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Fright night rating stats: It’s pretty much status quo

March 8th, 2014



Friday night (March 7) TV ratings at-a-glance, according to the overnight Nielsen survey:

  • CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” is stable in its 8 p.m. slot (9 p.m. Mainland),  winning its hour in viewership (10.27 million), and 1.4 rating in the 18 to 49 demographics (matching last week’s outing).
  • But in the same hour, ABC’s “Shark Tank” had the best 18 to 49 demo (2.9 rating), but fewer viewers (7.49 million).
  • Same hour, different dial: NBC’s “Grimm” managed to  beat “H50” in the 18 to 49 demo, with a 1.5 rating, though its viewership fell short at 5.64 million.
  • CBS’ “Blue Bloods” posted the most viewers at 9 p.m. (10 p.m. Mainland), with 11.87 million. But it had a 1.45 demo, with ABC’s “20/20” garnering a skosh more, 1.8 rating demo.
  • In the big picture, ABC was No. 1 in adults 18-49  with a 1.6 rating, besting CBS’ 1.4 demo;  but CBS had the most viewers over-all, 9.866 million, compared to ABC’s 6.636 million over-all.

So “H50” on Friday is a sweet match — enabling the island show to attract the numbers it couldn’t garner on Mondays.

The episode, “Hoku Welowelo (Fire in the Sky),” dealt with a mysterious Chinese satellite falling from the sky, creating initial tension: is this an omen with roots in ancient Hawaii, or a conspiracy object with global political implications?


The incident brings back Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia), a bear of a man with incredible intuition and savvy, whose presence provides humor, anticipation and some stability — the guy knows his stuff and his physique is enough to maintain your interest.

Mama Clara Williams (Melanie Griffith) lingers, to irritate son Danno Williams (Scott Caan) when she hitches a ride to go crimefighting with Captain Grover (Chi McBride),

certainly a violation of the investigation credo. But aside from the tension she brings along, she evokes humor and helps release stress — and is a much more appealing mom figure than Mama McG (Christine Lahti), who confuses and clouds son Steve McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) m.o.

There’s more bonding between Grover and McG, to follow last week’s peace pipe exchange of sorts, so yes, there’s another flashback, with McG remembering an incident in North Korea, over a cuppa Joe.

Then there was the Chinese spy Zi Chen (Elaine Tan), who throws out menacing stares but  doesn’t become the dragon lady she could have been. Amid the show’s conventions and clichés, she was never nasty or threatening — but then again, she had her own agenda of discovering the fallen satellite to protect Chinese intelligence.

Good to see Kono (Grace Park) back in the groove with cuz Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), and since Catherine (Michelle Borth) is now part of  investigative team (ever since Kono was on the lam in Vancouver), she’s along for the ride in case-solving, minus romantic clinches with McG.

Over-all, it was a comfy outing — safe in delivery, not groundbreaking.


4 Responses to “Fright night rating stats: It’s pretty much status quo”

  1. Belle:

    @Wayne, enjoyed your review and agree totally! 🙂 Well said. This episode was an excellent mix of fun moments and drama. Jorge Garcia will be back next ep too! I hope they find ways to keep him coming back!

  2. Pammie:

    Hello. Here is the CBS list. Sorry I could not posted it earlier. Really busy week.

    CBS  dramas  Monday - Sunday , March 3-9 , going in order from the highest- to the lowest-rated:
    All media expects CBS to cancel two shows from this list , Intelligence and The Mentalist. Next season this list will be more interesting to check.

    Criminal Minds..........2.6
    NCIS LA* ...................2.1
    Elementary* ................1.8
    Person of Interest*......1.7
    CSI *............................1.7
    The Mentalist...............1.6
    Blue Bloods*................1.4
    H50........................ .....1.4
    The Good Wife.............1.3

    * 10 pm shows.

    The Good Wife  didn't drop much considering it aired against the premiere of ABC Resurrection that got a 3.8 demo , highest drama last week.
    I will watch abc Resurrection as soon a I get a chance , everyone says it was really good . Numbers were awesome but then we will need to wait a few weeks to see if it is a real hit , some shows premiere big but soon drop , remember H50 pilot got a 3.9 demo and now is getting a 1.4 .
    ABC was the network that gave me my Number One show , LOST 🙂 . I would love Resurrection to be the same type of hit , but as I said too soon to tell.

  3. Belle:

    ^ Whatever Lucia. There are so many convenient omissions in your incessant post, it's not worth the bother repeating the actual facts. Spin all you want to make yourself feel better. It's rude of you to never bother commenting on Wayne's articles and using his forum for your bizarre rhetoric.

  4. LittleLady:

    Love the way you summed it up Wayne. There was definitely a lot going on is this episode but it worked. Sometimes there is so much going on in an episode I loose interest in a story, but not this time. Love the character of Jerry and it cracked me up in the end when he called Steve roomie. The relationship between McG and Grover is fast becoming my favorite. They are both alpha males, but the have a mutual respect for each other, and there is no pointless screaming.

    And I agree with your remark about it being a perfect fit for Friday nights, where it is holding steady in the ratings, and holding steady is a good thing.

    Pammie no need to apologize for being late with you meaningless posts, no one cares anyway. Actually I take that back, there are two guys, Tim and Mike, over at by-the-numbers that like to post meaningless negative stuff about H50 and Alex, they might care.

    BTW, the announcement was made today that H50 was officially picked up by CBS for a 5th season. Looks like Alex will be staying in Hawaii for a while longer.

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