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Five things to consider for ‘Five-0’s’ fifth season

June 16th, 2014




 Michelle Borth, Alex O'Loughlin on CBS' "Hawaii Five-0:" While she bid aloha at the end of Season 4, should Borth as Catherine return again as a recurring character/love-interest for Steve McGarrett?






With CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” poised to launch Season 5 filming in July, the show’s writers already are at work to produce new scripts.

Four are aboard the creative team to create about 24 episodes, led by script coordinator Sue Palmer whose team includes Kenny Kyle, Sarah Byrd and Akeba Gaddis.

Mum’s the word, of course, on the specifics of the plots but the storylines will embrace the “Five-0” team including Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett, Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly, Scott Caan as Danny “Danno” Williams and Grace Park as Kono Kalakaua.

This will be the first season that the series will be headquartered at the Hawaii Film Studios on the slopes of Diamond Head. While a fall kick-off is yet to be formally announced, the show will return to the Friday lineup at 8 p.m. Hawaii time (9 p.m. Mainland), preceding CBS’ “Blue Bloods” starring Tom Selleck, the network’s previous “Magnum P.I.” headliner.

No word yet if the traditional Sunset on the Beach premiere screening, on the beach at Waikik, will be a go.

The show’s treasury of characters has enlarge and expanded over the four seasons, with recurring secondary characters anchored in story arcs that likely will continue, hopefully with less frequency and with a better sense of reality.

Here are five things we’d like to see:

  • The return of the Catherine Rollins character played by Michelle Borth. Surely, her part was magnified in the brief absence of actress Park, whose real-life motherhood was shielded in an on-the-lam story tapping her on-screen boyfriend.  The likelihood of Borth’s return seems logical: she was not killed off, audiences adored her, depending on what she might land on TV, she just may be the trump card “Five-0” needs somewhere during the season. Further, McG has no object of his affection going into the new season.
  • Shelve  Doris McGarrett (Christine Lahti), mother of McG,  and retired Navy commander Joe White (Terry O’Quinn), who brought aboard more luggage and despair in their cloudy, confused demeanors, triggering far too many loose ends and conspiracy theories. Each time either returned, there was clutter and tangle to impede the “Five-0” storytelling rhythm. Pau, already.
  • Wo Fat, now disfigured, also has outlived his usefulness as McG’s nemesis; let him disappear, too, to some destination. If the series needs him in its hip pocket, he could be summoned back. And please: do we need segments on Wo Fat’s mother and father, to fill in the blanks of his family tree? Fans of actor Mark Decascos can still view him as The Chairman on The Food Network’s “Iron Chef, ” after all.
  • Eliminate those far-flung reaches with foreign destination storylines; Borth’s dedication, to seek a conclusion and closure in an Afghan segment in the Season 4 finale, was a whimper of a finish for the show — not a ratings leader. Indeed, the tale was as drab as the desert landscape. Shelve, too, any intention to fly a chopper to Korea for McG (remember?) — if there’s a foreign tie, at least make it believable.
  • Build up the secondary figures in the “Five-0” ohana; Chi McBride, as SWAT ace Lou Grover; has found his niche and audience base, from a competitor/foe of McG, to a buddy-buddy;  Jorge Garcia, as conspiracy theorist Jerry Ortega, has built-in oddity to hold interest and command, with equal parts seriousness and comedy — in short, he brings extra value and creds; Dennis Chun, as Officer Duke Lukela in the Honolulu Police Department, continues to land meatier roles thanks to his symbolic. historic tie to the original Jack Lord “Five-0,” where his late dad was Kam Fong Chun who originated the Chin Ho Kelly role; Kamekona (Taylor Wily), the shrimp truck operator, is  in an awkward place, recurring as a caricature of local culture and manners so if he continues, the writers should instill dignity and humanity to his presence.

Is this too much to ask for, for Season 5?






15 Responses to “Five things to consider for ‘Five-0’s’ fifth season”

  1. Manoa_Fisherman:

    Why not bring on a cross over episode with "Blue Bloods" characters from NYC tied in to Williams character from NJ. I would enjoy seeing a good actor like Donnie Wahlberg for once in the series. Selleck doesn't have to even appear in the cross over, Wahlberg can get him a Detroit baseball cap as a souvenir from Hawaii as a sight gag.

