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Who’s got a secret? Many do on 'Hawaii Five-0'

March 1st, 2014




“Hawaii Five-0,” featuring Melanie Griffith as the mother of Scott Caan’s character Danny “Danno” Williams, still leads its 8 p.m. (9 p.m. Mainland) time slot on Friday, but the preliminary overnight Nielsen TV ratings number indicate that the island-filmed show dropped a skosh in the coveted 18 to 49 age demographics.griffth

That’s not to blame Griffith in the first of what looks like  recurring appearances; her introduction marks the show’s continuing reach into the past of its principal players. Mama (her name is Clara) Williams brought news that she’s leaving Papa Williams, stunning sonny boy. He didn’t take the news well.

‘Pale‘ia (Buried Secrets),” as the segment was entitled, played out this way in the numbers: the CBS show still draws the most viewers among competitors, luring 10.44 million on Friday (March 1). But its 18 to 49 demos had 1.4 rating (tied with NBC’s “Grimm,” with 5.19 million viewers), which marked a four-tenths drop from a month ago when the last new episode was aired before Friday’s. The demo winner in the 8 p.m. hour was ABC’s “Shark Tank,” with 2.1 (up four tenths from last week) and 7.83 million viewers.  The competish included Fox’s “Enlisted,” with 1.84 million viewers and a 0.6 demo and a repeat of CW’s “Star-Crossed,” with  0.55 million viewers and a 0.2 demo.

Overall, CBS had the most viewers Friday; ABC had the best 18 to 49 demo. Most-watched Friday show was CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” with 11.80 million viewers with a 1.4 demo.

*    *    *

Regarding the episode , there were several secrets — one personal, two buried between the walls of a home, another from the Chicago past that haunts a member of the “Five-0” force now — that played out quite nicely.

Mama Williams’ surprise pop was early and swift; as soon as she appeared from baggage claim, she told Danno that she and her dad are going separate ways.  After the opening credits, the first of two bodies are found in a home, the second late in the show; and Captain Grover’s unknown pilikia in Chicago was played out in black-and-white flashback.  Oh, I guess Teilor Grubbs as Danno’s daughter Gracie (and Mama Williams’ granddaughter) also had a hidden truth: playing hooky from school.

There was a little surprise — a fish out of water, so to speak — when Daryl Hannah, still remembered as a mermaid in “Splash,”  appeared as a realtor. Knew she had filmed an episode recently.

There also was a rare bond of trust and faith — and a hint of future cooperation — when Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) pledged his kokua and support of his till-now arch enemy on the same team, Captain Grover.

Peace in paradise — at last?  Or have they secretly been liking each other — but pretended not to?








14 Responses to “Who’s got a secret? Many do on 'Hawaii Five-0'”

  1. wop ur jaws:

    I really liked last nights' episode. The writing was crisp and tangible. The pace was consistent and the banter had purpose. Kono's presence made a difference. Chin Ho had someone to work with and both had their moments to take the lead in a scene. Daryl Hannah's role being a local could get more mileage, maybe as a informant of sorts. Melanie Griffith's character came across as mother nature trying to live life in the moment which added a touch of humanity - because most can relate to wanting the chance to just live life with little responsibility. I really like the procedural crime drama scenes with Aoki. It gives it a feel like the CSI's which provides a sense of police - like crime solving. Keep up the good writing.

  2. Ro Hart:

    nice to see more insights into our favorite characters' backstories. I think Steve won the whole "who's got the worst mama" argument. (sorry Danno... your mom is 100% loving-nurture mom compared to Steve's super-spy-super-secret-ninja mom) Nice to see Kono working with cousin Chin-Ho once again. I've missed that duo. Really great ep!

  3. AniMatsuri:

    This storyline now allows for another meet-the-parent-shock when they bring in danno's dad sometime in the future.

  4. Belle:

    There were some entertaining moments involving Danno's mom, I just hope they don't get too involved with it. Good, well-written and acted episode overall.

