless it "says it all". However the wind blows apparently.

    Anyway, Yay to Kono's return to the team and more importantly the search for Adam! It was a very good ep! Loving the McGrover dynamic! Looks like the team is back (physically) working together soon! Yay again!

  6. Korie Edwards:

    "Grimm got a 1.5 last week in its return. Matching H50 in its return this week."

    Please! Grimm and H50 didn't "match" in their respective returns since Grimm returned at 1.5 to no competition at all whereas H50 returned at 1.5 (with Grimm at 1.3) to its regular full competition and after a longer break.

    Sorry, but why be intentionally misleading and manipulative?

  7. Belle:

    Final ratings...H50 adjusted up a tenth to a 1.6 and added about 30,000 more viewers.

  8. Pammie:

    Here are the numbers for all CBS dramas this week....Sorry it took me so long to post it but I was waiting for Sunday Final numbers.

    From Best performer to Worse performer in demo 18-49.
    * 10 PM shows. Lower numbers expected.

    1.....NCIS......................3 demo
    2....Intelligence..............2.4 demo
    3....Elementary*................2.2 demo.
    4...Person of Interest*......2 demo.
    5...... The Good Wife...,,,,1.8 demo
    6......the Mentalist*...........1.8 demo
    7.......H50........................1.6 demo
    8...... Blue Bloods*..........,,1.5 demo
    9.....Hostages*...................1 demo

    korie , hope u don't find this " intentionally misleading and manipulative". All CBS dramas are here. Easy to see winners and losers.

  9. Belle:

    And obviously there are different expectations for Friday ratings, as TVBTN notates. Here is the latest renew/cancel index, updated today. H50 won the night for CBS! Numbers are good even with a crappy lead-in!

  10. Belle:

    "Pammie" your info is inaccurate. Intelligence just earned a 1.0! Those numbers you posted are from last week when it followed monster NCIS. It slid into cancellation territory last night in its regular timeslot.

  11. Pammie:


    My numbers are correct. Numbers from Monday Jan 6 to Sunday Jan 12.

    The new Intelligence numbers from yesterday belong to week Monday Jan 13 to Sunday Jan 19. Next week I will post those new numbers. 😉

    U cannot mix weeks so it works better for u. Sorry.

  12. Pammie:

    Belle , that Index provides the same information I posted.
    H50 has a 0.66 index. Only two shows get worse indexes than Hawaii. BBloods with a 0.64 and Hostages a 0.52.
    So it says the same thing. Weakest shows, H50 , BB and Hostages.

    But tvbtn same as me and everyone else knows h50 will get renewed because of syndication.

    BTW. Did u see TNT moved h50 airing from primetime , 8-11 pm , to later time 12.-1 am? I found an interesting article about it. I will go get it.

  13. Pammie:

    Here. Some people were wondering why TNT moved h50 . I think this can explain it.

    It talks  about the money TNT lost  after buying the show Without a Trace. Interesting it says how TNT had already moved the show to a "lesser-watched late-night slots"  because of bad numbers. Interesting because that's exactly what they have done to H50 already. TNT aired H50 for months in prime time slots  but they have moved it and it is airing now at 12 -1 AM, a"lesser-watched late-night slot".

    "Trace aired on CBS from September 2002 through May 2009, and on TNT from 2004 until last December. TNT paid approximately $1.4 million an episode for the program—for a total of about $225 million—but the show never performed at expected ratings levels. When CBS decided to cancel Trace last spring, it was already playing in lesser-watched late-night slots on TNT. Writing down the show lets TNT take it off its air, and allows Warner Bros., which made money on the show, to sell it somewhere else."

    Here is the link if u want to read it. Pretty interesting how syndication works. Dont u think? A cable can buy a show which guarantees the show survival on network. But then some shows r a hit on syndication as ncis or tbbt , while others are not . Guess is a risk for cable .

  14. Belle:

    No, "Pammie"/Lucia, you said Intelligence numbers were for this week, knowing full well and conveniently leaving out that it got a 1.1 last night (now adjusted to a 1.2).

    YES H50 will very likely be renewed and NO everyone doesn't "know" that it will be renewed based on syndication. TVBTN bases their renewal predictions based on the NUMBERS and H50 numbers are GOOD for a Friday. Sorry.

