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Oh what a night: Frankie Valli will guest on 'Hawaii Five-0'

August 25th, 2014

“Oh What a Night” it’ll be, when Four Seasons’ main man Frankie Valli, guests on the eighth episode in the fifth season of CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0.”

TV Guide confirms that Valli, the falsetto-voiced icon from one of musicdom’s most popular groups, will portray the fiancé of  Deb, played by Carol Burnett,  who is the aunt of series star Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett character.

USA:  Frankie Valli - 'The One. The Only. The Original.' ReceptionIt’s a return visit for Burnett as the auntie, who’ll haul Leonard Campbell, her intended, to the Islands for a walk down the aisle. It's Valli's first appearance on  "Five-0."

As series producer Peter Lenkov tells TV Guide, “They’re going to have this whirlwind romance and they’re coming to Hawaii to get married because they realize both of them don’t have much time left.”

The matrimonial plans will be somewhat clouded when McGarrett discovers some suspicious behavior in Campbell’s past, according to Entertainment Weekly.

No word on whether the incident dates back to “December 1963,” the official title of the pro-drugs song by the Four Seasons  aka “Oh What a Night” prominently featured in the Broadway musical based on the lives of Valli and his Seasons as well as the movie version released earlier this year.

“Five-0” debuts  at 8 p.m. (9 p.m. Mainland) Sept. 26 and this episode is expected to air Nov. 21.




Amanda Setton to join 'Five-0's' M.E. office as a trainee

July 16th, 2014

When CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” premieres Sept. 26, there will be a new trainee in the medical examiner’s office.

Amanda Setton, from “Crazy Ones,” will be introduced in the first episode of Season 5 as Dr. Mindy Shaw, who will assist Dr. Max Begman (Masi Oka) in the ME’s office.


TV Guide named her as one of the new regulars this season, who’ll pop up in crime investigation scenes periodically.

Viewers of “Gossip Girl” and “The Mindy Project” may also recall Setton.

Carol Burnett, earlier introduced as Steve McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) aunt Deb, will recur in Season 5 portraying Aunt Deb.

Five things to consider for ‘Five-0’s’ fifth season

June 16th, 2014




 Michelle Borth, Alex O'Loughlin on CBS' "Hawaii Five-0:" While she bid aloha at the end of Season 4, should Borth as Catherine return again as a recurring character/love-interest for Steve McGarrett?






With CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” poised to launch Season 5 filming in July, the show’s writers already are at work to produce new scripts.

Four are aboard the creative team to create about 24 episodes, led by script coordinator Sue Palmer whose team includes Kenny Kyle, Sarah Byrd and Akeba Gaddis.

Mum’s the word, of course, on the specifics of the plots but the storylines will embrace the “Five-0” team including Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett, Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho Kelly, Scott Caan as Danny “Danno” Williams and Grace Park as Kono Kalakaua.

This will be the first season that the series will be headquartered at the Hawaii Film Studios on the slopes of Diamond Head. While a fall kick-off is yet to be formally announced, the show will return to the Friday lineup at 8 p.m. Hawaii time (9 p.m. Mainland), preceding CBS’ “Blue Bloods” starring Tom Selleck, the network’s previous “Magnum P.I.” headliner.

No word yet if the traditional Sunset on the Beach premiere screening, on the beach at Waikik, will be a go.

The show’s treasury of characters has enlarge and expanded over the four seasons, with recurring secondary characters anchored in story arcs that likely will continue, hopefully with less frequency and with a better sense of reality.

Here are five things we’d like to see:

