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'Five-O' a go for a sixth? Or is two-parter the end?

May 8th, 2015


Has “Hawaii Five-0” earned a green light, to move ahead with a sixth season this fall? Or will the two-hour fifth season finale tonight (May 8) the end of the run?

CBS has yet to formally identify the island-based procedural as a returnee, but a Hollywood Reporter story today on new shows being touted for this fall includes a reference the K/O Products’ producing execs, Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci (who are producing partners of "Five-O"), with four shows on the small screen next season, including three on CBS: the current “Five-0,” a new drama entitled “Limitless,” and the continuing “Scorpion,” plus a Fox series, “Sleepy Hollow,” also returning.

With the approaching May 13 unveiling of the network’s schedule, this “Five-0” mention — an inadvertent slip? — bodes well for the Alex O’Loughlin and the cast and crew awaiting word here, despite the steady though flat ratings run for the show in its Friday night timeslot.

However, the website, which scopes and tracks weekly Nielsen TV ratings, this week announced its final predictions of renewals and cancellations of the TV contenders, and places “Five-0” on the cancellation side of the fence: 45 to 49 per cent likely to get a pickup.

All this is playing out as the Hawaii show unreels two back-to-back episodes tonight (May 8) to bring season five to a close.

CBS appears to be the most-watched network this season,  thanks to its Thursday night NFL football program, the lofty reign and growth of its “NCIS” franchise and the long-reigning comedy favorite, “The Big Band Theory,” which is closing out its run this year.


2 Responses to “'Five-O' a go for a sixth? Or is two-parter the end?”

  1. theDman:

    It officially made the cut today (5/9/2015) didn't it?

  2. AniMatsuri:

    Officially, as of today it is. The bar in the ratings that decides what gets a renewal got lowered it seems as shows on other networks that TV by the Numbers had as definite
    cancel got another season.

    H50 was in their toss up column.

    Sadly even with lowered expectations in the ratings, Stalker with local girl Maggie Q officially got the ax today also.

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