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Frank DeLima does Pokémon like the Candy Man can...

July 18th, 2016



frankpokeComedian Frank DeLima has hopped onto the Pokémon GO phenom, with a signature parody about the location-based reality mobile game developed by Niantic and creating a tsunami of followers/participants with iPhones and other devices roaming the highways and byways in search of those roving critters in actual places.

To the tune of “The Candy Man,” DeLima has just released his tuneful take on the Pokémon phenom, chirping that it can drive him crazy, “trying to catch one monster outside of Thomas Square.”

The song with craze-related lyrics mentions one other Hawaii location, Waianae, but suggests prudence and common sense in the pursuit of the Pokés.

One verse goes like this:

“Listen to policeman

“He like for you stay safe

“No play da game when driving

“No play da game alone...”

And some cautious advice about looking at your devices and not concentrating on your spot in reality:

“With Pokémon GO

“I look high and low

“Walking into poles and bushes

“Everywhere a monster swooshes

“Trying to catch their tushes.”


To hear and download the full song, make a donation to DeLima’s student enrichment fund at No app required...



One Response to “Frank DeLima does Pokémon like the Candy Man can...”

  1. Patti Adolphson:

    Hi Frank
    I wanted to download your latest parody on Pokemon-go but cant find a site.
    Can you give me a URL for the download and for a donation?

    Lomalo (Portagee for mahalo)

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