  • The return of the Catherine Rollins character played by Michelle Borth. Surely, her part was magnified in the brief absence of actress Park, whose real-life motherhood was shielded in an on-the-lam story tapping her on-screen boyfriend.  The likelihood of Borth’s return seems logical: she was not killed off, audiences adored her, depending on what she might land on TV, she just may be the trump card “Five-0” needs somewhere during the season. Further, McG has no object of his affection going into the new season.
  • Shelve  Doris McGarrett (Christine Lahti), mother of McG,  and retired Navy commander Joe White (Terry O’Quinn), who brought aboard more luggage and despair in their cloudy, confused demeanors, triggering far too many loose ends and conspiracy theories. Each time either returned, there was clutter and tangle to impede the “Five-0” storytelling rhythm. Pau, already.
  • Wo Fat, now disfigured, also has outlived his usefulness as McG’s nemesis; let him disappear, too, to some destination. If the series needs him in its hip pocket, he could be summoned back. And please: do we need segments on Wo Fat’s mother and father, to fill in the blanks of his family tree? Fans of actor Mark Decascos can still view him as The Chairman on The Food Network’s “Iron Chef, ” after all.
  • Eliminate those far-flung reaches with foreign destination storylines; Borth’s dedication, to seek a conclusion and closure in an Afghan segment in the Season 4 finale, was a whimper of a finish for the show — not a ratings leader. Indeed, the tale was as drab as the desert landscape. Shelve, too, any intention to fly a chopper to Korea for McG (remember?) — if there’s a foreign tie, at least make it believable.
  • Build up the secondary figures in the “Five-0” ohana; Chi McBride, as SWAT ace Lou Grover; has found his niche and audience base, from a competitor/foe of McG, to a buddy-buddy;  Jorge Garcia, as conspiracy theorist Jerry Ortega, has built-in oddity to hold interest and command, with equal parts seriousness and comedy — in short, he brings extra value and creds; Dennis Chun, as Officer Duke Lukela in the Honolulu Police Department, continues to land meatier roles thanks to his symbolic. historic tie to the original Jack Lord “Five-0,” where his late dad was Kam Fong Chun who originated the Chin Ho Kelly role; Kamekona (Taylor Wily), the shrimp truck operator, is  in an awkward place, recurring as a caricature of local culture and manners so if he continues, the writers should instill dignity and humanity to his presence.

Is this too much to ask for, for Season 5?






Spirit of 'ohana prevails in 'Hawaii Five-0' season finale

May 10th, 2014











 McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Grover (Chi McBride) bond in finale. CBS photo

Family bonding and the spirit of  ‘ohana were the underlying roots of the finale of the fourth season of “Hawaii Five-0.”

The show, themed “‘Oka Pili ‘Ohana ka ‘Oi (Family Comes First),” focuses on the kidnapping of the Samantha (Paige Hurd), the daughter of  SWAT team member Lt. Lou Grover (Chi McBride), who literally weeps with  agony of pain that he’s unable to rescue her. Grover was to be the reluctant insider to a theft of $100 million being shipped, forcing him to bypass good conduct of an honorable Honolulu police officer, ultimately leading to his dismissal from the force. Bottom line: a dad would do anything for his daughter — the family-comes-first commitment in full display.

Two villains — not particularly welcome, since they bring unwanted baggage, but necessary for plot advancement from the file folders — emerge in this episode —Ian Wright (Nick Jonas, from the singing-acting Jonas Brothers ‘ohana, as the computer wizard) and none other than Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos, channeling more menace with his burn-scarred face).

The homecoming, however, gave the island-based CBS show a nice boot up in the preliminary overnight ratings,  with 9.09 million viewers in its 8 p.m. (9 p.m. Mainland) time slot, and a 1.3 rating in the 18 to 49 adult demographics. The show had the most viewers in its hour, but ABC’s “Shark Tank” topped the demos with a 1.9 rating with 7.20  million viewers.  “Five-0’s” demos tied NBC’s “Grimm,” which pulled in 4.8 million viewers. So “Five-0” won in viewers,  but was second in adults 18 to 49, the coveted advertising price-setter. As the lead-in show to "Blue Bloods," "Five-0" has made Friday a  payday, a night that traditionally meant a place where a series went to die.

The thing about kidnapping plots: you know, for the most part, the victim will be saved. How, and under what circumstances, shape the storytelling.

With Jonas’ return, you knew there would be some nasty computer/video hacking and halting and bomb threats that challenge airport security forces; with Dacascos, he creates an exploding device, allowing him to escape from prison) and — spoiler alert — is the unexpected soul who shoots Jonas’ character. But with Wo Fat back, the buzz about his ties with Mama McGarrett (Christine Lahti) recurs.

Further, you knew that the “Five-0” team would bond and support each other.

Of course, Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and Danno Williams (Scott Caan), would have one more cargument, aboard what they called a "clown car" (a rental with three wheels) but there was a touching scene, too, in a real Chevy car, between Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) and Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park).  The chatter was intimate and revealing, McG yearning and wondering about the extended leave of Catherine (Michelle Borth), opining, “She’s not coming home till the job’s done”), referring to her mission of finding that kidnapped Afghan child. Kono and Chin’s serious patter (they are cousins, remember) includes her revelation of her uncertainty to link with her b.f. Adam, though she wants marriage and kids; Chin ponders of the uncertainty of life, with the unexpected death of his Malia.

Danno also offers comfort to Grover, regarding his hostage child, sharing his personal feelings about the time his daughter Grace was taken, but ultimately recovered. The advice: “Stay focused.”

