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TGIF: 'Hawaii Five-0' on track — adds Garcia, in Top 20

March 14th, 2014

Thank God It’s Friday — should be the mantra for CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0.”

Its relocation to the Friday night viewerscape, preceding “Blue Bloods,” has been a godsend.













                                                                                                                                         CBS photo - Norm Shapiro


  • The network just elevated Jorge Garcia, the “Lost” alumnus who has been an audience favorite playing Jerry Ortega, a conspiracy theorist with whimsy and invention, to series regular. It’s the next-best thing for the show since Chi McBride was brought on as a regular to portray cynical but effective Captain Lou Grover.
  • Earlier this week, the show was green-lighted for a fifth season and its producer and honcho, Peter Lenkov, earned a new two-year extension with CBS, a deal that allows him to continue "Five-0" and create new programming.
  • “Five-0” has fortified its Nielsen TV ratings, becoming the most-watched show in the 8 p.m. hour (9 p.m. Mainland). Now it needs to improve its ranking in the 18 to 49 demographics, where it now trails “Shark Tank.”
  • “Five-0’s” Friday performance has landed the show into the Top 20 network series — at No. 15. OK, it’s not the Top 10, but it’s an improvement from the past two seasons.  The most-watched Friday show is “Blue Bloods,” which ranks No. 7 in the Top 20.

This kind of feel-good karma certainly must be impacting the spirit and morale on set. The show is completing its 22nd episode and fourth season later this month, surely on a happy note.


Here are the Top 20 network shows, based on last week’s ranking, followed by viewership in the millions:


1 — “Big Bang Theory” (CBS), 18.1.

2 — “NCIS” (CBS), 17.9.

3 — “The Voice,” Monday (NBC), 15.6.

4 — “The Voice,” Tuesday (NBC), 14.5.

5 — “NCIS: Los Angeles” (CBS), 14.4.

6 — “Ressurection” (ABC), 13.9.

7 — “Blue Bloods” (CBS), 12.0.

8 — “The Millers” (CBS), 11.6.

9 — “Criminal Minds” (CBS), 11.4.

10 — “The Black List” (NBC), 11.0.

11 — “60 Minutes” (CBS), 10.7.

12 — “Person of Interest” (CBS), 10.6.

13 — “American Idol,” Wednesday (Fox), 10.5.

14 — “Two and a Half Men” (CBS), 10.4.

15 — “Hawaii Five-0” (CBS), 10.3.

16 — “The Mentalist” (CBS), 9.9.

17 — “American Idol,” Thursday (Fox), 9.8.

18 — “Survivor” (CBS), 9.6.

19 — “CSI” (CBS), 9.3.

20 — “Modern Family” (ABC), 9.2.




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