Scott Caan replaces Shia Lebeouf as con man in 'Kasbah' film

April 1st, 2014



With “Hawaii Five-0” filming pau for the fourth season, series co-star Scott Caan, who plays Danny “Danno” Williams, can focus on his extra-curricular projects.

Caan has been tapped to replace Shia Labeouf in Barry Levinson’s “Rock the Kasbah” film. Caan will play a con man who tricks the main figure, a fading rock manager, played by Bill Murray. The film, also starring Bruce Willis and Kate Hudson, involves a botched USO tour of Afghanistan, where the Murray character finds himself sans passport or moolah.

Caan, the actor who created a stir when he earlier said he didn’t like the slow pace or the food in Hawaii, also has been filming a movie version of the HBO hit show, “Entourage,” expanding his profile more than any other regular on the CBS show based in Hawaii. The series ran eight seasons on HBO.

“Entourage” began filming in January, with a storyline beginning six months after the TV series ended. The project reunites the original cast featuring Caan, Jerry Piven, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Dillon and Debi Mazar, with Billy Bob Thornton and Hayley Joel Osmont joining the roster. The film is expected to be released in June, 2015.

Caan has diversified his show biz creds on stage, too. His play, “Two Wrongs,” had a brief run earlier at the Ocean City Center for the Arts in Maryland.  It’s described as a psychoanalytic contemporary comedy.


3 Responses to “Scott Caan replaces Shia Lebeouf as con man in 'Kasbah' film”

  1. primo123:

    maybe caan will stay on the mainland and not come back? we can hope?

  2. Pammie:

    Seems Scott won't spend all these free months surfing or enjoying the beach.:-)

    Well with the long H50 hiatus  , a lot of time to make movies. Daniel Dae Kim has that producer deal with CBS so he  will be busy with that .

    There was a Deadline Hollywood article last year about how popular TV actors are offered movie roles during their TV shows  hiatus . Movie producers want those popular faces in their movies.

    Nathan Fillion from ABC "Castle " , Ian Somerhalder from CW "The Vampire Diaries", Simon Baker from CBS " The Mentalist" ...A lot TV actors get movie offers during their shows hiatus.

  3. AniMatsuri:

    Entourage being a hit show is relative since it got more press than it did viewers since HBO doesn't depend on ratings to decide on whether to keep a show running.