  5. Pammie:

    Olympics over and most TV shows r back ! 🙂

    The demo list t for all CBS  dramas  during the week Monday Jan 24 - Sunday March 2
    As always ncis is cbs Number One drama.

    NCIS...............................2.6 demo
    NCIS LA .........................2.3 demo
    Criminal Minds * ............2.2 demo
    Person of Interest * ........1.8 demo
    Elementary *...................1.6  demo
    Blue Bloods *..................1.4 demo
    H50..................................1.4 demo
    Intelligence *....................1.2 demo

    * 10 pm shows

    The strongest TV shows came back this last week , NBC The Voice with a 3.7 demo airing against NCIS ....ABC Scandal with a 3.4 demo against Elementary ....NBC Blacklist with a 3.1 demo against Intelligence... some of these CBS shows are in very tough spots.
    The Good Wife and The Mentalist didn't air Originals this week.

    BTW, I checked the age for Melanie G  , guess she could be Danno's mom if she had him when she was 19 years old. My mistake when I posted she was too young to play his mom. She just looked younger in that pic.

  6. Belle:

    NCIS...............................2.6 demo
    NCIS LA .........................2.3 demo
    Criminal Minds * ............2.2 demo
    Person of Interest * ........1.8 demo
    Elementary *...................1.6 demo
    H50 ** ..................................1.4 demo
    Blue Bloods * ** ..................1.4 demo
    Intelligence *....................1.2 demo

    * 10 pm shows
    ** Shows airing on Fridays renew with significantly lower than average Indexes

    Updated renew/cancel index from TVBTN:

    Looks like many shows dropped by half a ratings point or more this week so H50 faired well considering! 🙂 H50 rated higher than its lead-in with way more viewers and beat Grimm in the timeslot with a lot more viewers.

    Ratings and viewership are typically lower overall with all shows in the Spring so it looks like that is starting already.

  7. Belle:

    Wow! See what I mean? What is happening in CBS lately? Last night's results (all down vs. last week) from their top performers 'during' the week:

    NCIS scored a season low 2.4 down 8%
    NCIS: Los Angeles garnered a series low 2.1 down 9%
    Person Of Interest earned a series low 1.7 down 6%

  8. Pammie:

    Most CBS shows are down because NBC The Voice was back two weeks ago. The biggest hit in television right now is The Voice with high 3 or low 4 demos.
    NBC owns Monday and Tuesday now because of The Voice. It is all about competition. . H50 got a 1.8 that Friday Grimm was off and instead NBC aired Dateline , but dropped again to 1.4 when Grimm returned as competition.

    But even if some CBS shows are down , H50 still is doing worse than those cbs shows in demo numbers and that means still is getting less money from advertisers than those CBS shows.

    Even if h50 will be back for a S5 because of syndication , I agree with this MediaLife article . This magazine analizies all CBS shows from the buyers "s point of view ,

    “Hawaii Five-0”

    Ratings are down because it moved to Fridays. Still, it’s an expensive investment for a Friday night." Likelihood it will return: 40 percent

  9. Belle:

    Sounds like very encouraging news for Hawaii 5-0 and Hawaii!

    Peter Lenkov Inks New Overall Deal With CBS TV Studios

  10. Belle:

    @"Pammie" once know that ratings demo expectations are significantly lower for Fridays than they are for shows airing during the week. So no, H50 is NOT doing worse - in fact it's dropped LESS than several! All this accurate information without a biased spin can be found at :

    Last week:

    - Intelligence matched last week's 1.2 adults 18-49 rating

    - NCIS down five tenths/half a ratings point
    - NCIS: Los Angeles tied its series low, down six tenths
    - Person Of Interest hit a series low, down four tenths (later adj up one tenth in finals)

    - Criminal Minds down two tenths (later adj up one tenth in finals)

    - Elementary down two tenths

    - Hawaii Five-0 down four tenths
    - Blue Bloods down two tenths

    This week:

    - Intelligence matched last week's 1.2 adults 18-49 rating

    - NCIS scored a season low, down two tenths (8%) (later adj up one tenth in finals)
    - NCIS: Los Angeles garnered a series low, down one tenths (-9%)
    - Person Of Interest earned a series low, down one tenths (-6%)

    - Criminal Minds up four tenths (+18%)
    - CSI notched down three tenths (-15%)

  11. Belle:

    Sorry, meant to add this..... Interesting article on time change in Spring and impact on ratings.