I could do without Ian’s comparison of the Five-0  with the Fabulous Four, with Ian declaring he’s the Beatles’ Brian Epstein.  Betcha today’s young viewers don’t even know who Epstein was.

With Grover bounced from the force, he has time for leisurely golf, but policing has been his life. So not surprisingly, McG hands him a “Five-0” badge and welcomes the ex-Chicagoan to his team. “It’s not a hand-out, Lou,” McG tells Grover. “We need you.”

Indeed. I knew, from the time McBride was announced to be a recurring character, that he’d evolve into a key player in crimefighting in Hawaii. That initial McG/Grover growling likely will recur, but hey, differing styles and opinions only can solidify the family relationship. You go, guys.

Overall, ABC topped the demos with a 1.5 rating and 5 share, CBS had the most viewers, with 5.93 million and a 1.2 adult demo. And true to the script, CBS’ “Blue Bloods” logged the most viewers (11.50 million viewers) and
“Shark Tank” had the best adult demos (1.9 rating).


'Five-0's' Afghan episode: Fish out of water?

May 3rd, 2014










Makani 'Olu A Holo Malie (Fair Winds and Following Seas)

Alex O'Loughlin (Steve McGarrett) and Michelle Borth (Catherine Rollins) in Afganistan. CBS photo.

“Hawaii Five-0” was a somewhat of a fish out of  water in Friday’s (May 2) episode, and indeed, waters infested by a shark.

That is to say, the CBS procedural — largely staged as a Catherine-goes-to-Afghanistan-to-repay-a-debt-with-McGarrett’s-help mini-movie — was a leap of faith with iffy results.

First off, “Five-0” barely won the 8 p.m. hour (9 p.m.  Mainland), with 8.69 million viewers, a whisker ahead of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” which pulled in 8.08 million, according to preliminary overnight Nielsen ratings, which may change with numbers updates.  Worse, in the coveted 18 to 49 adult demographics, “Shark” was No. 1 with a 2.2 rating, compared to the 1.2 logged by the homegrown show; this was an 8 per cent decrease for “Five-0” from last week’s 1.3 adults in 18 to 49. Even NBC’s “Grimm” had better demos (1.4) though fewer viewers (5.20 million), a matter of importance in setting advertising rates.

The episode, entitled “Makani ‘Olu a Holo Malie (Fair Winds and Following Seas),” was a risky send-off for actress Michelle Borth, who plays Catherine Rollins, the love interest of Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett. Did it bite off more than it could chew?

At a poker game studded with faces that have previously appeared before (including Larry Manetti, Al Harrington, Duane “Dog” Chapman), Cath receives a desperate call from a Pashtan gent who previously rescued her, whose son was captured by the Taliban. She tells McG about the situation, and he goes along to support her mission, heading for Kabul.

The focus on Cath was valid; but the plot didn’t thicken, it sickened.  When the two arrive, he gets injured in a grenade throw, so now her search is for two, not one.

McG is captured, tortured, taunted, and gets roughed up and displayed in Taliban fashion, in a video. The Taliban supposedly keeps a case of enemy photos in a file, and there’s a pic of McG in his SEAL era, which leads to more beatings. McG doesn’t fess up names that the Taliban wants. “I can’t remember,” he pleads.

Of course, the home team — dealing with a subplot about stolen organs — has to come to the rescue, and Danno (Scott Caan) leads the troops. That means a plane, a team of soldiers, an effort with global implications (like, breaking the rules and laws) … acquired by bending reality a lot.  At least this time, the errant squad took a military plane to Afghan, not like the botched episode when McG went international to Korea, aboard a helicopter.

OK, the theme of loyalty, love, trust, friendship, debt-paying, humanity play out throughout the show, with mixed resulots

When the military brass discover the rescue squad’s antics, Danno is wonderfully aloof, brushing them off with a brave tone and saying he’s a civilian, not in the military. In other words, buzz off. As if it would work in real life.

Alas, the Afghan kid is not found, so there’s a window of  opportunity to revisit the case— and Cath — in a future episode. She remains there, he returns home, both with heavy hearts. As former Naval types and “Five-0” team members, they remain Navy strong, to be sure.

But McG wasn’t the only one tortured. His fans probably didn’t want to see him weep. Isn’t he supposed to the rock, the foundation, the pillar of the show?

In this one, McG is very human. There are real tears in his eyes (hers, too). There’s a telephone exchange between him and Cath, with several “I love you, you know,” “I’ll be careful,” “I love you, too,” “Good luck,” “Aloha,” “Aloha.”

She scoots off on a cycle — but you know she’ll be back.