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Truth or consequences: Malaysia Airline ad real or fake?

March 21st, 2014

Is this a real Malaysia Airlines advertisement, or a cruel joke? Can't verify...

Whatever — this is making the rounds on the Internet. Unintended truth-in-advertising, or someone's bad humor, in light of the disappearance of the jetliner?

What's your take?

Malaysia Airlines Advertisement comes true

Ad agency would never have thought this will come back to haunt them !"Wherever you go no one will ever know"【搭乘马航 了无行踪】

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One Response to “Truth or consequences: Malaysia Airline ad real or fake?”

  1. rayboyjr:

    ... my take is that, as a responsible journalist, you should not be continuing the spread of this ... you said it yourself that you can't verify ...

    ... anyway, if you had done an simple search ... you would have found that it fake ... there's many pictures of the real ad ...

    ... thankfully, the picture above is not displaying ...

    ... as for the quote you printed ... the real ad says "Wherever you go rewards will follow" ...

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