  12. Pammie:

    It doesn't matter how much other CBS dramas drop , at the end of the day it is a competition between all CBS DRamas and h50 is still one of the lowest rated ones. Unless those other dramas drop more than h50 , it doesn't matter.

    True that Friday shows r expexted lower numbers and that is why a expensive hot drama is never placed on Fridays , because the costs are high and ad money is low on Fridays. , Blue Bloods was always meant to be a Friday show , it was made thinking on Fridays , a low rated night . Instead as MedialLife said h50is as expensive show. It is a show made thinking in a hot week spot that had to be moved to Fridays. So Blue Bloods is the only real Friday show there. H50 is not , it was moved there because of low numbers, and that is a big difference.

    About Peter L. It makes sense he continues with h50. He was a lot of years in CSI NY and he did a great job there, one of the few CSI I watched. Same way he jumped from NY to H50 , he will jump to another CBS cop show when h50 ends. CBS likes him and he is a good producer , NY was a hit , it lasted 9 years.

    But what is shocking from that Press Release is the part saying h50 averaging 11.6 million this season LOL. We all have been checking the numbers here each week and during 15 episodes only once the show had over 11 million viewers, the night it aired against Dateline,and it was 11.2 million viewers.....So that 11.6 million average is a mathematic miracle:-) . Clearly they are using the DVR numbers to make the show look stronger. They would no need to do this if numbers were good.

  13. Belle:

    @"Pammie"/Lucia - Your incessant (and lengthy) anti-fan wank is unbelievable (literally). LOL Are you still pretending you don't even watch the show? O.o Again, CBS dramas are compared to one another with this important notation of FACT from tvbythenumbers.....

    "(F) -Fridays: Shows airing on Fridays were renewed with significantly lower than average Indexes."

    CBS didn't pull the number of viewers out of their butts for the press release. If the average included DVR numbers it would be even higher.

    As the CBS release about Peter Lenkov's deal any Lenkov himself said...he got the deal largely because of his success with Hawaii Five-0! You hate hearing that but it's a FACT nonetheless.

  14. LittleLady:

    I liked this episode a lot, but mostly for the Grover back story (lovin' the bromance between Steve & Grover) and also for the Williams' family drama. Wasn't too interested in the crime of the week although I enjoyed seeing Chin and Kono back in action. I missed Catherine though. Best lines in the whole show was when Max fired up the chainsaw and asked "who am I" and Steve said "someone who wants to get shot." LOL

    Now as far as the ratings go, H50 consistently has the highest amount of viewers in it's time slot and consistently has the second highest demo in it's time slot, every week. Consistance is a good thing. That being said the drop in the demo seems to be a common trend this week and I wouldn't be overly concerned. IF H50 was the only show that dropped I would be concerned, but it means nothing, it especially does not mean doesn't H50 is doing worse then the other CBS shows, it dropped in demo just like all of them did.

    Pammie I don't understand why you feel the need to come to this blog with animosity against H50, you are always looking for the negative and when there is none you make it up. CBS is pleased with it's performance and no matter how many people you try to convince otherwise it will not change how CBS looks at the show. They are also very pleased with Peter and yes he has a successful history with CSI/NY that's why the hired him for H50. Obviously they are pleased with him for his success with H50, that's why they gave him another 2 year contract, which would lead people to assume H50 will continue for 2 more years at least. Yes he can do other projects for them but if they weren't happy with H50 chances are they wouldn't have kept him around.

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