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Oh what a night: Frankie Valli will guest on 'Hawaii Five-0'

August 25th, 2014

“Oh What a Night” it’ll be, when Four Seasons’ main man Frankie Valli, guests on the eighth episode in the fifth season of CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0.”

TV Guide confirms that Valli, the falsetto-voiced icon from one of musicdom’s most popular groups, will portray the fiancé of  Deb, played by Carol Burnett,  who is the aunt of series star Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett character.

USA:  Frankie Valli - 'The One. The Only. The Original.' ReceptionIt’s a return visit for Burnett as the auntie, who’ll haul Leonard Campbell, her intended, to the Islands for a walk down the aisle. It's Valli's first appearance on  "Five-0."

As series producer Peter Lenkov tells TV Guide, “They’re going to have this whirlwind romance and they’re coming to Hawaii to get married because they realize both of them don’t have much time left.”

The matrimonial plans will be somewhat clouded when McGarrett discovers some suspicious behavior in Campbell’s past, according to Entertainment Weekly.

No word on whether the incident dates back to “December 1963,” the official title of the pro-drugs song by the Four Seasons  aka “Oh What a Night” prominently featured in the Broadway musical based on the lives of Valli and his Seasons as well as the movie version released earlier this year.

“Five-0” debuts  at 8 p.m. (9 p.m. Mainland) Sept. 26 and this episode is expected to air Nov. 21.




Here's the scoop on Roy's appearance on 'CBS This Morning'

August 24th, 2014

Ever wonder what goes, when a celebrity chef makes an appearance on a talk show?

Does he prepare the meal himself? Bring ingredients? Prep then cook the meal?

royNormally, yes. But since Roy Yamaguchi resides in Hawaii and had to commute to New York for the TV appearance, how could he manage to haul ingredients and seasoning to prepare a bounty of food for a guest spot on "CBS This Morning” on a recent Saturday?

Here’s the background story, from Yamaguchi himself:

The food for the segment was all prepared by the network’s food stylist.

“We supplied the recipes and they went shopping for all the ingredients,” said Yamaguchi. “I only  brought myself.”

The menu included misoyaki cod, lemongrass chicken, Szechuan green beans, garlic fried rice, cucumber, wakame (seaweed) namasu, lomi tomato, and pineapple upside down.

The fare typically can be found on a Roy’s menu, particularly in the Islands, where his chain of restaurants exist on all Islands.

The show’s co-hosts of the day were Jeff Glor and Vinita Nair, who enjoyed the meal while chatting with Yamaguchi. Goes with the territory. But there was a ton of stuff, so gets to eat it?

“Whoever was backstage,” said Yamaguchi. “First come, first serve.”

This was a rare instance when the award-winning chef didn’t do the kitchen duty himself.

As he told me: “99 per cent of the time, I usually come with the ingredients in hand, to cook a dish on TV. Most studios are equipped with a moveable or stationary kitchen. Mostly infrared stovetop.”

And a secret he shared: Yamaguchi usually brings his classic Szechuan baby back ribs “as a treat to give to the backstage staff.”



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Avoid road rage; sing along with Frank DeLima's new parody

August 4th, 2014




delimaFrank DeLima’s at it again — and the fall traffic woes are his prime target — in his latest musical parody, “Closed the Road Again,” released today.

The comedic track, to the tune of Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again,” assails the seemingly never-ending road closures and detours and striping going on practically everywhere. Summer was a bummer, but school was out. With classes at public schools already under way for the fall session, and private schools delaying the reopening of classes for another month or so, “Closed the Road Again” at best provides comic relief  for motorists amid the anguish or coned-off detours and zig-zagging twists and turns.

Written by DeLima and his fellow partner in parodies Patrick Downes, “Closed the  Road Again” laments the endless road holes that are dug, then fixed, then dug up again. As one line puts it, “no mattah what, dey going close da road again.”

Leave it to DeLima and Downes to again capsulize and provide all of us a way to let off steam under trying community-wide stress and frustration. The ditty is a suitable tonic to avoid road rage.

DeLima laments the cyclical repetition:

“Dug dat hole again,

“Den fill um up and dig um up again,

“Den dey restripe um twice and black um out again,

“Dug um, fill um, stripe up all again.”

And don’t forget the unexpected rerouting – and the pain of the imminent rail trains in the distant future:

“Going nuts again,

“Deyu shut down Vineyard to Kinau again,

“An jes when dey say dat almost pau — and den,

“Here comes the rail to start it all again.”

The tune is available for downloading at DeLima’s website,, for the price of a voluntary donation to the comedian’s school visitation project.

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