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Just take it on the Chin, as 'Hawaii Five-0' explores favors

January 18th, 2014

Hana lokomaika'i (The Favor)
“Hawaii Five-0” has more or less comfortably settled into its Friday night CBS slot at 8 p.m. (9 p.m. Mainland), nestled in-between “Undercover Boss” and “Blue Bloods.”
And it’s been as a good as it gets, since the Hawaii-filmed show has been able to draw the most viewers in this spot (10.42 million on Jan. 17), with a 1.5 rating in the coveted ad-rate-oriented 18 to 49 age demographics, which was second to ABC’s “Shark Tank,” which was No. 1 in demos with 1.7 demos but had fewer viewers (7.39 million).
So there’s stability, at best, for a show shoved into the time and on the night that has been traditionally where series go to die. Think “CSI: New York.”
This week’s episode, “Hana Lokamaikai” (Hawaiian for “Favor”), focused on a creative but congested backstory centering on Daniel Dae Kim as a rookie cop and a cold case on the death of his father Kam Tong Kelly. The format taps a series of flashbacks of five years, and 10 years, see-sawing back to the present day, primed to a current investigation of a Mexican drug cartel. Then and now, the principles of honor, truth, familial ties and loyalty prevail.
In the time-bending template, Chin is subjected to hostile interrogation. Did he do a favor for someone in the past, that possibly triggered a missing link in the death of his dead and the present investigation of that drugger? Did he lie to help a kin?
Unfortunately, the buffet here comes with an overloaded plate of confusion and characters: Steve McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) dad Jack (William Sadler), comes back to life, as Chin’s mentor; Chin’s bride-to-be and then widow Malia (Reiko Aylesworth) also returns in flashbacks. And Chin’s dad, Kam Tong, is seen for the first time — as the murder victim.
The alternating time sequences and return of incidental characters not familiar to the casual viewer almost require a family tree graph to connect the dots to keep up with the procedural pace. Even diehard fans could use a chart to know who’s who in the family chain.
The absence of Danno (Scott Caan) was noticeable, but easily forgotten. OK, that meant no bromance bantering with McG; but there was less McG, too. Not a complaint; just an observation.
The best element of the show: the makeup. With Chin, McG and even Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park, in a formal return to the line up) in flashbacks, we see a youthful, dashing Chin, whose character traits evolve in his current self; McG, in his budding stage, yearns to become a Navy SEAL; Kono displays a penchant for police work and keen family ties.
Gary Ala plays Kam Tong Kelly, and may he rest in peace; his alleged killer is Gabriel Waincroft (Christopher Sean), also seen in “then” and “now” sequences; and Kim’s beloved Malia (Reiko Aylesworth), returns as the sister of Waincroft.
The surly interrogation duo questioning Chin, McG and Kono, seem to come from the sphere of “Law and Order” and “NCIS,” with footage not commonly utilized in “H50:” lots of tight facial closeups, melodramatic lighting, insinuating posture. In other words, dudes without an ounce of aloha.
Clearly, there’s a bit of tweaking and change in the writing style; a lot more character development, less car chases and explosions. With this evolving agenda, “H50” certainly will survive the curse of the Friday time slot. The fact that it needs more episodes to solidify the TNT syndication deal could be its saving grace, but heck, if the show self-improves, it won’t self-implode.
Overall, “Blue Bloods” had the most viewers for the night, 12.47 million; and “Shark Tank” the best demos (2.1 rating). And CBS led the viewership with 10.63 million, but ABC won the 18 to 49 demo race with a 1.7 rating. These were Nielsen overnight numbers for live and same-day viewing, with adjustments expected after DVR and other devices are added.

13 Responses to “Just take it on the Chin, as 'Hawaii Five-0' explores favors”

  1. Gay:

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  2. Jim Lahey:

    ALOHA ! It is just SOOO great to read this from an 'inside Hawai'i' viewpoint !
    I'm a huge fan of H50 , including the original version ..and of places in Honolulu where scenes are shot that 70's tiki bar on Sand Island.

    I can't say I 'super liked' this new version of their format - not enough bright warm Hawai'i scenes for one thing. I mean ...sure, its' a crime show, but it does not have to be all 'new york' concreete block buildings and grimness, like the interoration scenes. I hate seeing a good series start trying to go a new direction and just loosing their way completely.
    And to NOT take total advantage of Hawai'i itself ..and aloha energy just wasteful of some of the most incredible sacred things there are. See if you can get them to incormporate some aloha/hula/kumu energy . Jim.

  3. roach:

    Who played the cop that presented the flag to Chin's mother at the burial? He looked very familiar but I can't place him.

  4. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Has no one noticed that Masi Oka seems to be MIA this season?

  5. lu:

    Overall, I liked this episode. It kept my attention for the most part, although as usual, there were certain scenes that were over the top. Naming DDK's father Kam Tong Kelly was a nice touch--I took that as a "salute" to Kam Fong, the actor who played the original Chin Ho Kelly.

