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DeLima goes presidential with 'Wouldn't It Be Loverly" take-off

September 9th, 2016





Not surprisingly, comedian Frank DeLima has gone presidential in his latest musical parody, “Wouldn’t That Be Hillary?”

DeLima will likely debut it in person, when he headlines his “Grandparents Day” luncheon show this Sunday (Sept. 11) at the Pagoda Restaurant.

The timely and political take-off is sung to “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly,” a tune from “My Fair Lady.”  DeLima takes a neutral stand, weaving in words and thoughts on both Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, and Donald Trump, her Republican rival.

As usual, you may download the ditty with a nominal donation to DeLima’s ongoing educational fund (he tours local schools each year), at his website,

There are expected references and pokes to both candidates.

On Clinton >>

“All she like is a stretch mobile

“With one presidential seal

“And Bill behind da wheel

“O wouldn’t that be Hillary?”


On Trump >>

“China get one great big wall

“His goin’ be more thick, more tall

“And they goin’ pay um all

“O wouldn’t it be Trumperly?”


There are some  expected  mentionables, too.

“She could get her own email

“He could put da White House for sale.”

It’s all innocent and seasonal fun, what with the heated race between the Hillary and Donald underway, each seeking votes heading toward the Nov. 8 general elelction.

Notes to DeLima >>

  • In the Trumpian wall tidbit, you neglect to mention Mexico.
  • In the balloting item, an X is not going to get either candidate elected. Votes count onlyh if the circular box is totally blacked out.

In a spoken prelude to his vocals, DeLima rants: “Dis election driving me nuts ... all I know is gotta go vote. Why they like be president anyway?”

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