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So just where do you stand in the 'Five-0' like/dislike radar?

October 11th, 2015



McGarrett and Catherine: He has a ring but hasn't popped the question.


Depending on where you stand on the “Hawaii Five-0” like/dislike radar, Friday’s (Oct. 9) episode offered a dosage of conflicting emotions and credibility lapses. In the end, the ratings said it loud and clear: “Ua o’ oloku ke anu I na mauna (The Chilling Storm Is on the Mountain)” — the third episode of season six — was largely ho-hum.

CBS’ “Five-0” was static in numbers in its 9 p.m. (10 p.m. Mainland) time slot: 8.9 million viewers (topping the hour) and 1.1. rating in the important 18 to 49 adult demographics (what advertisers say matters most). The No. 1 in adult demo was logged by ABC’s “Shark Tank,” with a 1.5 rating (also, the evening’s best posting), with 5.77 million viewers.  Friday’s consistent performer was CBS’ “Blue Bloods” with 10.47 million viewers (topping the evening) and 1.2 rating in adult demo; but two ABC series logged 1.3 demos,  “Last Man Standing” and “Dr. Ken.”

Overall, ABC won the demo derby (1.3 rating) but CBS copped the viewership totals (8.42 million). The see-saw continues, in other words.

Perhaps it’s too much to expect better performance figures from “Five-0” to to match earlier season levels; less is more-or-less the prevailing tone on Fridays, which is why the notion, true or untrue,  is that a series slotted on Fridays is  just one-step closer to cancellation. Remember when “Five-0” had to duke it out with ABC’s “Castle” on Monday nights?

The currnt plotlines don’t make it any easier to elevate viewership and ranking.

Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) is so hopeful that  Catherine (Michelle Borth) is home to stay from Afghanistan, so he acquires a ring for third finger, left hand, anticipating to pop the question; he overhears her speaking about leaving again, this time for Nepal. So  that final clutch scene (and his anguished expression) says a lot.  Cancel the wedding bells, don’t book the church; McG hasn’t even had a chance to ask for her  hand and heart. What matters doesn’t, at least for now.

Maybe McG should join the air/sea rescue effort to locate missing aircraft and seacraft; he’s able to miraculously find a bag of loot and a gun in just a single pass in the Pacific — evidence to help solve a current case of a John Doe with a fatal gunshot wound. His savvy is lost in our waters with this kind of skill. He could enlist Kono (Grace Park), who suspects the unknown swimmer was accidentally shot.

Oh, there are nepotism issues, too. Danno’s (Scott Caan) nephew Eric Russo (Andrew Lawrence)  is back as a forensics employee, under Max’s (Masi Oka) watch. Do you have to be a kin of sorts to score a job? Further, Youngaisa Wily, son of Taylor Wily (Kamekona, the shrimp truck dude), now is an on-screen actor, playing Ani, an under-aged hire, to assist Jerry (Jorge Garcia) in a basement evidence room.

Danno had two good scenes this week; one, in a variation of the bromance with McG, he counseled and coached the commander, instead of the usual bickering, about the relationships with Catherine. And not in a racing car, but aboard the boat headed to Rockpiles to collect evidcence. It was a big-bro kind of a conversation, continuing with a trek to talk turkey with Catherine, about McG, even if it’s none of his business to intrude. Well, he cares about McG’s happiness.

And Kono’s and Adam Noshimuri’s (Ian Anthony Dale) bouts, dodging the Yakuza threats, are becoming boring. Can the issue be resolved, once and for all?



6 Responses to “So just where do you stand in the 'Five-0' like/dislike radar?”

  1. theDman:

    I really haven't watched much this season but I would like to know the breakdown of the audience in terms of men to women. I have a feeling I know the answer.

  2. No 5-0 fan:

    I didn't like Dano's constant bickering with Steve McGarett or the personality of the actor Scott Cann playing Dano, so I altogether quit watching the series a few years ago. Won't care if it's permanent canceled.

  3. Ted:

    It just does not make it,, the old one and Magnum were the best,,never missed a show, now,,who cares ???

  4. Manoa Kahuna:

    Well, it's Friday night. People are doing stuff for the weekend. What is CBS supposed to do? 5-0 does just fine for a Friday. Why replace it with something untested?

    I like the show. Oahu looks so beautiful in some of the scenic shots I wonder if I'm on the same island.

    There do seem to be a few to many characters. And, your right, It's time for Kono & Adam to go.

  5. Judy:

    I am a fan of the show and still find it entertaining to watch. I agree that some of the recent story lines have lost some of their original spark but with the right inspiration the writers can overcome that.

    As a parent I can see why the Friday night time slot would be such a challenge, especially in the fall with high school football games and other activities that seem to always end up being scheduled on Fridays. Thank heavens for DVR!

    Hopefully the powers that be on the show will find a way to tap back into the magic that made the show so popular before (like more Steve and Danny moments). Either way, I'm sticking with the show and I hope CBS sees fit to keep it on the air. Always a Five-0 Fan.

  6. Dolores (Auntie Clic Clic) Treffeisen:

    Sure don't want to see the series cancelled as I enjoy seeing places that mean a lot to me and also seeing many people I know in the different stories but I miss Wo Fat. Also would like to see more local entertainers doing the show whether acting or just performing their music.

    Now that we will have 3 Chicago series soon when Chicago Med starts maybe Hawaii needs to do something like that with a medical show. Plenty of ideas for storylines like people getting hurt hiking, swimming and surfing and needing to be treated in ER's and maybe a tourist near due dates going into labor on the beach or on a flight bound for Hawaii and people heading into the volcano and getting hurt by lava flows.

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