    Opening and closing the show with Grace Park seemed a little odd and forced, even if it is good to see her back. Regarding the party at the end, I really am NOT a fan of Kamekona's "body double" relative/friend. Kamekona is a favorite on the show, but including a "twin" dilutes the effect.

  6. Pammie:

    DDK looks young in that pic. LOL. It made me think of "Lost". One of the best shows on TV. I have all the DVD s and still watch the show sometimes.

    Anyway, in case u guys want to check how all CBS shows do.

    Short list this week  because Thursday and Sunday CBS aired repeats.

    Demo numbers for CBS shows from Monday Jan 14th to Sunday 19th.

    1 - NCIS...............................3 demo
    2 - NCIS LA.........................2.4 demo
    3 - Criminal Minds..............2.4 demo
    4 - Person of Interest*.........2 demo
    5. - CSI*...............................2 demo
    6  - H50.............................. 1.5 demo
    7 - Blue Bloods*..................1.4 demo
    8  -Intelligence*....................1.2 demo

    * 10 PM slot shows , lower numbers expected .

  7. Belle:

    Below is the TVBTN Renew/Cancel Index updated today which, unlike "Pammie's" list above, accurately notates with (F) that Friday shows are evaluated on a lower than average index vs. shows that air during the week. H50 is still predicted as 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 "more likely to be renewed than cancelled by May, 2014" based on its solid ratings.

    "Pammie" your little lists would be much more accurate if you would include that notation.

  8. Belle:

    As for the ep, it was a very good one and is getting great feedback and reviews. I enjoyed it, but personally prefer a little more lightheartedness and fun thrown in. And more McGarrett! 😉 I'm sure Alex appreciated the rare down time to spend with his family. I agree that there was too much flashing back and forth...and teen Kono was a bit weird lol!

  9. Pammie:


    I never said h50 would be canceled. Everyone knows it will be renewed because of syndication.

    H50 won't be renewed because of it "solid" ratings. Even Tvbtn says syndication rules. . Read it here. Syndication is what keeps Friday and Sunday shows alive. The link to these words r in the previous article. They don't mention "solid" ratings, only syndication.

    "Once CBS dramas get moved to Sunday or Friday nights, they're just biding time piling up episodes for the syndication deals that make CBS piles of cash (and motivate other studios to cut their license fees to keep their shows on the air, like The Mentalist). As such, the future of all those shows is likely determined by syndication economics that are hidden to us."

    Even more , CSI NY one year ago got a 1.6 demo while H50 got a 1.5 demo. Then why was NY canceled and H50 renewed? Because NY had enough made episodes for syndication while h50 didn't. So even if NY was a stronger show it got canceled.

  10. Belle:

    ^ Again, no "everyone" doesn't "know" that H50 will be renewed because of syndication! Nor do you! The renew/cancel index is based on RATINGS! The Bubble Watch is based on ratings as week as other factors. Stop trying to muddle and spin everything.

    Here is your list edited to be more accurate:

    Demo numbers for CBS shows from Monday Jan 14th to Sunday 19th.

    1 - NCIS...............................3 demo
    2 - NCIS LA.........................2.4 demo
    3 - Criminal Minds..............2.4 demo
    4 - Person of Interest*.........2 demo
    5. - CSI*...............................2 demo
    6 - H50 (F) .............................. 1.5 demo
    7 - Blue Bloods (F) *..................1.4 demo
    8 -Intelligence*....................1.2 demo

    (F) Fridays: Shows airing on Fridays have significantly lower than average Indexes (lower numbers expected). Indexes are based on ratings.
    * 10 PM slot shows , lower numbers expected .

    Note: Intelligence was down to a 1.1 on 1/20.

  11. Belle:

    Yes, H50 does have solid ratings and great retention from its Undercover Boss lead-in (it has all season)! It's performing better overall than CSI:NY (OMG who cares?) did at this time last year especially considering that viewing is down with each year and also H50 has a weaker lead-in than CSI:NY had last year at this time (1.9 last year vs. 1.6 this year). So H50 has better retention than CSI:NY did.

    TVBTN also stated specifically re: H50 that shows going to Friday to die ONLY applies to shows moved DURING the season (which H50 was NOT) and that H50 can have a long run on Fridays. Look it up. CSI:NY ran on Fridays for three years, seasons 7-9, and already had plenty of eps to satisfy syndication. And *if* they wanted more eps for more syndication more profits then so what? O.o Such is the case for many shows. It's all profit driving the business!

  12. AniMatsuri:

    One of the interrogation duo was played by Robert Keppner who specializes in surly roles.

  13. Belle:

    ^ He was so good! The other part of the duo was too, who I've seen in a ton of things. Lenkov tweeted with Knepper that there are plans for him to do more 5-0 next season, so Chin's woes may not be over...or there will be woe for another 5-0er!

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