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Prince Albert to be on hand for 'Honu' visit to Monaco

November 5th, 2015


Sea honu

Hawaii’s “Honu by the Sea” musical will bring the message of aloha and the mission of ocean sustainability to Monaco  Friday (Nov. 6) and Monday (Nov. 9).

“Honu” creator Johnson Enos and his island cast of performers will present the internationally-acclaimed, Hawaii-produced environmental musical

at the 2015 BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit in Monaco.

And Albert II, the reigning prince of Monaco, will be on hand. Albert is the son of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and the late Hollywood Princess Grace Kelly.

The historic performances in Monaco will be at the Oceanographic Museum, known as Temple of the Sea, and will be part of a four-day film festival and summit, according to Enos.

It is the second time that BLUE Ocean will be showcasing “Honu.” The last time was at the 2014 film festival in St. Petersburg, Florida.

“We are delighted that ‘Honu by the Sea’  has been invited back to perform at BLUE Ocean Film Festival; the mission of BLUE perfectly aligns with ‘Honu by the Sea’s’ message that we all need to care for our oceans and become guardians of the sea.”

The evolving production, which generally is staged as a one-act  show particularly for museum and oceanarium family audiences, this year became a full-throttle two-act expanded spectacle which ran for two weekends at the Hawaii Theatre in Honolulu.

The story revolves around a young beachboy named Kainoa who gets to spend a day with the denizens of sea — a honu (turtle) of the title, a shark, a crab, a seahorse and an octopus — who encounter a threatening figure who could destroy the ocean environment.

The production enables youth to become enlightened and empowered to  take on a personal mission —through the magic of musical storytelling featuring original songs, lively choreography, bright and inventive costumes, and the magic of theatrical fantasy — to help preserve the environment.

The show has made jaunts to numerous spots of the world; next year, “Honu” will appear in Tokyo.





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