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No surprise: no fifth season for Michelle Borth on 'Hawaii Five-0'

March 27th, 2014

Steve McGarrett’s main squeeze, Catherine, is not returning for a fifth season on CBS’s “Hawaii Five-0.”

According to TV Online, actress Michelle Borth, who portrays the love interest of series star Alex O’Loughlin, will be saying aloha in an episode coming up before the show’s May 9 finale.

It’s not really a surprise. La O Na Makuahine

Her role became an ongoing thing during season three, though Cat Rollins was introduced during season one. This might have been essential when the show  needed a female element particularly during the months that series regular Grace Park, as Kono Kalakaua, was missing in action because of her off-screen pregnancy and extended stay in Vancouver,  B.C., the actresses’  home origins. Catherine was elevated to recurring character and tapped with a bit more on-camera business anticipating Kono’s leave.

But when Park resumed her Hawaii presence several weeks back, Cat’s presence seem to diminish, along with  those kissy and cuddly moments.

And just this week, it was announced that she’s packing up by the end of season four, though not before an extended focus, including flashbacks preceding her formal exit.

Some loose threads exist, along with questions: Will McG consequently get a new girlfriend, or even spouse, next season?  Is Mama McG (Christine Lahti) also at the end of her run, though story elements this season suggest she’s not pau yet? The hot mama this season has been Mama Williams (Melanie Griffith), playing the mother of Danno Williams (Scott Caan).

Further, will there be further housekeeping/downsizing with other roles? While Wo Fat will apparently appear  in this season’s finale, he is no longer the threat he used to be and it wouldn’t be a shocker if a new irritator starts menacing McG  as he journeys to new seas  of storytelling. Or expansion — like, we’ve yet to meet parents of Kono Kalakaua and her cuz Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim). The show seems to adore family trees, at least in the first four seasons, and the forest has become a tad cluttered.

Are these departures/additions bothersome for you, as a viewer?

11 Responses to “No surprise: no fifth season for Michelle Borth on 'Hawaii Five-0'”

  1. theDman:

    I really appreciated Michelle Borth as an actor and as a person and I am sorry to see her go. This business is littered with divas and primadonnas, Michelle Borth is not one of them. That gets my respect.

    Sometimes we get caught up in the hype and we say, "well, so-and-so is just not hot enough", or, "they really are not that good of an actor", but you know, "hotness" only lasts a few years (very few!), people get old fast, and the actors on this show are very functional in the practice of their craft. They are not in the elite class, but they don't have to be.

    I wish Michelle the best and hope she enjoyed her stay while she was here in Hawaii and doing the show.

  2. Wes:

    What's the chance of keeping Michelle and getting rid of that clown who plays Dano?

    In the original Hawaii 5-0 there were 2 actors who played that role which eventually went

    to James Macarthur. It's about time you give someone else a shot with a different

    script where Dano doesn't ask stupid questions about culture and traditions about the

    island he supposedly lives on and people he protects. All the rest of the crew plays their

    parts well and makes the plot interesting. The series will do better with a new Dano.

  3. hossana:

    HAWAII 5-0 should follow Michelle Borth and disappear at end of the 5th season.

  4. Carol s. Kohn:

    Wow, this is a surprise tthat I thought would never happen! Maybe what they should do is do what was done in the classic show when Chin Ho waskilled off in one of the last seasons of the classic 'Hawaii Five-0' or that she has been reassigned to work elsewhere.

  5. Kalanaka:

    A side note on family tree...a season or so ago, Dannos father appeared who happen to be Steve Caans real father. Why the change this season to Tom Berrenger?

  6. kathym:

    I actually liked her on the show. they should 'retire" danno; he's getting boring, not to mention that he "dissed" hawaii!

  7. Robert Young:

    Have not watched new 5-0. It's just so difficult to see the way they hack the culture with all ka-tonk actors.

  8. Don Marino:

    Stick with the story line of crime fighting. Keep the personal life stuff to a minimum. I would like to see the crime happen and how they track the criminal down and catch them. The mushy stuff takes away from the story. Also, I would like to see more of the Island in the scenes. Lived there for a while and love to see some old familiar site.

  9. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Too bad, her presence was at least interesting compared to some of the regulars. I just hope they don't shoot her in the head or blow up in a car to prevent her return should Park cut and run from the series.

  10. AniMatsuri:

    With the addition of Chi McBride someone had to be cut. Still, she way better than that cold blonde who seems better suited playing a uptight lesbian paramedic in Chicago Fire.

  11. Five-O Supporter:

    Too bad. I liked Michelle Borth and her role as Catherine. Will they completely write her off the show? Who'll be their insider for Navy intelligence assistance, if so? I just hope they don't kill her off like they did with Malia.

    Anyway, there's only so much screen time to go around and they even seem to be struggling to fit Kono back into the mix. And where's Adam? I think I missed something.

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