  15. Pammie:

    Belle ,

    ---  When I post the CBS weekly demo list , and I have posted it several times , it always goes from Monday to Sunday . And I always wait to post it until I get Sunday final numbers  to avoid confusions. Clearly I could not be posting numbers from yesterday when today is Tuesday and this week is just starting,
    Anyway, the list is there , with dates, and correct. Next Tuesday I will be posting this week numbers and you will see the 1.2 you talked about there.

    --- TVBTN indexes are based on numbers, exactly. And that's why h50 is the third weakest show in that index list . But predictions for CBS shows are based on syndication, specially for shows on Friday and Sundays. Here u have it , from TVBTN , I posted the links so u can see what I posted is correct .

    "Once CBS dramas get moved to Sunday or Friday nights, they're just biding time piling up episodes for the syndication deals that make CBS piles of cash (and motivate other studios to cut their license fees to keep their shows on the air, like The Mentalist). As such, the future of all those shows is likely determined by syndication economics that are hidden to us."

    ---  And they don't consider the h50 numbers "GOOD" as u said.... Read here, they say "okay" or " aren't great by any means".
    I posted the link too .

    "Hawaii Five-0

    Pro: Generating syndication money while costs haven’t risen too high. The ratings are okay for Fridays.

    Con: The ratings aren’t great by any means.

    Odds of renewal: 90%"

    Next week I will post the new list.

  16. Belle:

    "Pammie" your incessant suppositions about the H50 syndication deal with TNT are full of conjecture, as always, and inaccuracies as well - like about the airing times. But enjoy! The time you spend on this is beyond odd. Still insist that you don't watch the show?

  17. AniMatsuri:

    Still, other than Shark Tank, H50 did well against full competition. It's also interesting the replacement series that took H50's Monday time slot aren't doing much better than when H50 had it.

  18. Belle:

    @AniMatsuri The shows that replaced H50's Monday slot have done much worse than H50 ever did. Hostages bombed and Intelligence went into free fall once it moved to that slot and no longer had NCIS as a lead-in.

  19. Wiseguy70005:

    Syndication is reruns sold to local stations where they can show it whenever they want. Reruns shown to a large part (or all) of the country at the same time is not syndication. People seem to think the terms reruns and syndication are interchangable. For example, in my area I can watch Bones on a local station, WGN (really a Chicago local station) or on TNT. The episodes on the local station and WGN are the same ones just shown at different times; this is syndication. TNT shows different episodes but to the whole country; not syndication.

  20. sarah lynn:

    If you look back far enough H50 did worse on Monday than CSI: Miami did. The CSI fans were vocal in pointing that out at the time. Each successive show in that time slot does worse than the one before it seems. I haven't seen Intelligence, but I thought it would be a hit based on what I had been hearing. I would have bet the farm previously that H50 would be cancelled after this season, but CBS has just had too many low-performing new shows.

  21. Pammie:

    I only watch the Original CSI. But even now CBS was hoping h50 moved to Friday would make the night stronger forr them and help BB , but it didn't.

    H50 got a 1.5 demo and 10.42 million yesterday and one year ago CSI NY got a 1.6 demo and 10.72 million viewers.

    And NY was an older show, 9th season , so a younger show in S4 shoudd do way better.

  22. Belle:

    "Pammie" of course you conveniently omitted the fact that there's overall erosion across the board in viewer ratings each year. This week last year CSI:NY got a 1.6 demo (the week prior and after it was considerably lower btw) but its lead-in Undercover Boss scored a 1.9, whereas last night it scored a 1.6, off three tenths from last year as lead-in for H50. So H50 had better retention from its lead-in...the same one CSI:NY had. CSI:NY dropped three tenths whereas H50 dropped one tenth. H50 is off one single tenth what CSI:NY got this week last year (H50 earned a 1.6 LAST WEEK btw with higher viewers than CSI:NY had last year) and Blue Bloods was down a tenth from what it earned last year too.

    This week, last year:
    Undercover Boss 1.9, 9.45
    CSI: NY 1.6, 10.68
    Blue Bloods 1.5, 11.64

    Last night:
    Undercover Boss 1.6, 9.00
    Hawaii Five-0 1.5, 10.42
    Blue Bloods 1.4, 12.47

    It's minutia.

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