  2. Katie:

    Absolutely, positively NO to bringing Catherine Rollins back. The character has become boring, useless, and has no real purpose other than being McG's girlfriend. The attempt to add her to the Task Force was a wasted effort.

    I would be perfectly fine with there being no love interest for McG this season and focus more on the procedural aspect of the show.

  3. 808Chef:

    What they need to do is make another cross over with NCIS: LA and maybe even NCIS.

  4. Diamond Head Resident:

    Correction to your article: This will be the second season that Hawaii Five-0 will be headquartered at the Hawaii Film Studios, not the first. They were there all of last season.

  5. Steve P:

    They should kill the series while it still has vestiges of life remaining. Better to go out with a little success than die ignominiously which seems to be around the corner.

  6. Wiseguy70005:

    @ Steve P.

    So you're saying the original HF0 should have been canceled after the eighth or ninth season?
    The new version is not yet at that point. Don't like it? Don't watch it.

  7. innocent observer:

    fire s. caan, he is just terrible.. many quit watching the show after his belittling comments about Hawaii. he wants action, then go back to new York. amen.

  8. Carole m:

    I totally agree with Wayne. Really do not like terroist segments and do not watch.
    I would like to see more local people in realistic roles - one of the reasons my husband won't watch Hawaii 5-0. I do not like the 8 pm Friday slot.

  9. Still a fan yet...:

    I generally enjoy the show.. my biggest knock is that there are very few truly local actors that reflect the diversity in Hawaii. Most of the time, they are portraying the criminal element in bit parts. Most of the main guest roles are caucasian. (yes there are caucasians in Hawaii but it's still not representative of the "local flavor") Just my random thoughts.. no offense intended towards anyone lol

  10. theDman:

    It gets tough to bring Catherine back, that story seems to have ended. Not sure Michelle would be enthusiastic to come back. Her life and career needs to move onward to other things.

    Those "far-flung" locations are hard to take seriously, just kind of silly. Oh, and I am sure there will be more of those to come.

  11. Teresa Kapalana:

    Wayne , as usual, you are wrong about this show. Please just stop writing about it. You have done nothing but whine since it has been on. I have been reading you for years, you didn't used to be so whiney. Some of the things you suggested, we like. Wo Fat was in the original Five-O all through. Catherine can go. I think Joe White should be on more. I really don't care either way about Doris as I can take or leave her. The rest of the cast, just leave them alone, they are fine. Please stop watching and writing about a show you obviously don't like. Did you do this about Magnum, that wasn't all realistic either. There were people on there I didn't like, but loved the show. I don't remember you whining every day about that.

  12. Lucy:

    I would love very much for the show to bring Catherine back every once in awhile.Would be even nicer all the time .But the ptb .Don't want it.And Michelle was treated bad by the shippers that i would,t blame her to not want too.Hope the show last's a long time.But i would like for Alex to have time to make movies.that's my opinion and you know what they say.

  13. Tyson Sinclair:

    Please bring Catherine back! Love, love, love Catherine and Steve together! It makes no sense that he would leave her over there without helping her out. Remember the adage, "Leave no one behind", and yet he did it - totally against his character. Their chemistry is off the charts and it was so wonderful to see a relationship filled with love, respect, maturity with the perfect amount of fun and laughter and compatability!

  14. H50 watcher:

    Fire Scott Caan? Really? Just because he does not like a location is no reason to fire someone. Tell me how many people actually like the location of their job? Do you see them getting fired? No, because it's a job no matter where the location or how far we have to travel. He's a great actor who does an excellent job at delivering what is being written for him. By the way, Scott lives in LA, not New York, when he's not working. You might want to check into that.

    "....she just may be the trump card “Five-0” needs somewhere during the season." - Umm, where were you during season 3 AND 4? They tried that, remember? Didn't work.

    I just wish they would stop making every guest star a Five-0 member. There's no need for that! We barely get enough focus on each of the 4 main stars as it is.

  15. AniMatsuri:

    Fire Scott Caan? Nah. He'll fire himself as soon as his contract's up and he finds something better.

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