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Bruno Mars, the singer, vs. Mars, the chocolate candy bar

April 21st, 2014



With Bruno Mars in town for three historic sell-out concerts (and not forgetting the ticket controversy involving re-salers buying most of the available seats), it might be a good moment to compare Mars, the singer, with another Mars, the candy bar.


mars bar





BRUNO  MARS             VS.            MARS BAR
$148, including Ticketmaster fees, for prime seats COST TO                INDULGE  Under $1.39, at Walmart or, for small 2 oz. bar
Smooth moves, smart grooves, falsetto tones, the epitome of cool, commonly topped by a hat        IDENTIFYING         FACTORS  Sweet taste, with nougat, almond, soft caramel insides, and milk chocolate coating
Oozes charm, provokes squeals from young girls and women          SEX APPEAL Fits in pocket or purse,  easy to take home, but difficult to find
Headlined 2014 Super Bowl halftime show; a one-of-a-kind creation with homegrown Honolulu roots, earlier known as the world’s Littlest Elvis impersonator         CLAIM TO               FAME Has storied past, and  British roots, with a world version, a Canadian version, and an American version only sold at Walmart

One Response to “Bruno Mars, the singer, vs. Mars, the chocolate candy bar”

  1. Kuz'n Wally:

    having known and worked with both , many years ago in Hawaii...comments spot on...both kool and will always stand the test of time...

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