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Shudders! The Shelburne issue resurfaces on 'Five-0'

March 15th, 2014

Just when you thought “Hawaii Five-0” was making strides, along comes the prospects of the return of the Shelburne story line in Friday night’s (March 14) episode.

Say it ain’t so. Enough, already.

The relaunch of the Shelburne arc comes when Jerry Ortega, the adorable theorist played by Jorge Garcia, discovers that red Champion toolbox while staying with Steve McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) home. On the bottom of the red box — you know, the one that McG’s dad owned  and the center of a niggling uncertainties — is a bizarre code and a misspelled “Shelburn.” Without the e.

With Jerry as an announced regular player for the upcoming fifth season, there’s every reason to believe that Shelburne, linked to Mama McG (Christine Lahti), also is ready for prime time again.

She’s been absent, while the scripts have scurried along with more relevant weekly tales. A turnaround is anticipated, darn it.

This, as “Five-0” held on to the No. 1 viewership in its time slot  matching last week’s showing with 10.06 million and a 1.4 rating in the 18 to  49 demographics, though “Five-0” trails “Shark Tank” (1.9 demo,  down from 2.1 last week) but ahead of its 7.42 million viewers, according to preliminary Nielsen overnight ratings. The numbers, however, are expected to be adjusted since CBS and ABC pre-empted or delayed  some shows due to sports programming, with final numbers due Monday.

The episode, themed “Ma Lalo O Ka ’ili (Beneath the Surface),” also brought back the Mama Williams (Melanie Griffith) character and her spouse (Tom Berenger), amid her divorce issues and his attempts to keep the flame going. The parents of Danno Williams (Scott Caan) get much too much time as third-tier characters on a police procedural.melanie

The key storyline involved two youths, Tommy (Booboo Stewart) and Kelly (Conor Leslie), as abused teens with checkered pasts, on the lam for petty crimes — forcing beaucoup cop chases, flying bullets, and an unnecessary killing of Tommy with a not-so-cool but not unexpected fate for the “victim” that Kelly tried to become, and who obviously wasn’t more than a lying manipulator. So the system works, somewhat — she gets her due, but a question arises: why weren’t McGarrett’s orders to hold fire followed?

There were some usual rituals with a twist or two — a special bromance brewing between Jerry and McG; a veil of secrecy and scrutiny, involving Mama Williams and Danno; and icy bravura not from Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) but from the Cuz herself, Kono (Grace Park), when she admonishes Kelly, “You get nothing,” with cunning sarcasm.

You go, girl! And welcome back.

Not so the implied international spotlight on Cambodia (remember Korea?) regarding the renewed magnification of a tired issue revolving around Shelburne, whatever the spelling.

Oh, and the evening’s best performers:

  • CBS' “Blue Bloods” had the best viewership, 12.02 million viewers.
  • ABC's “20/20” and “Shark Tank” tied with the  best 18 to 49 demographics with a 1.9 rating.
  • CBS had the most viewers, 9.72 million.
  • ABC posted the best 18 to 49 demo, 1.6 rating.


4 Responses to “Shudders! The Shelburne issue resurfaces on 'Five-0'”

  1. AniMatsuri:

    With the new character Jerry added to the mix, the layers upon layers of the Shelburne storyline is a perfect fit for him.

    For all the shuddering Wayne does when elements of the show that he doesn't like come up, CBS liked them enough to give the lead producer 2 more years to go at it instead of replacing him. I guess he would like to see more cut and dried procedurals episodes with a slant on Hawai'i issues. Remembering back to the articles written when the show 1st appeared pointed to the sort of stories they wanted to tell and years later it seems they haven't deviated much from that direction no matter how much the critics complain.

  2. Pammie:

    I remember when James Caan was a guest star in the show. I watched that episode because I was curious to see dad and son working together. Now seeing that pic in the article I wonder why they didn't use James Caan as the dad in the show instead of the other part he played , it would had made so much sense, IMO.

    Peter L. has been working with CBS for a lot of years now so clearly they like how he handles their procedurals. Then H50 has already been moved to low rated Fridays , so not even sure how much invested  CBS is in changing the show direction anymore, so why change Peter L. For CBS now is mostly about making more number of episodes than other thing,

    Final numbers are out.

    First ..........ABC Shark Tank .....2 demo and  7.49 million viewers.
    Second......NBC Grimm ...........1.6 demo and 5.63 million viewers.
    Third..........CBS H50  ...............1.4 demo and 9.53 million viewers.

  3. AniMatsuri:

    James Caan said he would not come on the show if they had written him in as Danno's dad.

  4. Pammie:

    Oh thank you,  I didn't know that.

    Well, I bet James Caan had his reasons for that . I just wondered about that when I saw the pic Wayne posted . There are several successful father-son acting duos, Will and Jaden Smith , Keifer and Donald Sutherland , Charlie and Martin Sheen...

    Although Scott and his dad have worked together in the past  , in the movie Mercy (2009) , the movie was written by Scott and both acted in it.
    I knew James Caan said he took the role in H50 because he just wanted to spend time with his son , that's pretty sweet. He must feel really proud of his son.

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