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She's somebody doing something about fans. Cooling fans

August 30th, 2015


I have been a fan — and friend — of singer-actor Loretta Ables Sayre, from way way back.

I’ve seen and applauded her performances not only in clubs and stages in Honolulu, but in the prestigious Vivian Beaumont Theatre at Lincoln Center, where she co-starred as Bloody Mary and was nominated for a  Tony Award in the beloved “South Pacific.”

So when she sent me a note, about raising funds to buy fans for the students of the Nanakuli Performing Arts Club, who sweat like a dickens in these hot and humid times, I have to support her. And now I ask that you pitch in, too.

Loretta has posted this campaign on her Facebook page. Ditto, me. She is somebody who can get a project like this whirring.

She she speaks from experience; she knows that pupils in sweltering classrooms, without AC or fans, cannot fully function, when temps reach 100 or more degrees.

“This is not a situation that is conducive to optimum health or optimum learning,” she posted. “These students need our help now.”

She and hubby David have priced fans from local merchants, where costs range from $20 to $60. She hopes to raise enough money so 250 fans can be purchased. Sure, the Department of Education should be funding these band-aids for the problem, but you know how bureaucracies work. You wait and wait and … you get the picture. She is coordinating her fan funding with Robin Kitssu, director of the Nanakuli Performing Arts Club, anticipating immediate delivery of fans as soon as checks roll in.
So here’s how to help.

Write a check to CASH (but don’t send cash),  with a Fans for Nanakuli in your check’s memo line.

Mail to Loretta Ables Sayre at P.O. Box 893070, Mililani HI 96789.

Upon receipt, she will mail you a Xeroxed copy of your check, along with a receipt for fans purchased, to an address you provide.

Cool idea, in these hot and sticky times.



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